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Chelsea Blame Drogba And Anelka… But Terry Was The One At Fault

The Champions League final. With six minutes remaining in extra time before the penalty shoot out, Carlos Tevez kicked the ball out of play, to return possession to Chelsea. Just before, Joe Cole went down ‘injured’ with Chelsea playing the ball in to touch. From the resultant throw-in, United gave the ball back in the form of a throw-in to Chelsea.

In normal circumstances, players usually would be expected to return possession by keeping the ball in play. However, this game was not played in normal circumstances. It was two teams who have battled it out for the league title against each other for the past few seasons, playing for a trophy both clubs desperately craved; Chelsea to win for the first time, United to honour the Busby Babes 50 years after Munich, as well as boost Sir Alex Ferguson’s winning CV.

In the first half of extra time, United were owed possession after kicking the ball out of play for an injury. Instead of returning the ball to Edwin Van der Sar, Ashley Cole kicked the ball out for a throw-in, leaving Sir Alex Ferguson less than impressed. The ITV commentators called Chelsea out on this bad sportsmanship.

Tevez had obviously been taking note of how this game was to be played, not with the usual decencies, so did to Chelsea exactly what they had done to us. Essentially though, it’s not really a big deal, is it? Kicking the ball out of play for a throw-in? Kicking the ball back to the keeper? It’s not going to make or break the match. Sadly for Chelsea fans, their players didn’t see it that way!

John Terry was lying on the deck when this incident was taking place, Makelele tending to the captain’s cramp. Tevez kicked the ball out of play and Ashley Cole made a remark to the Argentinian, obviously not of a nice nature, because Tevez reacted angrily. Cole carried on jogging past him for the throw in and the situation should have been over.

However, John Terry came wading in, having a go at Tevez for kicking the ball out of play. Tevez, pointing, was clearly reminding Terry of the earlier incident when Chelsea had done exactly the same thing. Terry stepped in close to Tevez, raising both his arms wide.

Seeing their captain having a go, up came the cavalry in support. Michael Ballack was the first to join in, shoving Tevez in the chest with both hands. Then Frank Lampard shoved Tevez in the chest. Terry, realising what he had just started, pushed Lampard away.

Nani then took Tevez’s side, standing between his team mate and John Terry, whilst Tevez walked away. Now not under the guidance of his captain, Lampard went after Tevez again, following him, pointing and shouting.

Then Carvalho came over, pushing Tevez in the chest, who at this point, had calmed down and was not walking towards any of the Chelsea players. Makelele was the only helpful one of the lot, carrying the ball and reasoning with Tevez, who held his arms out, shrugging, clearly as baffled as everyone watching over what the fuss was about.

Meanwhile, another group had formed, all shouting and bunching together. Nemanja Vidic and Didier Drogba were at the centre of it, shouting and wrestling free of each others’ grip. Instead of taking hold of his own player, trying to get Drogba out of trouble, Terry was holding on to Vidic. He took hold of his sleeve and pulled him backwards, then Drogba swiped his hand out at Vidic’s face.

Whilst the incident with Vidic and Drogba was taking place, Lampard was one on one with Tevez, pointing in his face and still shouting.

Michael Ballack was the first player in the book, presumably for running over and shoving Tevez at the start of the incident. The referee then walked over to Drogba, showing his the red card. The striker stood with his hands on his hips, faking surprise and confusion. Then he followed John Terry, who was saying something/spitting at Tevez from behind his sleeve, instead of walking off the field. Tevez was then showed the yellow card as Michael Essien wrapped his arms around Drogba’s waist, holding him back from Tevez.

As Drogba finally walked off the field, he made the effort to go via Vidic. Rio Ferdinand sensibly ran between the two players, facing his own team mate to keep him away from Drogba.

Now, we all know that in his head, John Terry already had one hand on the Champions League trophy as he walked up to take that fifth penalty. ‘Mr Chelsea’, as Frank Lampard calls him, knew that he could be the man to hand Chelsea their first European Cup trophy.

Much has been made of the fact he slipped and that without that slip, Chelsea would be Champions of Europe. It always surprises me that not a lot is made of the fact that without Van der Sar’s slip, following the ball deflecting off two United players, the game would have finished 1-0!

Terry shouldn’t have even been taking a penalty, as it was Drogba who was set to be one of their penalty takers. However, following his red card, Terry was bumped up the list and the responsibility was given to him. Whilst not excusing or validating Drogba’s decision to slap Vidic, as obviously, he got exactly what he deserved for such a petulant and stupid act, once we look back at the events within those two minutes, it’s clear that the situation was created solely because Terry couldn’t keep his mouth shut. Had he just bitten his tongue, allowed the game to continue on, then there would have been no trouble, and most importantly, no red card for Chelsea’s top striker.

