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Chants For Berbatov?

So let’s get our minds working over what chants our fans can sing at Anfield in a fortnight’s time! Surely we can do better than what Spurs already have on offer.

To That Boy Ronaldo:
He plays on the left
He plays on the right
That boy Berbatov
Thinks City are shite

To Another One Bites The Dust:

Dim Dim Dim, Dimitar Berbatov,
Dim Dim Dim, Dimitar Berbatov,
And another one’s in, and another one’s in, another one hits the net,
Oooh, he’s gonna score one more, Dimitar Berbatov!

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Scott is the editor of Red Matters - 50 Years of Supporting Manchester United and an author of Play Like Fergie's Boys and Not Nineteen Forever. He writes for ESPN, The Metro and Bleacher Report. Follow @R_o_M on Twitter.

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  1. Gary says:

    Very good Scott, did you come up with that second chant yourself?

  2. Jig says:

    Not a bad one from this kid . . .

    Minus the chipmonk bit obviously

    Also: ‘Here comes the Berb’ To the tune of ‘here comes the girls’ on current boots campaign. Might not be too easy to hit those high notes after 6 pints mind you.

    Anywho, that’s my two cents.

  3. debrabs says:

    How about adapting the Keano classic:

    Oh, Berbo’s ********in’ magic
    He wears a magic hat,
    And when he saw Old Trafford,
    He said “I fancy that!”
    He didn’t sign for City,
    Or Madrid because they’re sh1te,
    Oh he signed for Man United,
    ‘Coz they’re ********in’ dynamite…

    i think it works

  4. Molotov1 says:

    To the tune of “life goes on”


    Short, and simple!

  5. stev red says:

    What about…

    (to the coma united road tune. I know, i know, but just off the tpe of me head!)

    Dimi Dimi Dimi Dimi Dimitar

    Repeat ad nauseum.

    Something like that.

    Great signing by the way, and not losing Capmpbell was a bonus, imo.

  6. rob taylor says:

    (To the tune of the Anderson song)

    Berba tov-tov-tov

    He told Tottenham to f*** off!

    Berba tov-tov-tov

    We told City to f*** off!

    With his left With his right

    Berbatov is dynamite.

    Spectacular. He’ll get ya! … and he looks like Draculaaaaaaa!!!

  7. Audere est facere says:

    From a Spurs fan:

    how about

    “SPURS Tried to make him sign for city, but he said no no no”

  8. v says:

    something To the tune of abba – gimme gimme gimme
    Dimi Dimi dimi …

  9. Imy - Mcr says:

    Then can only be one chant for Berbatov, with his languid style and resemblance (playing style) to Cantona.

    Ooh Aah Dimitar, Say Ooh Aah Dimitar

  10. Redrose says:

    to the tune of “Lassie from Lancashire”

    He’s a laddie from Sofia
    and captain of Bulgaria.
    Came to United which he holds dear
    Oh, so dear.

    He is comfortable on the ball,
    Standing proud and standing tall,
    Now he’s a Red
    and let it be said
    he’s a laddie from Manchester.

  11. unitedred says:

    dim – i – tar ooooh oh

    dim – i – tar ooooh oh

    hes got a sulky face

    but we all think he ace!

  12. Bob Koh says:

    To: Glory, Glory ManUtd;

    Dimi Dimi- tar Berbatov
    Give me Dimitar Berbatov
    Dimi Dimi- tar Berbatov
    The Bulgarian captain’s on!
    Goal, Goal!

  13. jim says:

    good stuff with the second one scott but what about

    He scores with his left
    He scores with his right
    That boy Berbatov
    Thinks City are shite

  14. stev red says:

    Like that one.

    But what about instead of That boy Berbatov, what about Dimitar Berbatov….he’s not really a boy is he.
    Dimitar Berbatov fits a little better. Syllable wise, i think.
    Sorry for being picky. ;)

  15. AC_MUFC says:

    Berbatov tov tov tov

    He told to city to fuck off

    Berbatov tov tov tov

    He showed spurs he was boss

    £30m we don’t mind, he’s now wearing number 9

    Berbatov tov tov tov

    He told to city to fuck off

  16. Gel Boy says:

    Gimme, gimme, Dimi the man before midnight.
    Won’t somebody help us beat Chelsea to the league.

    (Sung to the tune of Abba – Gimme, Gimme, Gimme)

  17. suhayl says:


  18. Tevatov says:

    To the tune of Que Sera Sera.

    “Oh-oh Dimitar,
    There’s only one Manchester,
    The one that you’re playing for,
    Oh-oh Dimitar…

    Oh-oh Dimitar,
    With United you will go far,
    So thanks to Tottenham Hotspur,
    For our Dimitar.”


  19. godpye says:

    Nice one Tevatov – me likee!

    Good times.

  20. robbie_uk2k says:

    I got a great one a few weeks ago i’ve been dying to share.

    Its the song that goes ‘gimme some, na na narrrrrrrrrrr’
    It goes ‘ hands up, baby hands up, gimme your heart, gimme, gimme your heart, gimme, gimme’.

