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Carrick: Our Fans Are Always Behind Us

Whatever people want to say about Old Trafford, the atmosphere is fine. It’s not brilliant but it’s not shit, and it has steadily improved over the past few seasons, after a pretty dire spell about five years ago.

After the 4-1 battering against Liverpool, plenty of people were off early. Those that stayed sung the lads off the pitch though. If we can sing of the love for our team on one of the darkest days in recent times for the club, then it’s ridiculous to think we don’t sing on a weekly basis.

Michael Carrick has today backed the supporters, thanking the fans for the support we’ve given them through the games when they aren’t playing well.

“They can play a huge part in every game,” Carrick said. “The matches in which things aren’t going quite so well are the ones they pull you through. It’s easy for supporters to get a bit frustrated in those games, but our fans are always behind us which gives you a big lift. They can make Old Trafford very intimidating for opposition teams as well – I’m always glad to be playing for us when the fans are really up for it.”

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  1. Red-Manc says:

    Carrick complementing our home fans, Rooney said away fans where “the best in the country” Rio and Fletcher have said this before aswell, we cant be that bad then ;)

    People slate our the atmosphere at Old Trafford but its no worse than the likes of anfield,stamford bridge or the emirites.

    Our away fans are one of if not the best away fans in the country, and we have more chants for our team/players than all of the sets of fans who come to Old Trafford and sing “your support is fucking shit”.


  2. wazza says:

    well said Red-Manc :-)

  3. Its in my blood says:

    Agree that our away fans are the best in the country by a mile(country mile!). At home we’ve not been helped by the Glazers decision to give a chunk of the Sretford End to the Corporate section. When you’re singing your heart out for the lads they remain silent only breaking the silence to tut-tut at any swearing! Just in case some of you dont know, i’m talking about an area right behind and above the goal. Give it back to the REAL fans!

  4. gotta hate tiny tears says:

    hey scott and alsoeveryone else

    i could use these chants
    emily is turning 3 on monday so im trying to get as many as 100 different united chants recorded by emily in the next week
    if people could check them out and tell me if im missing some
    or suggest there own chants ( no nani) i would love the support of fellow fans of the world champions and champions of everwhere else they play
    check them out and just type under any video your chant
    only 7 days to go

  5. King Eric says:

    You are spot on Red Manc about the away support. Not just a huge amount of songs but some bloody superb ones aswell. Some really funny uns. Love it when songs are sung about a team that we aren’t even playing against. The home fans must think “what the fuck” Like up at Sunderland on Saturday when everyone was singing the “cheer up Alan Shearer” song. Love the constant songs about the dippers though at EVERY game.

  6. Chris20LEGEND says:

    shame it only comes from the stretty and the k stand… Whats with all that coroporate reserved seats in CL games, free loading cunts and to think season ticket holders who watched us play derby in the carling cup cant even get a ticket when these suits do

  7. Imy - Mcr says:

    My Macheda chant

    This is my first attempt at a youtube video, let me know what you think.

  8. SULLY says:

    Gold Trafford… Electric atmosphere… I just sat there watching the United fans screaming their hearts out, and it really sent shivers down my spine. Magical stuff.

  9. alpha_rs says:

    Have to say I was one of the people who left early against Liverpool. I left in the 85th minute. I thought about it afterwards and felt ashamed that I did’t stay behind and sing until the end. I just thought I have experienced so many highs with the club I should also experience the lows.

    So I went to Villa and decided that even if we were losing I wanted to stay till the end. So when we went 2-1 down and I saw some people around me leaving I stayed behind. And sung my heart out. It’s a shame the people around me don’t seem to wanna sing an awful lot but what can you do?!

  10. Giles Oakley says:

    Gotta hate tiny tears, I always used to love, ‘Give us a go-al, Denis Law, Denis Law!’ Happy Birthday to Emily, what a litle star you have there. Now I can think of the perfect birthday present…

    It seems the message is getting through to fans which is brilliant. It’s also great that so many players are talking about what a difference proper support makes.At this stage in the season how we collectively handle setbacks and how we re-inforce success will be decisive. Everyone has a part to play, everything is possible, if we stay United!

  11. Ippo says:

    who knows what is going on with the new Belgian defender Ritchie De Laet?

  12. Paul the red says:

    was it my dodgy ears or did our lads manage to get half the sunderland fans singing about old freddy shearer… sounded like it..

    the support away is awesome..

  13. gotta hate tiny tears says:

    Giles Oakley or anyone

    whats the tune of Give us a go-al, Denis Law, Denis Law??

  14. King Eric says:

    Paul – Think you may be right, I mentioned that in an earlier post.

  15. Giles Oakley says:

    Sorry Gotta hate, I don’t know what the tune is called for Give us a go-al, Denis Law, Denis Law. It’s anoying but I can’t recall any other words either. It just seemed to go on over and over,

    Give us a go-al, give us a go-al, Denis Law, Denis Law, etc etc ad infinitum.

    Maybe some Pete Boyle archivist can identify the tune.


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