As I’ve discussed previously, Terry is far too emotional, and it is that emotion that cost Chelsea the European Cup. Whilst it is admirable to have passion and love for your club, particularly in a day and age when players are such mercenaries, there needs to be some control of these emotions, whether they are anger or tears.

United have lost important games, in Europe and in the Premiership, but our players don’t sit about crying. One argument for this could be that United don’t have players who love our club as much as Terry loves Chelsea. But when you look at the likes of Ryan Giggs, Gary Neville, Paul Scholes and Wes Brown, to name a few, then obviously we can see that argument doesn’t hold any weight. Whilst our players are dedicated to United, they can take hold of their emotions and ensure that they are focussed on the teams’ success, rather than what role they should be playing in this success.

We have seen John Terry crying after losing European Cup semi-finals against Liverpool, after being knocked out of the World Cup quarter-finals and most recently, the European Cup final. What effect does that have on a team, to see their captain in bits after losing any important match?

The passion of Gary Neville has been shown many times over the years, but it was epitomised with his badge showing tribal dance in front of the dippers. This is inspirational to the team, this is a positive show of passion and love for the club.

When John Terry decided to ignite the situation in the European Cup final, marching after Tevez when the incident had already finished, he had no idea what he was starting. On reflection now though, we can see it wasn’t just his penalty miss that aided us in winning the Champions League last season, rather his failure to control himself and his emotions!

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  1. Markus Revolver says:

    wow. chelsea supporters are fucking mongaloids aren’t they.

    Good work Scott, get em fired up. That way when we lift the cup again, they’ll hate us even more.

  2. Red Ranter says:

    Well, well, well. Some angry blues on here. I know these people come through the Chelsea NN section, but if they don’t have much constructive to say why can’t they shut their gob and get going after having seen the copious amount of red that colours this blog?

    Great theme by the way, Scott. Good job Ahmed, if your reading this.

  3. Red Rupert says:

    this might not go down too well with some Reds, but although we and the Dippers have the biggest rivalry in the Prem, I’d rather their club than these whining, cheating cockney coonts. (that goes for l’arse as well) Trouble is, they’re livid because after years of Liverpool domination they’ve got years of United domination and can’t lift a European Cup between em. They get everything handed to em on a plate down there and the one thing they can’t come up with is a decent football club. Both Chav$ and arse players’ behaviour has reached lows not seen since the Leeds of the 70s. We all have our moments but arse have probably the worse disciplinary record in history and now this lot, having got Rockerfeller in to buy em trophies won’t stop at kidnapping players signed by other clubs (Obi whatever his name is) or threatening referes with their lives, causing them to quit the game. Scum. Dippers fans might not be my cup of tea but both their club and ours have never stooped to those depths. Yes, we all have our moments as I’m sure I’m about to be reminded, but Jeez, you leave us for dead with your consistency. Slimey cockney twatz.

  4. Craig Mc says:

    Red Ranter – LOL, you keep telling those GOBS to zip it up mate. Well until like you say, they have something constructive and worth saying. Are you still dishing out the tranquillisers on your blog by the way. Post a bit more on here won’t you RR?.

  5. Stephen says:

    Chelsea you got to love them with their JT, Lamps, Chelse, ah small club trophyless season.

  6. Peter says:

    Well that stirred up the ranks. And you call us angry! God knows what you’d be like if you actually lost the game! Bless.

    Anyway, few comments.

    Frank Dobermann – ‘Dear Rent Boys: You couldn’t even sell your tickets for the biggest game in your history……your poxy song should have gone “fuck your history, we couldn’t be bothered going to Moscow”

    I think Chelsea sold out before United actually. But don’t let that spoil your little joke.

    DrewVed – you read my comment a few times and still didn’t understand it. When I mentioned United players arguing among themselves, I was talking about the game at Stamford Bridge (when Terry, on at least two occasions, stopped United players getting into big trouble). And it was quite funny, undeniably.

    CraigMc – Joe Cole is a right little diver, but I wish to god he’d gone down when Rio’s tackle nearly took his ear off right at the end. A second yellow then with us on top would have made extra time very interesting! So it goes.

    Oh, and Terry didn’t spit. Unless it was a) invisible; b) so dry that Tevez didn’t even look at his hand after he touched his neck (which was actually where the ref’s whistle strap hit him); c; so slow it took a few seconds to hit Tevez, so slow was his reaction. I think he may have said some naughty words, though. Shocking I’m sure to such a pure hearted innocent moralist as yourself.

