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Carrick: Don’t Blame This On Pressure Or Fatigue

With most the Manchester United team falling short of our expectations over the past few weeks/months, Michael Carrick has certainly be one lacking form. It doesn’t appear to be a lack of effort, rather a lack of confidence, with the England midfielder spending too much time on the ball and looking reluctant to take control of the centre of the park.

Carrick admirably refuses to blame tiredness or pressure as reasons why we have been stuttering, but believes we can wipe the slate clean with a victory over Sunderland tomorrow.

“I don’t know if pressure is a factor,” said Carrick. “I have been through this each season I have been at the club. We expect to be successful. You become used to it. Fatigue is not an excuse either. We have a big squad with all the facilities we need so tiredness does not come into it. We want to play in every minute of every game and want to be involved in every trophy. We are not complaining about that. We just have to play well.”

Carrick has claimed tomorrow’s game against Sunderland will be a new start for the lads.

“It has been a strange time,” he added. “Obviously we have not helped ourselves because we are doing things that we have not done for so long. But we are going to put them right and I am sure we will start tomorrow. Then we can look back and see it as nothing more than a blip during a long season. At this stage it is all about winning games and picking up points. We all want to play well and win by lots of goals but it is not like that. Sometimes it is the games you come through when you are not at your best that give you the best feeling.”

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  1. AlphaRS says:

    Don’t blame it on pressure or fatigue?

    So what is the reasoning behind this blip?

  2. Giles Oakley says:

    I have been impressed with the measured way some of the players are responding to the ‘blip’. Jonny Evans showed real maturity the other day in his interview and now Carrick is speaking intelligently too. No signs of panic or desperation, just a thoughtful series of reflections on what’s gone wrong and how to put it right. The refusal to blame tiredness/ pressure/ lack of confidence is excellent, especially as they are all taking some responsibility for what’s gone wrong, including Fergie making a rare admission that he’s made a mistake (over how he used Neville and O’Shea against Villa). The disciplined public behaviour by the players is a very very good sign and we should all take heart from it. These are serious professionals and they are addressing real issues regarding their own disappointing performances in exactly the right way. I think we’ll see a big improvement against Sunderland.

  3. Rooney says:

    i agree with giles , they are aware of their mistakes they know they can do better , they are trying to make it right and us as fans should cheer them on to help them get through this

  4. costas says:

    I sure as hell hope it’s not pressure or fatigue because they are very hard to get over during the course of a season.Let’s make it right against Sunderland.Michael we know you can!

  5. dirkcee says:

    while its true that Evans and Carrick have said the right things in their recent interviews, they should do their talking on the pitch. it has been an abysmal month or so and it doesnt really show signs of getting better. I mean first things first cut out the errors stop giving the ball away so cheaply and well have a foundation to build on. Its times like this where we realise how important Keano was to our club. He would have woken them up well before it got to this stage.

  6. Aikigbe says:

    I salute the players’ determination to regain lost confidence and form. Fergie and some of the players have also admitted their mistakes, which means we are heading somewhere because a problem identified is half solved. We were not that bad against Porto and I am sure we would get it right against Sunderland this weekend.Despite the alarm, I feel Liverpool and Chelsea will eventually push us to the title. Every team has its bad days. It is unfortunate we had ours at crucial moments in the campaign. Go United go.

  7. wazza says:

    it has to be complacency among some of the players.we need a clean sheet tomorrow to get ready for porto

  8. James says:

    we havent been playing that well for a long time. Think back to the carling cup final, the match against Blackburn and at home to Internazionale.

    Fulham, Liverpool and Porto have just punished us, as Aston Villa almost did. If Rio and Rooney are in any way injured, we should rest them on saturday and play Tevez and Macheda/Welbeck up front.

    Start with Anderson and Carrick in the centre of midfield.

  9. OTRed says:

    Sometimes I actually wonder if players KNOW how they play on the field, if Carrick did he probably would have known he has been cr@p for the past 4 games and should step it up, so yes Carrick, its not fatigue or pressure, its you along with the other midfielders who decided to throw a stinker.

  10. keanesmagichat says:

    i agree completley with giles oakley… and have my fingers crossed big (arrogant) sam might do us a favour but more importantly the lads play well and win tomorrow.

  11. King Eric says:

    I have been saying for the last couple of days, I really believe the lads will turn it round tomorrow. They have to! May get stick for this but watched Porto game again last night and other than spells in first half we were not actually that bad.

    James – Ando not in squad tomorrow, still injured.

  12. Kings says:

    It seems that things have gone pear shaped since Boro beat the dippers 2-0 to give us that cushion at the top. Maybe the players became too relaxed thinking that we cannot be caught. Hopefully we can get the 3 points at Sunderland tomorrow, then go on to get another 6 wins to retain the title. Rooney’s going to key in the run, hopefully he will get his customary goal tomorrow. Come on United.

  13. knightsmith says:

    What have Heather Mills and Liverpool’s Champion’s League Cup campaign got in common?

    Their second leg is just for show!!

  14. Red-Manc says:

    Its not pressure this team has won so many trophies its very unlikely its pressure. Fatigue? maybe them extra games we played in japan could be catching up with us slightly but not enough to use it as an excuse

    i think we got complacent but then had a wake up call with those two defeats and now we’re just getting back into gear.


  15. FailsworthDevil says:

    Actions speak louder than words… so even though these words by the players are good… i hope the actions on the pitch are better… and we get back to the United way… beginning at Sunderland, and sending a message out to the dippers that we back with a bang.

  16. gotta hate tiny tears says:

    the most underrated player in football

  17. suhayl says:

    Im pretty nervy about the game against sunderland…..come in to it thinking we cant get any worse…eg pre fulham game. And that it should be the regular customary 3 easy points and these teams never ever beat us. However isnt that what we thought and said before the fulham game. And looked what happened there. So im expecting the worse…as you cannot take any thing for granted anymore. And with our patched up back 4 riddled with bullets. Its just makes me even more jittery.

    Cos blips or bad form tend to get a lot lot worse before they get better. Right thats my nervy fans take on it.

    As i always say i hope im sweating and panicking for no reason….and am proven completely wrong. I hope i am..cos i cannot for the life of me see blackburn without santa cruz, roberts, emerton, reid, pedersen probably beating those dippers. Even if they play decent…you can just see the dips getting a flukey deflected goal late late on. Hence even though its on sky…i cannot go through purgatory.

    Would be great if we got a break early. But i just want US to get OUR 3 points tmrw. Please lads C’mon!!!!!!

  18. Marq says:

    Walk the Talk!


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