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Carrick Won’t Lose Sleep Over England Place

Paul Scholes was overlooked by Sven-Goran Eriksson in order to accomodate both Frank Lampard and Steven Gerrard in the England midfield. Scholes retired to focus on United, clearly not impressed at having to play out of position, and every manager that followed Sven asked him to reconsider.

This was over four and a half years ago, yet the quest to get Lampard and Gerrard to play well together goes on. Whilst both massively effective at club level, they are a crap pairing for their country, yet no manager has the balls to drop one of them.

Michael Carrick, who has enjoyed brilliant form for United this season, has also shown he’s capable on an International front as well. As England’s Man of the Match in their recent victory over Germany, Carrick insists he knew he time for International football would come.

“It goes without saying I wanted to be in the squad but when I wasn’t selected there was no point moaning and sulking about it,” said Carrick. “What was it going to change if I went around moping? I always knew that if I played consistently well for United then I would be picked. It was not something I was worried about. It was just a case of getting it right at United because I believed I would get back in the squad if I was playing well enough and that has been the case. I didn’t lose any sleep about it because it wasn’t something I could control. Now the hard part is staying there.”

Whilst the national team is not a massive concern of mine, I do enjoy seeing our players play well for their country, particularly for England, as I find it amusing to see ABUs chanting for our players. When Rooney plays a great ball to set up a goal or scores one himself, I love seeing those mugs chanting his name, when just the week before they were calling him a fat bastard at Old Trafford.

I also recognise the sense of worth it gives to the players to perform on an International stage and it’s important for our players to get a go. I don’t have any time for friendlies, like tonight’s against Spain, but when our lads travel to the International competitions (sadly, something England have struggled with recently!) I think it’s certainly a positive thing for them. Carrick is as good as any player England have available, and following the Gerrard-Lampard fiasco, there’s no reason why our Michael shouldn’t be given a chance to start and prove what he is capable of!

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  1. North Stand,Tier 3,Back Row says:

    Its a tight call. Im not sure if Id prefer to see Carrick play, and be rewarded for his consistant performances over the last 2 & 1/2 years which would be great for his confidence (and see him risk injury), or to see Gerrard and Lampard bumble around the pitch and try to fit their two supersized egos into the same midfield (and risk injury!!!).
    I think a mix of both would be ideal. Start with the two twats in the 1st half, see how shite they play together, then wheel out Carrick at half time and he runs the show, while only playing 45 mins and is still fresh for the weekend.

  2. jon jonson says:

    Just forget about united carrick. United gives you more.

  3. dre says:

    england is shite but i still luv em :(


  4. Colbert says:

    I hope Capello leaves him out. Give him a rest.

  5. King Eric says:

    Michael Carrick is in a different league to Stevie Me and Fat Lumpard, a much classier player. I think he will end up with a regular place as his continental style will suit Cappello. When will they learn that the 2 huge ego s cannot and should not play together? At the same time as numerous people have said I would probably prefer the 2 to play as a) I don’t give a fuck about ingerlund b) let the 2 get injured and c) we don’t want michael to get injured. Reckon he will definately start tonight with the thug being injured.

  6. Paul the red says:

    i just hope no-one comes home injured

  7. rooney_thebest says:

    Playing against the likes of Xavi and Iniesta will no doubt make him an ven better player…those two are class…Lets hope he comes through this without any niggles or injuries…As it is the guy is class….massively under rated though…Maybe if he starts banging in a few goals he would get the same sort of recognition which I’m sure he will..after all he can shhot with both feet and sweetly too…just feel its a matter of getting the confidence to make those runs in the box and the goals will start to flow..his goal against Roma was something special and not many people can do it…hope Sir Alex uses him in a more advanced position against some lesser teams just to see how he goes about it…He did it a couple of games ago and that day Carrick was immense..

  8. I'm a bit slow says:

    Let’s hope that Carrick doesn’t get injured.
    What does ABUs mean or stand for?

  9. denton davey says:

    The injury issue is what is of most concern – LouisLouisHaHa’s career was littered with strains and various other problems that always seemed to happen when he was in the French squad; losing one of our main men for this kind of footling friendly would be a disaster.

    I never understand the lazy journalism that argues a player’s club form is important because it might bring him into consideration for the Ingerland squad. If all were healthy, the national manager could select his team blindfolded. And, if they’re fit the glamour boys like Sir Becks and Ca$hleyHole are automatic inclusions; if not, it’s just a crap-shoot between the Carlton Coles and Gareth Barrys and Stewart Downings of the world. I much prefer the attitude of real men like Scholes and even Jamie Carragher who told the Ingerland manager to put his call-up in a place where the sun don’t shine after being forced to play second fiddle.

    Glad to see that Rooney isn’t part of this non-event.

  10. King Eric says:

    I’m a bit slow – ABU= Anyone but United.

  11. klauq says:

    United > England


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