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Keano and Giggsy Emphasise Carragher’s Testimonial Embarrassment

Just 35,361 fans bothered to show up for Jamie Carragher’s testimonial today, making the ground just 78% full.

In 2005, Old Trafford had an attendance of 69,591 for Roy Keane’s testimonial, which is even more impressive when you consider that just two months earlier, United set a record attendance in the Premiership of 69,070. Sell out.

In 2001, Old Trafford had an attendance of over 67,000, which again, was a sell out, for Ryan Giggs’ testimonial.

Jamie Carragher scored a goal for Liverpool and his beloved Everton in front of those who could be arsed to fork out the discounted tickets of just £20 a piece.

Our Michael Owen started up front for Liverpool with Emile Heskey, the ‘Treble winners’ as they are amusingly dubbed by the club’s official website. Owen forced a good save, had an effort cleared off the line, provided the assist for Joe Cole’s goal and won a penalty for Carragher to convert after his shot on goal was blocked by the hand of Shane Duffy. Carragher also took a penalty down the other end of the pitch, just as Yakubu was poised to take the spot kick.

“As an Everton fan as a kid I’ve always dreamed about scoring against Liverpool so that is why I did that,” Carragher explained, which is a fairly bizarre remark. He’s always dreamed about scoring against Liverpool? Really?

Owen was withdrawn at half-time.

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  1. willierednut says:

    Best supporters in the world.

  2. Fred says:

    Oh dear… That’s loyal support for yer, as some Scouser once said!

  3. Costas says:

    The other 25% refused to go because Owen would be there.

    Yeah right.

  4. pritch the red says:

    If you add 35.000 to the 23.000 shity got in the no hope cup it shows shity are a massive club. And the scousers are a bunch of wankers and we get 75.000 against the barcodes on a mon night.Nothing in the media about the shite crowd at shitty i notice. as soon as a red seat appears it will be allover the papers.

  5. RedGem says:

    Why am I not surprised?
    And rom this report, I gathered that Owen played well? That’s good news for us. After his winner against City (4-3), he has endeared himself to me. That should tell you how much I detest that club.

  6. Gotta hate tiny tears says:

    Always look on the whiteside of life

  7. Giggsys chest wig says:

    9,000 empty seats at Solskjaers testimonial.
    Testimonials these days don’t have the fan interest.
    That’s why teams play Celtic as they bring 12,000 fans to boost the gate.

  8. willierednut says:

    Don’t forget, it’s tough living in dipperville, only got rats to eat.

  9. RedGem says:

    I don’t live in England so I hope I’ll be forgiven for asking these questions…why are the scousers called “bindippers” and the Shitty fans “bitters” (well, maybe the latter is obvious?)…

    Back to the blog… It’s not only the empty seats, but more their treatment of Owen who really had no better option in the end but to join us…his career was practically over and the Scousers could not understand that, even a little bit?

  10. Biku says:

    Keano’s testimonial was in 2006,
    Giggs schould have a testimonial Tournament or a Cup !!!!

  11. Andy says:

    They’ve never really supported testimonials so not sure what the big surprise is – read yesterday that they’ve only twice topped 40,000 and that was back in the very early 70s. And let’s be honest 75% of our crowds at testimonials are plastics on a shopping trip.

  12. bchilds says:

    “As an Everton fan as a kid I’ve always dreamed about scoring against Liverpool so that is why I did that” – fucking hell, can you imagine a United player admitting loving Citeh as a kid and dreaming about scoring against United?

  13. pepsol says:

    always dreamed of scoring against them? Mr. Liverpool,, oh dear…

  14. Red Devil 19 says:

    We should all be greatful for the true legends of our beloved united. This sort of Statement would never be uttered by a united great.

  15. redrider says:

    Crackin up big time… Maybe he’d want to score in our colors next.

  16. RedDevil says:

    Sounds like he is inviting a bid from Everton. The rats must be tasty in Liverpool

  17. dela says:

    That’s Mr. Liverpool for you- dreaming of scoring against the club he’s played for for over a decade. Scott, you should start a ‘This is how i feels to be Scouse’ series.

  18. xol says:

    Although you’d never want to see one of ours doing that, I must admit, that cracked me up. I suppose those 2 Clubs have that historical bond of once being the same club so it’s a bit different than say United vs Stockport County.

  19. pawaka21 says:

    he is enjoying scoring against liverpool, and scousers still call him a Mr. liverpool? mind boggling….

  20. bigphil2003 says:

    I’m pretty sure Carragher’s put quite a few past Liverpool keepers over the years…

  21. willierednut says:

    Mr Liverpoo my bollox, that accolade goes to Souness, cracking job he done.

  22. cantona7 says:

    @Biku a full-season league as Giggs’ testimonial! The season after Giggs left will be branded as the first Premier League wihtout Giggs.

    Carragher is lol making me ROFL a lot this week.

  23. Manutided4ever says:

    What eijit planned this match the same day as England play a major International match lol

  24. Oldham says:

    Always dreamt of scoring against Liverpool? An own goal at OT would be a dream fulfiller Mr Carragher

  25. Joey B Former Moustache says:

    One too many knocks in d heed Mr.Liverpoo.
    Andy Carroll gonna bite it off once u come up here
    Pasty rat eater

  26. n.whiteside.7000+ says:

    Manutided4ever says:
    What eijit planned this match the same day as England play a major International match lol

    Friday and Saturday are different days dope head!

  27. mikebuk says:

    Hopefully, Michael will have scrubbed himself clean after wearing that kit.

    Carragher, just one of those Everton fans who somehow forgot it enough to want to join the enemy.

    I always thought Ian Rush was a smug looking git and suited that 80s LFC bunch. I knew he was an Everton fan, who then made me despise him even more when he had in his own words ‘wised up’ when coming to turning red. Pah !

  28. NotoriousRedDevil says:

    “As an Everton fan as a kid I’ve always dreamed about scoring against Liverpool so that is why I did that” That explains why he’s scored so many own goals for the dippers including scoring more goals for us than Jaap Stam!

  29. Stonyk says:

    Man, There are so many tossers inthe world aren’t there. Carragher got 35,000 fans turn up and united fans write articles about how one their player got more. Wow. Sounds like someone wants a medal or something. Amazing. It’s like me saying I have 100 records in my collection and then my neighbour saying, so what I hav 101 which means I’m better than you. I really think some people need to get a life and achieve something for themselves instead of attaching themselves to a successfully club to say “my club has one more xxxxx than you, so I’m better”. I’m not for one minute suggesting only united fans are like this as all fans are, it’s just there are so many more of them united fans as Manchester as a city has expanded so much I would say I now live there next to St Pauls!

  30. matttt says:

    So would it bebetter if he lied and said that he supported Liverpoolas a kid?

    Should all our players lie too and say that they always wanted to play for United?

    I could understand Wayne Rooney always wanting to have scored against us as a kid. I don’t hold it against him.

    I wouldn’t go to a testimonial. Footballers get quite enough adulation and cash already and MUFC already have quite enough of my hard earned cash without going to a testimonial.

    I despair at United fans getting a hard on out of this. We are starting to sound like our blue neighbours

  31. blueisthecolour60 says:

    I’m a Chels fan living and working in Manchester for last 20 years. Loathe Liverpool with a passion but a little bit of a pointless dig criticising attendances for testimonials. Everyone knows, in terms of numbers, United are best supported club but, as with the scousers obsession with history, it’s all a bit irrelevant in terms of the footie!


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