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Carrick Out For Tomorrow?

It has been reported that Michael Carrick hasn’t trained for the past few days due to illness, meaning United could be playing Sunderland with a squad down to the bare bones, again.

Carrick has been our most important player this season so his absence could be costly. Tom Cleverley has barely played this season because of injury but after a few substitute appearances recently may get called back in to the starting XI. Anderson and Darren Fletcher are obviously unavailable, which would mean we had a choice of Giggs, Scholes and even Park to play in the centre of the park.

However, Carrick was seen arriving and leaving Carrington yesterday, so maybe there is some hope for him.

With Nemanja Vidic, Chris Smalling and Jonny Evans injured, we are going to be struggling to put a back four together. Rio Ferdinand was substituted off with injury last weekend against Swansea, which could make the situation even worse. The best case scenario would be Rafael, Jones, Rio and Evra as our back four.

Up front, Danny Welbeck is still carrying the injury from the City game, meaning Rooney is likely to start up front with Chicharito.

This obviously isn’t the ideal preparation to the biggest game of the season. If you look at the injury table Manchester United are at the top with 10 injuries whilst Manchester City are at the bottom with 0. This has been the case all season.

Roll on tomorrow…

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  1. Albert Ross says:

    parryheid – well stated!

    We must cover that gap tactically, or forever pay a steep price for Evra’s attacking prowess.

  2. WillieRedNut says:

    Sandeep – Something like this? DDG, Rafael Rio Jones Evra, Valencia Scholes Clevs Young, Rooney Hernandez.

  3. Sandeep1878 says:

    Irish hero,

    That line up is possible mate,

    but we have some gaps there,

    tom c and scholesy havent been tested together in the middle of the park..

    i believe Tom C will not start the game tomorrow..

    Sir Alex will surely go for experience tomorrow, may be one last time!!

    So Giggsy and Scholesy will start, i hope Giggsy will start on wings!!.

    If we need a beast in midfield, we have Valencia, who has played in that position for his country..

    but even he isnt tested there with scholesy, but with Valencia, we have physical power..

    starting scholesy and Tom c in the middle of the park will be a failure tactically IMO..

    If Tom C and scholesy start, scholesy will have to defend all game..

    or time to play 4-3-3?




  4. MG says:

    Team for tomorrow


    Hawk eye Wolverine Storm Black Widow

    Spiderman Iron Man Captain America Professor X

    Silver Surfer



  5. MG says:

    Avengers Manchester Assemble United


  6. Albert Ross says:

    Mark van Bommel?
    What we want is bommelbastic midfielder fantastic player

    He’s Mark Bommelbastic say he’s fantastic don’t say that I’m plastic just a
    Ro…mantic want a bombastic bommel to attack sick

  7. Sandeep1878 says:

    Tom C,

    I feel for the lad,

    since his return from injury, he hasnt had game time, so we havent seen him in good form..

    time to look forward to next season..

    Hoping to see Tunni, Keane get promoted..

    The future is really good, the young lads have immense talent..


    De Gea, Rafael, Jonesy, Smalling, Danny, Tom C,

    Sam, Cole, Keanes, Tunni, Petrucci, zeki, wootton, Lingard, Brady

    The next class is coming up..

    beware you mercenary cunts..

  8. Marq says:

    Why not try Valencia in the middle?
    Young & Nani on the flanks

  9. Sandeep1878 says:


    yup i have slotted him in the middle in my first line up prediction..

    all our wingers have been immense this season, time we started all of them either by slotting one in the middle or changing the formation to 4-3-3

  10. WillieRedNut says:

    Sandeep – Interesting thought, but I don’t see Fergie tinkering this late. A game we have to win as well. Tony v has played in center mid for his country. He could do it, I’m sure. I just think the boss will go with what he knows.

  11. kev e says:

    Surely Hulk would play in midfield?! Isn’t he that destructive box to box we’ve after since Keano went and gone? :D Reckon Thor at CB too.

    HAMMER!!!! ;)

  12. MG says:

    Kev e

    I wanted Hulk in front so that after he scored a goal he would say:

    Puny goalkeeper, after smashing him into the ground a few times.


  13. aimanunited says:

    what? carrick out from the club next season? :-)

  14. Ji Sung says:

    Hmm what about this team for tom…DDG, rafa, rio, jones, evra, valencia, scholes, YOUNG in the middle, nani, roo, hernandez.

  15. Sandeep1878 says:

    Hello reds,

    suggest some inspirational movies..

    Like october sky
    into the wild etc..

    also of FBI and CIA if any..


  16. red_bicycle says:


    Can we send Hulk to QPR and play as goalie?

  17. MG says:


    That might be tactically and more importantly strategically a brilliant idea.


  18. MG says:

    After Hulk is done with city:

    Puny bitters


  19. Sandeep1878 says:

    and good luck berbatov.

    Thanks for your services and memories..

    The lad will be pulling the greatest shirt one last time!!

  20. redevil_83 says:

    carrick not playing could be a bit of a bother. instead of slotting valencia in CM i’d rather boss plays 4-3-3 then force players out of position. i loves scholesy and giggsy but starting them together does not make sense anymore. its not a given, we still need to show up tommz. c’mon you reds. DONE AND ONTO THE NEXT ONE!

  21. NormanRightside says:

    Mick has been an important player this season but.if he’s missing it doesn’t matter. He’s not a threat, he is our “break it, move it” man. He will never be a match or league winner or loser, he’s just Mick. Good honest and dependable. Passes efficiently but rarely deadly. In the unlikely event we win the league it wont be down to his outstanding contribution, nor will it a loss to the Berties.
    We need to strengthen our once mighty midfield and let the lad take a rest where he would have been if the class of 99 were still in there prime.
    On the bench, waiting for his chance!

  22. berbatov9 says:

    Mancini : We got MONEY what do u got??!!


  23. englishjames says:

    “Carrick has been our most important player this season”

    Errr…………. No he hasn’t. and the love-in that several regular contributors on here have with him, is mystifying. He’s a side-way, pace-slowing crab, that without his big bro ‘Scholes’, is found out all the time. He neither scores, assists or dictates any game – apart from 1 in 6, which being a Utd player isn’t good enough -.

    I’m a season ticket holder of over a quarter of a century, so cut the crap before you even start.

  24. 0161-Jon says:

    As long as we win and then at the very least make it a goal difference issue so at least they don’t finish with more points than us. I’ll take that now. To finish level on points with our squad and the injuries is some feat. QPR will get steamrolled by several goals I reckon but you just never know…

  25. Ugandan Red says:


    Why not play “Ant Man” as goalie. He could just grow bigger and sit in front of Goal. :-)

  26. Robbo says:

    I remember a game earlier in the season when Nani played in the ‘hole’, did very well with runs at the defenders and in general ran amok across the front line. So having Young, Nani and Valencia in behind Rooney would be ideal, but I dont know who will sit in the middle with Scholes. Just hope it isnt Giggs. As someone posted earlier Giggs and Scholes together does not work any more.


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