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Chant For Mancini On Sunday

“Mancini are you listening,
We’re gonna keep our ticker ticking,
We’ll be on Wembley Way,
34 years to the day,
While your choking on your scarf back home”

Stretford End Flags have asked Roberto Mancini to attend the official banner changing at Old Trafford, whereby the ticker will move on to 34 years, after the City boss earlier promised to take the banner down. As yet, they have heard no response from City.

Sunday will mark 34 years to the day since City last won a trophy.

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Scott is the editor of Red Matters - 50 Years of Supporting Manchester United and an author of Play Like Fergie's Boys and Not Nineteen Forever. He writes for ESPN, The Metro and Bleacher Report. Follow @R_o_M on Twitter.

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  1. reddevil forever says:

    34 years i wish it last forever

  2. Falkirk Red says:

    Mancini are you listening,
    We’re gonna keep our ticker ticking,
    We’ll be on Wembley Way,
    34 years to the day,
    While your wanking Gary Cook of with your hand

  3. ManUtdPeople says:

    wember-ley wember-ley its that famous place in london, that Man City never see , wember-ley wember-ley

  4. Fred says:

    The Carling Cup final has nothing to do with Manchester City (and City have nothing to do with the Carling Cup final, thanks to Rooney!)

    A few songs about Ciddy won’t be out of place if we’re winning, but it seems like Stretford End Flags are trying to make City the focus of the day to take the focus off the Green & Gold/LUHG protests that are planned.

  5. oneunited says:

    Mancini’s days are numbered, i always knew it would be difficult for him to adapt to the english game.

  6. ManUtdPeople says:

    Green & Gold/LUHG Protests that are planned


  7. Dave Mack says:

    Fred, so the focus of a Wembly final should be on the gren and gold campaign??? Tha’s just sad.

    LU – IFIT

  8. Fred says:

    ManUtdPeople or whatever your fucking name is, care to explain the EPIC FAIL? Or are you just talking bollocks? Please let me know.

    Davey Mack, don’t put words in my mouth, sunshine.

    It has been known for weeks that the green & gold will be proudly displayed at Wembley, especially with no Glazer stormtroopers there to confiscate banners and eject United fans. So Tufty and SEF have got a campaign going to try and shift the focus onto fucking Man Shitty and their wanky manager.

    This pathetic PR stunt from Tufty & co “we’ve invited Mancini to the grand unveiling… Man City have declined to comment” FFS it’s the kind of cringeworthy stunt Garry fucking Cook would wince at.

    Just for the record, the “ticker” banner was around long before the Glazers set up Stretford End Flags Ltd. Embarrassing that Tufty is trying to claim ownership of it now and giving it the biggun. He is not a United fan, he’s a fucking embarrassment. Remember the fucking “BELIEVE” mosaic before Barca – how fucking Scouse can you get? The joke is on the numpties who don’t know the truth about Tufty and SEF.

  9. aaronaldo says:

    Mancini are you listening,
    We’re gonna keep our ticker ticking,
    Sunday we’ll play,
    with the trophy come our way,
    you wonder how long you’re allowed to stay.


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