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Carrick: You don’t play for United, you live for United

Lots of the players have credited City’s last minute title win for the reason we have run away with the title this season, determined to win our trophy back.

Last night, Michael Carrick spoke about this desire when receiving his Players’ Player of the Year award.

“We had to win it,” he said. “Last year was hard to take for everyone, especially with it going to that lot over the road. It was tough and we always wanted to bounce back. I’m proud of the boys but it all comes from the manager. You don’t just play for this club – you live for this club once you’re here. The manager drives home the work ethic and always tells us don’t be afraid to work hard and enjoy yourself. That’s what we do.”

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Scott is the editor of Red Matters - 50 Years of Supporting Manchester United and an author of Play Like Fergie's Boys and Not Nineteen Forever. He writes for ESPN, The Metro and Bleacher Report. Follow @R_o_M on Twitter.

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  1. Manxred says:

    Was great to see how much he was enjoying the celebrations at Old Trafford on Sunday

  2. medumtum says:

    Well if there’s a guy who deserved an award this season…

  3. Tom says:

    Roo should take note

  4. belfast red. says:

    “That lot” lol

  5. FletchTHEMAN says:

    Epic from Michael! Quiet like Scholes as well. But when he talks, you might just make sure you are taking notes!

    I sense a T-shirt moto here Scott!?!

    Get in Michael. So well deserved.

  6. King Eric says:

    Fucking love Carrick. Great lad who lets his football do the talking. Calmness personified. He has been top drawer in his seven seasons. Ain’t done bad. Five leagues and European cup plus others. Great comments which just highlight what a fantastic club we support. They meant business from day one this season, no fucking about. As one journo said couple of weeks back United haven’t just taken the title back , they’ve taken it off City like a street mugger. As I say no fucking about.

  7. NBI Red Onion says:

    For God’s sake give him another medal!!!!! Applause.

    (Whisper – screw u roo).

  8. Andromeda says:

    Carrick said”You don’t play for united, you live for united”this quote will be remembered for many more centuries to come…and to add to this epic statement I say, you don’t just live for united, you die for united…all the respect and love for this living legend..

  9. Andromeda says:

    Well written King Eric, indeed great post!

  10. slim says:

    OMG carrick has been awesome this year. Wait till y’all see him with a proper DM behind him. i tell you Tom C better up his game because Carrick has come into his own this year. He’s been class for 3 years on the trot but this season tops it. He’s been majestic.

    He hammers home th point about modern midfielders. Fantastic range of passing. Good engine. NEVER flustered on the ball. Couple of years ago we’d hear get rid of the ball or summat , now he’s turning on the ball, using charging opponents momentum to his advantage. Its been brilliant to watch.
    I hope Mr. Moyes sees recognizes Carrick is no DM and does something about it. He has lot to offer still and is the perfect master for Tom C.


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