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Carrick: Fans Reception For Scholes Was Fantastic

Michael Carrick has sung the praises of team mate Paul Scholes who played his first game in front of our home grown since returning from retirement.

Scholes scored a big goal for United, putting us 1-0 up just before half-time, although Carrick believes our legendary midfielder has as much to offer away from the pitch as well as on it.

“It was great to see him score and it’s great to have him back for the quality that he brings, not just on the pitch, but from the way he carries himself around the place and for his attitude towards the game,” Carrick told MUTV. “It’s great for the younger players who have come in this season; they can train with him and learn a lot from him just as we have in the past. He’s such a world class player and I’ve learnt so much off him, as well as other players. Being in my position, I’ve watched him a lot and learnt off him and tried to add his attributes to my game. It’s great to have him back and it’s given everyone a lift. I’m sure he’s delighted to come back, the reception he got from the fans was fantastic and I’m sure he’ll look back on it as a special day.”

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  1. GreedySwede says:


  2. Costas says:

    Good to know he still has the ninja in him. Too bad Kevin Davies wasn’t out there!

  3. smartalex says:

    Scholes scores goals! Welcome back to the First team Paul!

  4. CedarsDevil says:

    What an honor, after shedding those tears of sorrow when he retired, the mere sight of him wearing the shirt again is such a bliss……

  5. smartalex says:

    Bang! Crunch! Smash!

    What was that? I think it was CarBangRickCrashPestDummy offing himself into a brick wall.

  6. NepalRed says:

    BACK WITH A BANG!!!!!!

  7. Warwick says:

    Lovefest in da house

  8. Gandalf says:

    yeah micheal, fans reception is brilliant because we can’t quite believe that scholesy is back. thank god he changed his mind and fergie accepted him back. Fergie doesn’t always do that, remember VDS – fergie said no to him when he wanted to change his mind.
    I’m sure o’shea would be proud of the new and improved and excellent no. 22

  9. james21 says:

    Fits in like he’d never been away. Ginja Ninja we all salute you.

  10. Warwick says:

    It’s great watching Scholes again. Wore my Scholes shirt today. Great to hear what a positive influence he is on the other players – established and new

  11. FletchTHEMAN says:

    Don’t think there is much doubt why Kevin Davies was rested. Doyle knew he was’t going to win this one anyway, and didn’t want to risk payback.

    Move on lads. We have Arsenal away in the championship and it doesn’t let up much till the second weekend in March. Still loads to do. All to play for.

  12. Warwick says:

    The test of champions coming up

  13. says:

    yes and next weekend we are up against something that we have not dealt with for a while now…..

  14. samuel - united WE stand says:

    some People have been negative about paul’s return but anyone can see the positives of having him back in the squad.

    Has got an abundance of experience, ingrained class/Brilliance and can also pop with a goal at important moments to emphasise his match winning abilities. Fergie took him off just at the right time after having put in a good performance for a man that’s missed 6 months of training, i don’t think he can last 90 mins anymore but if he continues to make impacts within the hour mark then the deal would be well worth it. I hear some complaining his return could be a detriment to their development but i can’t quite get that around my head, shouldn’t the likes of pogba get on the training pitch and learn from the best of playmaking artists?.

    Great performance from danny. I’ve always been impressed with his all round game. blessed with pace and technical and goal scoring ability, he’s filled with confidence and has fully nailed down a first team place, i think the other strikers will find it difficult to shift off such a talented young striker and i’m delighted. Sir alex said he should be okay for arsenal so good, hopefully he continues in the same vein.

    Glad to see rafael da silva back. I hear people on here banging about nathaniel clyne and yes a good fullback he may be but rafael embodies everything united. bravery, drive/Determination, skill and flair expected of a brazilian, has got better as a defender as wel so hopefully he’ll get a sustained amount of playing time and nail down the position.

    Shout out to michael carrick. efficient as ever with his passing, keeps it simple and effective, nice lovely finish to cap a good day. Also shout out to valencia, Ive raised an eyebrow at his one dimensional style but he was fantastic today. Power and pace to scare the shit out of the fullback.

