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Charlton: Fergie Will Sort Them Out

Sir Bobby Charlton is feeling the hurt as much as anybody else this morning, following our dreadful result against Liverpool yesterday.

However, looking on the bright side, he believes the pressure has been released, with the expectation of us being perfect no longer on our shoulders, and backs the manager to sort us out for next week.

“I think there was just a little bit of stress because we kept on winning matches,” said Charlton. “It helps to maybe turn the gas down a little bit and a lot of pressure’s maybe eased. I’m hoping we’re going to do better because of this result. It wasn’t a result anybody at Manchester United could be proud of but you have to say Liverpool played really well and deserved to win.”

Sir Bobby has backed the manager to turn things around following this dreadful result.

“He will make sure they get their confidence back,” he added. “It’s a bit of a blow – to lose four goals at home hasn’t been done for so many years. There’s bit of pride been hurt there, but I don’t think he’ll have to work too hard to rejuvenate them. But work he will. Getting to the end of the season, all matches are important. When the next one comes along next week I’m sure he’ll be ready for it.”

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Scott is the editor of Red Matters - 50 Years of Supporting Manchester United and an author of Play Like Fergie's Boys and Not Nineteen Forever. He writes for ESPN, The Metro and Bleacher Report. Follow @R_o_M on Twitter.

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  1. costas says:

    Well said sir.I felt terribly for him last year at the Manchester derby.He has been there before and he knows that the manager will rejuvenate the players.He did last year after the derby match.

  2. RED_ARMY says:

    “We have shown the way,” said Benitez.

    “United have been playing with so much confidence. At least people will now see that they can lose.

    “The message is there for everyone. In attack they are fantastic. You can see the quality they have. But in defence they have some weaknesses and we tried to exploit them.”

    can u believe this guy ?? he is by far the most annoying fuck face(with stevie me) on this planet…

  3. didsbury_king says:

    Well said Sir Bobby Charlton. Sir Bobby is an example to all plastics including some on here (don’t need to mention names)

  4. didsbury_king says:

    I agree costas

    RE: RED-ARMY. Benitez is a twat. let him enjoy this moment, he will only be picking up a losers medal in may

  5. costas says:

    didsbury i don’t think that there were many who were pointing finger here.I just think every United fan has a least player and if he played yesterday,all the worse.You have Rooney,others have O’Shea.You know what they say right?In cases like these,all who have played are the villains and those absent would have won us the game.I think Wenger summed it up nicely didsbury.

  6. Red-Manc says:

    did rafa forget to take his pills when we went on that run of clean sheets and no goals conceded?

    You’ve got to laugh at how deluded they are at times.

    We’ll Never Die!

  7. inmoscowwemadeit3 says:

    although the defeat to those shit cunts hurts bad next week will be around sure enough and hopefully its put to the back of our minds and we get a win at fulham. For the scouse bastards they live in hope we’ll slip up enough for them to steal their way back into the title race, however, its probably not going to be them that will push us but the rent boys who are looking galvanised under Hiddink . here’s hoping for those flea bitten scouse mongs in the quarters and out play the cock suckers over two legs

  8. person mcdude says:

    Is this really the worse loss at Old Trafford since 1992? I mean really? If so, that’s mighty impressive, but I have a gut feeling they’ve got raped around 10 years ago? Am I talking out of my ass?

  9. costas says:

    Chelsea already win today but they have to go to Tottenham and Newcastle in the next 2 games.With all due respect to Juventus,those two games will be Hiddink’s toughest test especially when they are both fighting for survival.The dippers also have a problem as they entertain Villa and Arsenal before we do.The others are talking as if they won’t slip up.As far as Benites talking out of his ass,i wasn’t expecting anything else.The guy is a moron and an asshole.That’s why i believe that yesterday will have hurt SAF the most.And you know that that can’t be good for all the other teams.I say the hell with the defense.Let’ start scoring freely in games and prove once and for all who is Boss.

  10. costas says:

    @person mcdude that’s true.The last time someone scored 4 at Old Trafford was in 92.Oh and we thumped 4-0 in April of 03.Personally,i feel defeats to York by 3-0 and Fulham by 3-1 were worse than this.At least those teams played 11 vs 11.

