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Carrick: All I Care About Is Playing For This Club

Michael Carrick has been one of United’s best players this season which has been crucial given how many injuries we’ve had in midfield.

Whilst he has often been on the receiving end of criticism since joining the club, Carrick insists all he’s bothered about is what Sir Alex Ferguson and his team mates think of him.

“Yeah, I’m happy with my form but I won’t be happy if we finish second in the league,” Carrick told the official site. “You have good spells and bad spells during the season and, overall, I’m happy with my form. But it’s not about individual recognition to me. All I care about is playing for this club and winning things. I want to be appreciated by my team-mates and the manager – anybody else’s opinion is irrelevant, to be honest. If I feel I’m playing well and winning things then that’s great. And if the manager thinks I’m playing well and selects me in the team that’s even better. Nothing else matters. To be honest, people’s opinions change so often. One week you’re the greatest player ever, the next week they want you sold. You can’t take too much notice of it.”

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  1. Stenis says:

    Should really be in the England starting lineup, never mind the squad. He is exactly what England needs and have needed for years. His type of player is so underrated in Britain it seems.

  2. Mikekelly12 says:

    Well said Michael me old mucker. Great name too!!

  3. CedarsDevil says:

    I really hope Carrick retires from international duty and gives England the 2 fingers….. I mean what is the point when a dick fuck like Parker keeps getting selected ahead of him

  4. Trydent says:

    I take my hat off to you! This is exactly the attitude we want at United.To have any player feel such pride warms my heart. Maybe a certain french individual might take heed? Pride in our club will always mean more than any amount of money could.To play for money alone is not acceptable here!

  5. Trydent says:

    Cedars never a truer word!

  6. gora says:

    the guy has been immense this season. Shame if we fail to win anything. Couldnt bring myself to read any news this past week since our pathetic show on monday but looking at the bigger picture realised things arent as bad. I mean their best ever team finishes leve on pts with our not so best ever. I mean ours was a transirtional team with its best defender out for the whole season. I am really proud to be a red. Good thing newcastle won meaning they have evrything to fight for on sunday.

  7. keegan4england says:

    Always been a Carrick admirer. Pure class. Admired by players such as Xavi and he knows a bit about being a good midfielder. He has never had the recognition in England because we over-hype hard, tough tacking midfielders rather than players with passing ability and excellent reading of the game, like Guardiola in his playing days.

  8. keegan4england says:

    p.s does anyone think that James Lawton is a complete and utter muppet??

  9. keegan4england says:

    anyone *else

  10. CedarsDevil says:


    Cheers pal……..I hope he does do it, he just has to look at Scholes and learn… I know most if not all players want to represent their country but when you keep getting overlooked whilst being at the top of your game then there should come a time when a player should just say ‘fuck it’

  11. Phil Jones' Birdshit Streaks says:

    I had a dream that bitters drew 1-1 with Newcastle on Sunday and there were huge celebrations at OT before the game which spurred us on to beat Swansea and go back top. I hope I’m right.

  12. Yesred says:

    PJBS @10.06 I don’t think shitey will have it all their own way – had a similar dream . I’m just happy to let the footballing powers that be run their own course.

  13. KingOfStretfordEnd says:

    So he’s read ROM.

    How else would he know for the calls for his head!

  14. FletchTHEMAN says:

    Carrick is a class act. Played his ass off on Monday and probably MOTM for us along with DeGea.

    Off topic. Roy Keane is really working on getting cut out of my holiday list. Wish he would just shut it and get a new puppy of something.

  15. Albert Ross says:

    Michael Carrick – all I care about is this Club! We are Red peas-in-a-pod mate! Love ya!

    Meanwhile, this just in: CarBangRick has been relegated to CrashTestDummy

  16. Saad says:

    The Cedars is wise.

  17. Giles Oakley says:

    No Keegan4England, I don’t think James Lawton is a muppet. I sometimes disagree with him but I’ll always respect him as a perceptive writer who cares about the game. I would think Sir Bobby Charlton feels the same way , given that Lawton helped him on the 2 volumes of his superb, award-winning autobiography.

    On the main topic, Michael Carrick, I agree with all those piling on the praise. I like his way of talking about the game and his calm expressions of commitment to United . He’s had a great season, and think how much better he’d have been with some ‘legs’ with him in midfield, someone like, say, a fit Tom Cleverley.

  18. James21 says:

    I had a dream that 72,500 Reds sang for 90 mins during our 7-0 demolition of the Swans. On a lighter note Newcastle had won 3-2.