  15. says:


  16. Warwick says:

    I had thought Scholes’ retirement was a tad premature – but he was past his best, as could be expected for his age and compared with his peer group (Gary, Beckham et al). But great to have him back for the occasional strengthening, robust appearance. Don’t feel he can be a regular fixture, but from what Carrick says, he obviosly has some added extra qualities to his presence – at training and on the pitch

  17. samuel - united WE stand says:

    I’m never one for sentimental crap and i really was chuckling at the sorry comment for Berbatov. So he never got on the pitch for the last two games, the world must obviously come to an abrupt halt. He’s a quality player but he knows full well that the competition at united is fierce, best thing for him to do is get to training and impress the manager, simple as that.

    Nice to see evans back though, seems to have formed a good partnership with rio (who i hope can stay fit for a while). I hope smalling and jones will be back for an extremely difficult tie against arsenal, we’ll need the best defenders out there.

    Also still seeing people again claiming lindegaard is better than de gea afteryet another clean sheet he got while barely doing anything in, honestly. Lets all calm down now.

  18. Warwick says:

    is everyone off watching Paddy McGuiness on on JR or something?!

  19. Warwick says:

    evans needs to man up and also regain his confidence – quality player in the making

  20. Warwick says:

    Where have all the ROMers gone, long time passin

  21. ally says:

    Well done utd,outstanding from Valencia,carrick &j.Evans.we need 3 pts at EMIRATES.welcome back GINGER MAESTRO

  22. Legolas says:

    @Samuel. Agree with you on those premature Lindegard is better than De Gea comments. But if you think Jones is a better CB than Evans then i disagree…he is a better athlete than Johnny n dats it, he’s got nothin else on him. Jones is really good at RB though but our wonderkid, Rafael is back.

  23. Legolas says:

    A new wonderkid in town. Benjamin Strombouli, 21. Montpellier, CM. The guy is pure class and elegance. He plays like Jovetic though different positions. Look out for him mates. Cheers!

  24. berbatov9 says:


    well notice mate about Rafael…his diving block of Petrov thunderous shot remind me of Gary Neville…got to stay away from injury and we had ourselves a world class fullback…

    and Carrick…whoever still doubted him is clueless monkey….he can tackle…he can control the gameplay pace…and his long throughpass is world class…and he got a mean shot too…got to try those shot more often…

  25. Alom says:

    great to see Scholesy and Carrick in field together again..
    Reminds me of the Midfield run they had between 2006-2009

  26. Bring Back Ruud says:

    I’m in awe, no comments to make about Scholes comeback apart from ” When will I get a ticket to see him play”


  27. mecha says:

    It’s good to see Scholes now, he seems more motivated to play good football now than he has looked in years..

    The future is bright for United! Always!

  28. chica chica says:

    3 players really stand out last night. Scholes, Tony V and Rafael. Tony V and Rafael were really slicing thru the Bolton defence like a hot knife thru butter. Too bad Chicharito didn’t start this game. He could have buried a few of the chances given his excellent anticipation of the ball into the box. Rooney had a bad day. Maybe it’s time to take a break with wifey and baby. Recharge his batteries alittle.

  29. Red Keighley says:

    Comfortable win yesterday but we didnt make the most of our chances before the ginger ninja scored. Great to see him back but my concern is how he will cope against a decent midfield in the coming weeks as he cannot be match fit yet. Also it is a temporary measure and cannot hide the fact that we MUST sign a top class midfielder in the summer if we are to compete at European level and I dont mean the Europa Cup! I thought Rooney was poor yesterday but a bigger disappointment was Nani. Doesnt he fucking well practice corners on the training ground? I can cannot remember the last time he beat the first man when taking a corner. When Ashley Young is fit Nani needs a spell of the bench because Valencia tormented Ricketts at RB yesterday. Sat in the SAF stand I almost started to feel sorry for the RB as he had a look of terror on his face every time Valencia got the ball! Wellbeck is looking increasingly confident and he has to be first choice to play with Rooney (who needs to buck his ideas up). Defence looked solid but test will come against the gooners, the scousers Chelski and Spurs. With Rafael playing well at fullback it opens up more options when Jones and Smalling are fit. Carrick must have found some legal drug because his energy levels were amazing yesterday and he is beginning to look the part in the middle of the park.

  30. King Eric says:

    Red Keighley. I think that’s the idea mate. Get Scholes till we get a midfielder in the summer. Fuck all available in January. Against the bigger sides hoping Tom will be back. Especially by fucking Feb! If not will be a three man midfield of say Carrick, Jones\ Ando and Giggs or Scholes.

  31. hairaul says:

    Happy to see both Carrick and Scholes scored yesterday. I believe Carrick must score more. He should do a Lampard. At least 10 goals per season.


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