  11. RED_ARMY says:

    im sure the bin dippers will drop the most points in the next 10 games or so…but chelsea, with essien back i think they will be a major concern..i know they’ve got tough away games comin up but seriously essien makes a huge difference to them …they have missed this guy big time earlier in the season.. i just hope we can win our next game against fulham coz thats crucial and much needed…it will lift us again if we do and put us back on track for the final push….

  12. costas says:

    Oh yeah,Essien is a big difference.I rate him higher than Lampard.Looks like it might be like last year when we stumbled over the finish line.Let’s hope we have a big cushion to finish first.

  13. StenhousemuirRed says:

    ive had 24hrs to reflect on that performance yesterday and you know what? fuck it let them have there day we cant have it our own way all the time, and they dont need picked up, just a glitch simple as that, back to normal next week

  14. StenhousemuirRed says:

    i agree with costas,im watching essien against the bitters now that was some goal, they have missed him and i think hes pressence back in the team is gonna secure the runners up spot to US

  15. Didsbury_king says:

    i don’t usually agree with the match of the day brigade but they were right to give rooney a pasting yesterday

  16. RED_ARMY says:

    i cant believe ppl are criticizing rooney for his performance yesterday…..he wasnt gettin any service from midfield and from what i saw i think he was working hard… most of the players had an off day yesterday…

  17. costas says:

    Agreed.No one who played on Wednesday played well yesterday.Park and Tev were good because they were fresh.Ando was awful because he is still rusty.

  18. Kent Leong says:

    Totally agree with Red_Army. Rafa is a fuck face. big time

  19. edwin says:

    Im praying that Liverpool drop points. As for Chelsea, Essien will make all the difference. Just like he did today. He’s definately Chelsea’s best central midfielder. And that is not my national bias speaking.

  20. costas says:

    Essien is fantastic.I think right now it’s his enthusiasm carrying him through.And the same goes for HIddink.I think they have been winning games only by a single goal.The funny thing is that these two clubs should be more concerned with each other since they are level on points.

  21. Marq says:

    edwin, you don’t need to pray for Liverpool to drop points, they definitely will

  22. Jake says:

    yeah because that’s not hypocritical didsbury, fuckin plastic idiot

  23. Hakan says:

    I’m confident that United will quickly bounce back, but I’m not sure that I agree with Sir Bobby’s logic that this defeat will ease the pressure. It seems more likely that Liverpool and Chelsea getting closer will increase the pressure.

  24. Red-Manc says:

    Didsbury you hate Rooney in whatever he does, if he does something well you never praise him if he does something bad you slate him to fuck.

    Rooney doesnt score enough goals and has been over hyped, but he gives 100% every game and on his day devastates teams. when Rooney is out of the side we lack that power going forward.

  25. Didsbury_king says:

    well there is no denying that what rooney said was stupid. it could have waited until after the game like gerrard, as much of he is a cunt, did

    when rooney was out of the side our results

    bolton 0-1 man utd
    man utd 4-2 derby
    man utd 2-1 tottenham
    west brom 0-5 man utd
    man utd 1-0 everton
    west ham 0-1 man utd
    derby 1-4 man utd

    18 goals in 7 matches . i would say thats fine
    not as important as made out
    end of

  26. costas says:

    Rooney has been important throughout the years.Last season,most of our games we lost were when he wasn’t playing.The true question is what’s the best partnership.That’s what it comes down to.

  27. markmufc99 says:

    Time to reflect. Every Man United player on that pitch played their worst game of of the season, Carrick, Evra and Vidic especially. Even when we brought on the guys with a bit of manc pride it was too late as Vidic ad gone. Our only ope is drawin those Dippers in the Champs league and puttin em out, and theyre gettin dead cocky bout their chances specially now if they draw ‘Manure’. If we win the prem the dippers will take the gloss off it cos they got 6 (deserved! I HATE, sorry media, to say it) points off us, so we av to win ‘big ears’ more than ever now! Come on United!!!

  28. Kings says:

    person mcdude – yes mate, since we lost by the same score line against QPR in 1992, when Dennis Bailey scored a Hat-Trick!


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