    Anyway it goes

    Berbatov, na na narrrrrrr
    my dimi, dimi, dimi berbatov, na na narrrrrrrrrrrrr

  21. Tevatov says:

    I just made up another one:

    To the tune of Aga-doo.

    Oh-oh, Dim-i-tar
    Where the fuck’s Bulgaria?
    Oh-oh Dim-i-tar
    Has a fantastic head of hair.
    Upper left, bottom right
    He scores goals day and night
    Oh-oh Dim-i-tar
    The czar of Mancunia!

  22. john Ferry says:

    When we play city to the tune of YMCA by the village people:

    “It’s fun to score at the mi…ddle…eastlands, it’s fun to score at the mi…ddle eastlands. They got everything for Berva to enjoy, you can even add to the score .”

    “Berva, there’s no need to feel down.
    I said, Berva, city being run to the ground.
    I said, Berva, ’cause you didnt sign for those clowns
    We are sure, you’re more, than happy.”

    “Berva, there’s a place you can go.
    I said, Berva, where you’re shots will sure score.
    I said, Berva when you play in the middle east
    We are sure, you’ll have, a good laugh.”

    “I said, its fun to score at the mi…dle east lands, it’s fun to score at the mi…ddle eastlands. They got everything for Berva to enjoy, you can even add to the score.”

  23. wilkie2726 says:

    Berbatov is the new don:

    Surely his chant must include a fuck off to City, and reference to the fact he is Vincent in the Godfather III

  24. socamad689908 says:

    Dimi dimi dimi he signed before midnight
    He said to the council house take your money away
    Dimi dimi dimi he signed before midnight
    not even the rentboys could temp him their way

    late I know

  25. Tom F says:

    Oh Dimitar, he won’t smile
    Oh Dimitar he don’t smile
    He hates Madrid, City and Tottenham
    Oh Dimitar, he’s wonderful

  26. berba_mufc says:

    i think berbatov is a great signing hes a very skillful player and hes vital any where around the 18 yard box this is the kind of player that we need we got rooney that can play out wide and likes to go back and defend we got ronaldo that can run the defenders silly dow nthe wing and he can score then you got berbatov that can score great goals watch out other clubs they will hert you UNITED FOR THE LEAGUE ? x

  27. Xyth says:

    To the tune of ‘Oh my darling Clementine’

    Our Dimi, Our Dimi
    Our Diiimi Berbatov
    Wore the red shirt and told City
    to fuck off.

  28. Kev Johnson says:

    to the tune of popeye the sailor man-

    He comes from Bulgaria, we signed him from Tottenham Hotspur, his name is dimitar, Fergie picked him up in his car- ITS DIMITAR BERBATOV!!!

    So I wrote that. I’m also workin on 1 to the tune of Rockstar by Nickelback-

    When the money rolls in and UTD start bidding, a countless 30 million for just 1 star, ther was only 1 strikeforce 4 UTD thats Tevez and Dimitar. He said no to city, he said no to Spurs, he jumped to the chance str8 into Fergies car, – WOE HOE WEVE GOT DIMITAR, WOEHOE HE’S A UTD STAR!

    Please tell me wat u think- Red Devil Kev! ;)

  29. mufc08 says:

    to the tune of viva ronaldo

    dimi berbatov
    dimi berbatov
    dimi berbatov
    thinks city are shite
    and he’s fuckin right
    dimi berbatov

  30. Wes smithe says:

    you are my berba, dimitar berba, signed for united, on transfer day, manchester city, oh what a pity, he told the arabs to go away

  31. Bruce says:

    I love the various variations and there are some bloody good ones.

    But it needs to be unique and not using the same tunes as That Boy, Viva Ronaldo, or Anderson-son-son.

    Those players need to know THOSE tunes are for THEM.

    If Ronaldo leaves next season, then Berbatov can have all the That Boy/Viva versions.

  32. Kev Johnson says:

    To the tune of Only Fools n Horses

    we’ll stik a dimi in the front 2, he’ll play jus like ruud van, but if u want the best then ull stik him wiv tevez then dimi hes ure man, where it all comes from is a mystery- its changin to a manc from a cockney, for he’s the 1 who sed no to city, dimmis gonna rule this city- nar nar nar nar- dimmi dimii-tar! nar nar nar nar nar- dimmi dimmi-tar!!!

    once again from Red Devil Kev- cheers- any comments greatly appreciated!

  33. Dom Pidgeon says:

    Just seen this so i thought i would add one.

    (Jesus Christ Superstar)

    Dimitar, Dimitar, jumped in the back of Fergies car,
    told City to fuck off,
    he is a red his names Berbatov!

  34. Natasha Folwell says:

    How about this one…… (to the theme tune jesus christ superstar)

    dim-i-tar, ber-ba-tov
    looked at city and he said fuck off
    he’s now a red
    our number 9
    no more sulking cuz its time to shine


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