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Carrick: We Don’t Want Any Regrets… So Let’s Win All Four

Nemanja Vidic is probably our only player who has enjoyed better form than Michael Carrick this season, who has proved himself as a great asset to our team this season.

Reflecting on last season, Carrick notes how disappointing it was to lose against Portsmouth in the FA Cup, particularly when the run to the final was so easy after that game. He doesn’t want us to have another season of regrets, so thinks it’s time to push on in all four competitions.

“We will see whether it’s possible to win the four – we will give it a good go, that’s for sure,” Carrick said. “At this club we want to win every game and we go into every game expecting to win, but it’s tough to win all four competitions. It hasn’t been done, but this club is always making history and breaking new ground. It hasn’t happened before because so many things can go wrong. It’s difficult, especially in cup competitions because one slip and you can be out. We look back at that game against Portsmouth and know if we had won it we might have won the treble. That’s why this season we don’t want to finish with any regrets that we might have done better.”

With the FIFA World Club Cup already under our belts, how many other trophies do you think we can win this season?

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  1. Drabik says:

    Two mistakes scott :P

    We didn’t play in the FA cup final last season (obviously a typo) and ‘Vidic is probably our ONLY player who has…’

    But good article, i think its possible to win all 4, but i don’t think it will happen. I would love to do the same as last season, but with the Carling Cup final coming up, I’m thinking 3 trophies is possible…

  2. King Eric says:

    Love this blokes attitude. A huge player for United. It will certainly take summat to win the lot but if any club can do it, United can.

    How funny twas to see that useless joke of a club get beat at PORTSMOUTH. Talk about a Jekyll and Hyde club! Allegedly Robinho and Elano were fuckin shocking as we have seen all too often with citehs away games this season. Was listening to a phone in and not one of the bitters blamed the players. They would NOT have a bad word said about Robinho. Silly cunts just calling for Hughes head now. They are simply a bunch of mercaneries who will be gone in the summer. They’re going down with a billion in the bank!

  3. Mic says:

    I don’t know, we can’t really look too far into the future, we have to take each game as it comes.

  4. klauq says:

    erm scott i think you should put 5 in the options because 1 (World Club) + another 4..

    but i agree with mic.. one game at a time we go..

  5. invertedquestionmark says:

    We are in the best possible position to win them all but it’s more likely that we don’t win anything else than collect all cups.

  6. rob the red says:

    klauq: read the column properly!! Scott said the run to the final was easy after the Portsmouth game, which it was! But not for us unfortunately. That game shows how hard it is to win all four ie dodgy refereeing in one game can ruin it, Scholesies goal against Porto is another example, that may have cost us a european cup ( without murdering anyone) as that was easy for them as Scott pointed out earlier in the weak with a tremendous assasination on moaning maureen’s career. We can do it but we will need that bit of luck! Also as Klauq says should there be 5 options? Well maybe 6, didn’t we win the charity shield?

  7. Tre says:

    “We didn’t play in the FA cup final last season (obviously a typo)”

    That’s not even in the bloody article, Drabik. And Scott clearly says BESIDES the Club World Cup, how many MORE trophies can we win, 4 is clearly the highest option: League and FA Cups, League, and Europe.

    To be honest I think we’ve got at least got the league and league cup in our cross-hairs, we’re a brilliant cup team, so don’t count the FA Cup out. The Champions League is extremely difficult to win, but we certainly have a shot. I vote 3, but can believe 4.

  8. King Eric says:

    Tre: – “We didn’t play in the FA cup final last season (obviously a typo)”

    “That’s not even in the bloody article, Drabik. And Scott clearly says………………”

    to be fair Scott has since changed the type in the above article. Originally there was an error but who gives a fuck anyway. Come on United!

  9. Drew Vader says:

    “But who gives a fuck anyway” Well said King Eric

  10. Z-Man says:

    the biggest problem in Cl i think is Braca. he way Messi and Co are playing is amazing, i do agree with Sir Alex that Barca are the team to beet in Cl, if not the only team that realy has a chance to win Cl. The carling cup i belive is as god as a done deal against Spurs. And we have a good chance on winnig the Prem and taking it three in a row. the only competition that is still a competition is the Fa-Cup, with chelsea and Arsnal our biggest rivals, Liverpool i belive vil crack up just like rafa;)

    all five? why not?


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