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Chelsea Fail In Attempt To Sign Rafael

The National is reporting that Chelsea are keen to sign Rafael da Silva and put in an enquiry about his availability last week.

Rafael lost his place in the starting XI after a disappointing performance against Everton in that costly 4-4 draw with Everton towards the end of the season.

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  1. Vidic says:

    Haaaa Fail !

  2. Albert Ross says:

    Ra! fail!

  3. Fred says:

    I’d swap him for Ramires or Mata if they’re interested. Come to think of it, I’d swap our entire team for Eva Carneiro.

  4. Dan says:

    LOL! As if I’d believe anything published in that rag.

  5. jesmonta says:

    Can anyone confirm the Nick powell transfer to Man Utd ?

  6. Fred says:

    Only God know.

  7. Kings says:

    Fuck off you rent boy cunts

  8. iDon says:

    exchange with bosingwa

  9. Bluebrain says:

    Rafael? Good God no! Be fair, United have many players better than him, he can sometimes play ok if he raises his game but he’s nowhere near the class of any of the other first teamers. Seriously, and I mean no disrespect to the guy (or your club) why would any Premiership club be interested in him?

  10. Costas says:

    Why? They have Bosingwa…

  11. MG says:

    You can have Bebe Chelsea


  12. WillieRedNut says:

    Roman offered Torres and Bosingwa for Rafael, which caused Fergie’s nose bleed.

  13. ssj4gogeta says:


  14. Robert S says:

    I’d really like to know why Rafael was dropped after the Everton match. Yes, it was a bad performance – but it was his first in about 10 matches! If we want to score goals (and we are United, and therefore want to score goals!) he’s a way better option at RB than Jones! He should have played in the derby …

  15. Albert Ross says:

    Bluebrain – thanks for asking. Generally the educated and sensible United fans on RoM consider Rafael to be our best RB, and worthy of a start every week. He hasn’t let us down like he initially did with discipline issues. Also, he has been mostly available, where our main concern had been his frequent injuries.

    ps – Picked yesterday for Brazil, which is a reasonable reference, surely?

  16. xol says:

    If I remember rightly, Rafael had a cheeky dig at Chelski in an interview once, talking about when he and Fab joined us, saying they’d shown an interest. Think it was the interview where he mentioned their first visit to an Old Trafford game (7-1 against Roma).

  17. Ak says:

    The reasOn he’s getting stick is due to his inability to learn from his mistakes.

    A) over committing into tackles.
    B) pulling back an attacker instinctively even when there is no need.
    C) lazy defending. His behaviour on Athletic’s 3rd goal was not fitting of a professional behaviour let alone a man utd player.

    He then went on to repeat this behaviour against Everton which ended up costing us the title.

    In my opinion I’d go and buy a right back as I’m not keen on Jones n Smalling playing there as I feel they need to ply their trade at centre half whilst Rio is still around so they can learn from England’s best ever centre back

  18. feedthatllama says:

    Rafael will be class. He’s still so young, be patient and let him bloom in to the world class RB that he’ll be.

  19. magga says:

    I’d deffo swap him for Ramires to fix our MF problem and buy Danny Alves who I heard is leavin Barca

  20. parryheid says:

    Stay of the drink it affects your judgement.

  21. eddieTheRed says:

    I’m not giving up on Rafael yet; he’s daft and impetuous but I was even worse at that age! He just needs to grow up a bit and start taking himself a bit more seriously. I’m more concerned about his brother Fabio who seems to be going around in circles.

  22. parryheid says:

    We would be well advised to stop fucking about with Rafael our 21year old Brazillian full international or it could rebound badly on us.

  23. Alking says:

    mention any 5 rbs better than Rafael in the premiership now… does anyone remember Fabio’s performance against Barcelona? these boys can be really great if Fergie will handle them patiently and not choose inferior British lads over them. Smalling is a great cb, still undecided on Jones since his role is still not clear cos David Luiz now appears sounder @ cb than Jones does…ticking time bomb. Petrucci will be the next big thing-under the radar, and Tunnicliffe too. Cheers!

  24. Alking says:

    @Parryheid. thanks mate, feel the same way

  25. mara says:

    I think that, accept Danny, lot of our young players didnt show that they are serious subs for older players. so WE HAVE TO BUY, WE HAVE TO BUY BIG :-)

  26. Saad says:

    I dont have a problem with Rafa over-committing on tackles. That’s his passion and I like it. He’s compensated that with better timing and so he got fewer cards this season.

    I dont think he’s lazy. But he does switch off in inopportune moments. He needs to improve his concentration. Surely that’ll improve with experience. There’s reason to hope after all: in previous seasons, everytime he was on the field, he was dead certain to get a card in the first half thereby making him a liability in the second half. He’s greatly reduced that this season.