    Anyway, I’m looking forward to Scott’s next piece about Chelsea, which I’m sure won’t be too long away given his eye-popping obsession. (Must be a plastic cockney red, why would a real Manc even care?)

    Great to see you all so interested in our little club and good luck next season, I’m sure it’s going to be fun.

  7. Scott the Red says:

    1. Born and bred in South Manchester, if you must know, but dispute the claim that cockney reds are ‘plastic’. We’ve had a massive following from those parts since the 70s and it certainly wasn’t the glory that was attracted them back then!
    2. United played Chelsea in the European Cup final and upon reviewing a clip from this match, I see that ‘Mr Chelsea’ aided us greatly in winning the match. You call that Chelsea obsession, I call it a healthy interest in my own club. Had JT gifted a European Cup win to a team other than United and I took time to write about it, then your claims would have some weight.
    3. If you did sell all your tickets, that is brilliant news. Will make a nice change for a United vs Chelsea match, with the empty seats we usually have at Old Trafford where your lot are sitting. Funny how your fans (I won’t call them plastics eh?) can find the motivation to travel to Moscow but not to Manchester.
    4. Am I a pure moralist? Certainly not. Racist? Again, certainly not. Ask that “Argie cunt” what JT said to him… oops, did I give it away?

  8. olusanjo says:

    please cant we man united supporters just have some privacy? cant we enjoy our blog? cant we post whatever we like to please ourselves? cant we have some freedom to have some laughs at the scousers, dippers, rentboys, bitters and gooners? cant we just be free to do whatever we like? cant we? cant we? cant we????????? where is the freedom of speech? freedom to privacy? freedom to be happy doing the double over the rent boys?
    1. this is manchester united blog.
    2. we can say whatever we like to whoever we want.
    3. rentboys, scoussers and gooners PLEASE get outta here.
    4. man united won two trophies.
    5. chelsea went trophyless to prove their ”small club” syndrome.
    6. scott, you are the man.
    7. man united till i die!
    8. peace out!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Peter says:

    Scott, who on earth called you racist? What a bizarre statement. We always sell out OT as well (I know, cos I’ve missed out on tickets the last two seasons), so again, strange comment, and one not entirely rooted in reality. And three Chelsea articles inside a week suggests you do have a healthy interest in our small club. As I say, nice to see, and am more than happy to help you ensure you get your facts straight in future. All the best.

  10. Scott the Red says:

    Lol read between the lines Peter, stop being so simple re: racism, John Terry and the “Argie cunt”.

    Last season you took up full allocation (to mourn the not-so-special-one I imagine), but the seasons before there have been empty seats on numerous occasions, because we sang about. I remember particularly the match when we gave you the Guard of Honour, it was shocking to see how many of your fans couldn’t be arsed to make the journey. “Sell all your tickets, you couldn’t sell all your tickets…”

    Take a look at yourself, you can’t stop posting comments on a United blog, and you think you’re in a position to call others obsessed with other teams? Classic. Toodle oo Pete.

  11. Stephen says:

    Peter you can’t tell me you you sell out very week because you don’t, oh well done for taking up your allocation @ OT, most clubs do by the way.

  12. Peter says:

    Stephen, think we sold out every game except one in the Champions League, which was a really terrible attendence. I only mentioned OT cos Scott seemed to be in possession of inaccurate information regarding the fixture.

    Scott, I don’t care what you think Terry said to Tevez. Does it really upset you that much? Honestly? Speaking of which, I was at that OT guard of honour game and we sold out, def.

    Can’t remember your songs, but the funniest thing that day was United’s lap of honour in front of about 15,000 home fans – the rest did a runner long before the end.

    And do I have to – again! – explain the difference between me, a Chelsea fan, talking about Chelsea and you, a United fan, talking about Chelsea? It’s not that complicated mate.

  13. Craig Mc says:

    Peter, you really are “Numb Nuts” aren’t you?. Lucky we don’t charge people for excursions to this blog, because you would be so much out of pocket. Scott you should give him a season ticket, he is the only Chelsea fan who is never away from this United Forum. Then the Chelsea forums/blogs are probably as BORING as their shit football, so can’t blame him for wanting to migrate over here!.

    Pure hearted innocent moralist?. Well you got the INNOCENT right lol!.

    Seeing as Chelsea management and players are obsessed with United, it is little wonder that articles are written here is it?. Your “little club” renown, has got Peter Kenyon (fully payed up Man Utd supporter from Stalybridge ffs), panicking and running around like someone with a RED hot poker up his arse, trying to get you some kind of world recognition. He knows he is the next one out of the Bridge, if he fails to get you amongst the world’s top clubs. Ambramovich can buy everything but class. As the world’s media recognised CLASS when Bobby Charlton went up and refused to accept a medal around his neck, and Peter (Stalybridge) sell his mother for a few bob Kenyon, grabbed his UNEARNED medal and displayed it to the ridicule of the British and world press core. How he was denounced for that single class-less act, Bobby Charlton was lauded as he should be.

