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Chelsea Boy Clearly Wants United Move

Chelsea fans will begrudgingly admit that Joe Cole has been shit for them since returning from injury. The winger that has always had to prove himself has been obviously frustrated by his lack of opportunities under Carlo Ancelotti and this has been reflected by his performances on the pitch.

I spoke to The Chelsea Blog ahead of Saturday’s game and they were worried by Cole’s lack of effort.

“The player who has surprised me most is Joe Cole,” they said. “I just can’t work out what’s happened to him. He’s always been a player who has had to prove himself season after season and he’s never truly been appreciated at Chelsea as far as I’m concerned. Having said that, no matter what’s going on behind the scenes, he has always produced the goods on the pitch. This season though, it just hasn’t been happening for him and together with the lack of a contract, that worries me a lot.”

Cole always said he would never bring his contract negotiations in to the press, the way “Chelsea legends” John Terry and Frank Lampard did, to squeeze more money out of the club they “love”. Maybe he was naive but he genuinely seemed to believe that football was more than just about money. Sadly for him, he is playing at the wrong club. Money is everything at CFC and after Cole’s poor season, the club aren’t interested in rewarding loyalty (that is something the club is interested in after the player threats to play football elsewhere) and have offered him a poor deal. He is 28-years-old and looking to sign the last big contract of his career but his club aren’t too bothered.

“I’ve never spoken publicly about contracts before,” Cole said at the beginning of March. “I don’t think contracts should really be discussed mid-season. I have always signed mine in the summer in the past. But this time it’s different. We can’t seem to find common ground and it’s distracting. At the moment there is no offer on the table, so I know where I stand.”

Cole has been heavily linked with a move to United, with Sir Alex Ferguson named as a long term suitor of the attacking midfielder. We wouldn’t offer him the money he wants from Chelsea, but we would offer him the opportunity to play for one of the biggest clubs in the world, under the best manager in the world, alongside some of the best players in the world. Whatever his feelings for Chelsea, he would be mad not to consider a future at United, regardless of what we offered him in weekly wages.

After a poor season for Chelsea, it comes as no surprise that he would have the game of his life against United. Just as our players recommended Eric Cantona to Ferguson after we played Leeds, and they did the same for Cristiano Ronaldo, I’m sure our lads will have a thing or two to say about Cole after his good performance today.

Is it really a coincidence that he’s been poor all season for Chelsea, where they’ve offered him little respect in terms of a contract, only to play out of his skin at Old Trafford in front of Sir Alex Ferguson? I don’t think so.

Ditch that godawful sweatband, Joe, and we’ll happily welcome you at United.

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Scott is the editor of Red Matters - 50 Years of Supporting Manchester United and an author of Play Like Fergie's Boys and Not Nineteen Forever. He writes for ESPN, The Metro and Bleacher Report. Follow @R_o_M on Twitter.

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  1. redscot says:

    @KevKev lol that was not taking the piss bye the way, i just thought you covered every angle.
    As for the Church I would put up a prayer for United but I have enough Sins of my own to ask forgiveness for. Pmsl

  2. Chloe says:

    I’ve always been a fan of Joe Cole, since he played for West Ham, not really sure if I’d want him playing for my club though. He was pretty decent at West Ham, plenty of potential, good attitude, came across well. Now he’s just another whiny little brat who never got the chance to fulfill his real potential. Could he go to greater heights that at Old Trafford? Maybe. If United can take chances on people like Nani, Anderson and the Da Silva twins, I guess why not on someone who’s experienced and has proved he can play in England?

  3. maci says:

    What is wrong with u scott?? This is the second time you have written about joe cole! Get over yourself! He’ll never come to united and we dont need him! Why dont u write about james milner or david silva instead! To me, those seem more realistic. Imagine how those chelsea pricks are having a laugh at this pointless piece of writing. What a joke! U should be talking about how much you actually hate the man instead of telling everyone how he’s gonna sign for united! Cmon scott lets get real here!

  4. groovetube says:

    If you’re a Chelsea fan and you have come on here bad-mouthing Joe Cole you are short sighted and should feel ashamed of yourself. If you look at Joe Cole as a player since he joined Chelsea then his contribution has been fantastic. Those who are judging him solely on his contribution this season are idiots. He is coming back from a serious injury for Christ’s sake! He is the closest thing we have to Zola, and do you really want to sell him to Manchester United? How would you feel about Joe Cole strutting his stuff at the Bridge dressed in red, white and black? They say that football fans are fickle, but my god, I feel embarassed to appear in the same column inches as those who willingly berate Joe Cole. Listen Joe mate, if you’re reading this then please don’t take offence at the comments of these people – they really do not know what they are saying and they have been tainted by tabloid talk.

  5. Devil310 says:

    The only reason for COLE to move to UNITED would be with a guarantee of first 11 football or match the wages he’s reguestion….and honestly, we cant offer either.

    Personally, I like the guy, but to be realistic he will most likely sign with Chelsea when the season is done. I wouldn’t mind signing another winger, specially someone to take over the left side, but remember we have OBERTAN coming up, so signing COLE, considering all the wingers we have, it would be unreasonable.

    We need a CENTRAL ATTACKING MIDFIELDER. A winger is the least of our troubles.

  6. brisbanefan says:

    UTD don’t need Cole.
    As a player he never achieved the potential he showed as a teenager.
    UTD do need a creative player in MF – so do Chelsea if it comes to that – but Cole is not that player.
    Scholes is rapidly disappearing over the horizon whilst Carrick flops in big games. But I’m sure Fergie will sign the right player.

  7. Giggsy's right foot says:

    Can you people please stop talking about Obertan as a viable option for us, nevermind a potential “world class winger” until he actually shows us anything to support this belief. The few opportunities he has gotten he has been underwhelming to put it mildly, and there is a reason he hasn’t played since the Leeds game I believe? He isn’t good enough at the moment, and hasn’t shown anything to suggest he ever will be.

  8. Fred says:

    Well said, Giggsy’s. Fergie has obviously seen enough to conclude that Obertan is not United quality. File under “Zoran Tosic” (another one who some fans on here can’t seem to let go of.)

  9. Datnana says:

    Liked the fire our young subs brought to the game, but scholes is not past it like u think.just that almost half of first 11 have a problem playing in the sun.chelsea can’t play us in a cooler evening.such weather favours the ginger man and all is a true factor. Cole though without spending much on him as a utd player wil be good business.

  10. GTULL says:

    I dunno about Joe Cole, he’s always been one of those ‘nearly-men’. There have been moments in his career when he’s been simply stunning to watch but it’s only ever been ‘moments’,

    There’s no doubt that United need to get the cheque book out this summer and stregthen certain areas of the squad but if we don’t, and the best we get are a couple of cheap unknowns and a questionable free-transfer then, well… we won’t be too happy… lol

  11. King Eric says:

    Fred – If I were you I wouldn’t discount Tosic just yet mate. He has been loaned out for a reason and not just dumped in the reserves.

  12. willierednut says:

    Come on Joe, join a big club mate.

  13. Fred says:

    @King Eric – Giuseppe Rossi, Chris Eagles, Lee Martin, Fraizer Campbell to name just a few who were loaned out. It means nothing. Fergal is probably hoping Tosic does the business for Koln and they stump up the money to take him off our hands.

  14. maci says:

    Chelsea manager Carlo Ancelotti says that midfielder Joe Cole will “definitely” sign a new contract at Stamford Bridge.
    please dont ever bring this up again scott!


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