  19. James21 says:

    Carrick never gets the praise he deserves from the FA and England. He wants to play for England which is very admirable even after being overlooked so many times, that shows the true personality of him , he’s a Proud Englishman and a Utd player through and through.


  20. Saad says:

    Cisse….please be my Pappi-s on Sunday!!!

  21. Saad says:

    Considering that a huge chunk of our squad will either be involved with the Euros or with the Olympics, I’ll be glad if Mikey doesnt get selected. He needs to have an excellent vacation to recharge his batteries and get back to marshaling our midfield come August 2012.

    And let’s hope Fletcher gets back too. Would love to see the Carrick-Fletcher combo again.

  22. Saad says:


    I will be genuinely pissed off with our club if they don’t try and score 8 goals against Swansea. Every ounce of the five furies must be unleashed on them. The squad owes this to the fans.

  23. slim says:

    my best player this year. he has been simply wonderful. i love paul scholes to bits but tge truth is Carricks form has played a major role in the ginger prince return from retirementa success. player of the year for me. he stood tall this year and i’m chuffed to bits.

    every one’s chimed in about the middield problem. for me its a no brainer. what ever sir alex decides to do he’s surely got to build it around him. he’ what. the very best are about that age. still a lot to come from Carrick

  24. Costas says:

    Carrick won’t be recognised as such, but I agree with slim that he’s our player of the year.

  25. Collyhurst Red says:

    Carrick has been class for a long time, just that a few people never saw his overall contribution.

    He gets given a task in a game and carries it out as intended.

    The other thing about him is that I feel he epitomises the standards of character that we are led to believe are scouted for in the same way that footballing skill is.

    Great player in my book.

  26. mattos says:

    he has always been a gun player and rightfully there were many of us who stood up for him while all those fuckwit “supporters” of ours slammed him even when he was in the same form as he is now. pissed me off no end. we should support our players because they play for manchester united. end of.

  27. kk says:

    What I like about him is his calm demeanor.

  28. King Eric says:

    Top player, Top lad.

  29. Marq says:

    When the usually composed Carrick starts to fly into tackles in a must win derby, you know he really cares =)

  30. King Eric says:

    kk – Spot on. He is a very calm lad both on and foff the pitch. An unassuming Geordie lad who oozes class.

  31. CedarsDevil says:

    Cheers Saad

  32. Phil Jones' Birdshit Streaks says:

    This could be a very good Sunday, that’s all I’m saying :)

  33. WeAreUnited says:

    Yesred and PJBS i had a similar dream, City loosing and we were celebrating.

    Don’t know why some people wish that we don’t win the league even if City crumbles, it’s our own work anyway.

    We wouldn’t be standing tied up without being good and with for some “average” players.

    I see our team being great, of course we haven’t played with our standards, but sometimes you win and som you loose.

    WE are going to win. peace.

  34. Redbilly says:

    Any fan who does not want to win the league because we don’t deserve it is either lying to hide their dissapointment or deluded.

    If the tide turns we deserve it . Not only down to who wins but who chokes last . Was it us or do city have another fur ball in them. Quite possible . If we did secure it from here would be the sweetest ever for me. I live in hope .

  35. BerbaGod says:

    Couldn’t love this guy anymore. Agree with Costas and slim – Michael is our player of the year

  36. ak47 says:

    Am i the only one that thinks Carrick has been ok this season, major improvements on previous seasons, but still makes the same mistakes he’s famous for doing.

    For me, my player of the season is one of four players, Valenica, Scholes, (the way these two came into sublime form and changed the momentum of the squad was unreal) Welbeck or Ferdinand.

  37. United Till I Die says:

    Well said – never mind the adoration of fickle fans just do your job on the pitch. imagine if Carrick had a different attitude to all the criticism we’d be fucked! Thankfully he’s proven to be a quality signing and this season has been no different.

  38. Redrose says:

    I think a lot of Carrick, especially his reading of the game and subsequent interceptions.
    However, just as I feel that Scholes and Giggs should not be starting together, I also reckon that Scholes and Carrick shouldn’t either.
    None of them provide any sort of a pressing game so we invariably get overrun in midfield. There was a time when that was a United trademark. Look how well it works against us as performed by Barcelona, Ajax, Athletic Bilbao and Wigan among others.

  39. five says:

    Swansea have pace and energy in that midfield i d stick jones next to carrick and bring on the ginger one only if things arent looking up.

    Been a tough week for us all i imagine…ive avoided all the football gossip but i believe in sir alex and always will


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