    Anyway, do keep coming won’t you Peter, because United blogs are vibrant and full of life. You can be sure we will keep the articles coming. You are a sad delusionist though, if you think that we only ever write about Chelsea. Don’t you think we get the same response from articles posted about Spurs, Arsenal and the Hammers and Scousers?. Their fans love to migrate over here too. Thing is, what you fail to see Peter, is that the articles are all United connected. Just as this whole article was about how Terry gifted us the CL cup through his uncontrolled emotional outbursts. I’ll leave you with this, WE ARE THE CHAMPIONS, PL AND EUROPE – ENJOY!.

  14. Stephen says:

    Peter your average gate in 1998 was 33,387 and now is 41,397, who are now the new glory boys?

  15. Craig Mc says:

    To all you Chelsea critics, gobbing about ‘Salt of the earth’ Southern United fans. These Southern fans probably attend more Man Utd games, than Chelski fans to this blog attend your clubs games.

    And NO, I am not a Southern Red, I am an out and out PROUD Salford Red. But I am still at one with all fans who love United, wherever they are from.

  16. Kilhar says:

    1) All United captains since I was born have had their pride. They always leave the field with dignity. They may have wrecked the dressing room afterwards but not embarrassed themselves in public. And don’t tell me that they didn’t care. Mandela example was spot on.

    2) The amount someone is hated doesn’t count. Otherwise the best player in EPL is Joey Barton.

    3) You seriously have to admit you’re wrong when Liverpool fans defend us. Tevez probably acted to feel the spit in his neck. Oh dear.

  17. UnitedRay says:

    Lol at the joey barton one. I dun hate him btw, i think he is sad case.

  18. Peter says:

    Stephen, in 1998 we didn’t have a West Stand so our capacity was about 7,000 smaller. Again, I fail to see what this has to do with anything Scott posted originally. If you really wanted to have a pop, you could have looked at our average gate in 1991. Or 1981! Now that really was shocking.

    CraigMc, you little charmer, the Chelsea blogs I read are actually a lot like this one – full of people talking about Chelsea! I mean, you certainly wouldn’t find us posting three articles in a week about United in the middle of the summer, because, well, that would be a trifle sad, don’t you think?

    And congratulations on being Champions of Europe, as I’ve said before I see no shame in being only the second best team in Europe. It’s more than I ever could have dreamed of 15 years ago and then lends a supporter a certain sense of perspective that seems to be lacking from the average United fan.

    Anyway, this has all been a very good example of why you lot should probably stick to talking about United, which I’m sure you a lot about (a lot more than me anyway, who couldn’t give two fucks): every time you say something about Chelsea you get it completely wrong and I have to come on and embarrass you in front of your friends. Now, that’s not particularly difficult and doesn’t take up much of my time, but I’m sure yours could be spent more wisely.

  19. Peter says:

    Oh, and Craig, I never criticised United’s non-manc support – I think it’s strange following a team 300 miles away, but each to their own – I just questioned whether Scott was a cockney given his obvious fascination with London clubs.

    Kilhar – come now, Robson, Keane, RIo have all had their moments on the pitch. Great players one and all but it happens. Terry can be a total twat, but he’s hardly unique.

    And I don’t think Tevez was acting, the whistle strap really did hit his neck, you can see it clear as day (unlike the spit, which is completely invisible). Also, the ref was looking right at Tevez when it happened, do you really think he wouldn’t have noticed if Tevez was covered in gob? And finally, if somebody gobbed at you, the first thing you would do after touching the spot is look at the evidence on your hand surely. Doesn’t happen here. Nobody spat at anybody, as UEFA and the referee have since confirmed.

    Right, now I really will say goodbye. Don’t say anything nasty behind my back lads, it wouldn’t be nice!

  20. The GUN says:

    Chelsea is the biggest cheats in the history of sports. while other teams patiently build a club through hard work, they . what spend millions of money from a billionaire sugar daddy.same would hapen if bill gates buys even a team like Derby county

  21. Ryan says:

    Hey Peter, get over yourself, United won the double and Chelsea won nothing – live with it…

  22. cgl038 says:

    Hey, scott,

    why dont you post a article on how fucksea cunts keep visiting other club’s sites and when realize the truth about their crying captains and poopy players, comes up with some really stupid comments… that would be fun to read and again when they will comment on that (believe me they will) the more stupidity we will see of them…


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