    In short, Rafa’s still our best RB….miles better than Jones.

  27. LexxytheRed says:

    Good Lord.. Rafael just needs to calm down and read the game rather than going for rash challenges and losing focus and concentration in my opinion

  28. Kace Kun says:

    Rafael is our best right back in the club & no rational Utd fan should debate about that.He was GNev’s understudy for over 2 years.He’s more attacking than other RB alternative in Utd.I don’t see what ppl mean by saying he’s rash in tackles,lazy and has poor positioning…He is just 22(or 21)!!!hw many world class RBs in the world have/had peaked in their early 20s?how many?Carlos?Cafu?Alvez?heck even our GNev started giving assured performances in his mid/late stages of his career.
    Now to Rafa’s flaws…He has markedly improved in his ‘rash tackling’ since his red card in the Bayern Q/F 2 yrs ago.His timing of those tackles has improved as can be seen from the reduced no of red cards & yellows(avnt double checked but cant remember when last he got a red card).His timing of those tackles too has improved(you need no stat for that just plain watching).But one can still see signs of his naivety and ‘rashness’ which is why when they(the twins) were signed they were referred to as ‘a bunch of terrier dogs’ and I know Fergie is the right man to check that trait.
    I also don’t think he’s lazy just that he switches off alot in games(Bilbao & Everton games).As I said he’s still young & he will learn.Also noticed that these concentration lapses usually occur in the later stages of a match & this might be occurring due to his fitness(just speculating here).
    And about the positional ish, majority of defenders in the world still make positional errors(eg in the Everton game,Evra was caught out for at least 2goals).I also think being a full back is more technically difficult than being a CB in the sense that a player has to know how to strike a balance b/w attack and defence….referring back to my central theme:HE IS YOUNG AND WILL IMPROVE/LEARN
    He felt responsible for Utd’s UCL exit in ’10 and improved his game & there’s no way he wouldn’t want to improve after losing the title in such a way that he felt partly responsible for!
    SUMMARY:Utd should keep the lad.Fergie should not sign another RB.It’s better we have a RB we have groomed in the Utd way.He should also be the 1st choice RB next season and we have suitable cover in Smalls,Jones and Ecuador!

  29. No.7 says:

    Rafael is way better than Jones. Phil Jones better realize he is a RB, not winger. Quality of his crosses is also not as good as Rafael.

  30. Nesh says:

    Anybody with half reasoning capability will know that Rafael is our best right back and am sure if he gets enough games next season he will be the best full back in the world in no time. The best attacking games we have played this season is when Rafael has played, I like Jones but he lacks the natural full back instincts though he can always do a decent job there.
    We should put our trust in the boy Rafael he is almost there.

  31. mocthezuma says:

    Never going to happen!

  32. Nesh says:

    @ kace kun you right on point mate

  33. Gopher Brown says:

    Easy solution – tell them we’ll loan them Rafael for a season and send Fabio down instead. They’ll never know.

  34. JP7 says:

    Rafael is the best young rightback in the world at the moment. Has his whole future ahead of him and will be great. He has defended well against a number of good wingers. Had an on form welsh chimp bale in his pocket a number of times!

  35. Dike steven says:

    If gold rust, what ‘ll happen to iron? For me, Rapheal is the best right back in EPL. Involve him in all game.

  36. Tanzania is united says:

    Brazilian nevilles are red are red are red

  37. ak47 says:

    what rafael did agains Athletic WAS lazy. He switched off but then failed to even respond once he realised the error of his ways.

    I believe laziness and interchangeable.

    I think he’s suffered from not plying his trade as a regular out on loan. These things can only be improved by playing football

  38. Daniel says:

    cheeky chelsea

    rafael has been unlucky to be dropped this season especially after the liverpool game where he was magnificent and subbed
    rafael has quit jumping into tackles for the most part
    … but
    we have been stupid with him we keep dropping him when he makes a mistake
    hes a young fullback mistakes are gonna happen we need to play him and get them out of him
    the way its goin the lad will be 22 and still making the same mistakes because he doesn’t play

  39. parryheid says:


    Your wrong we don’t drop him when he makes a mistake,we drop him for the mistakes Evra makes.

  40. brett1985 says:

    Robert S:

    He was dropped after the Everton match because he was at fault for 3 of their goals and cannot defend whatsoever.

  41. Albert Ross says:


    How terrible for you, so sorry to hear of your plight.

    25 years supporting a Club that starts full-backs that cannot defend whatsoever.
    Perhaps you need a club with intelligent managership and team selection?

    Actually, Rafael can and does defend well.
    Well enough to start for United, and to to play for Brazil.

    You don’t think he can’t defend, that was merely a lie to add impact to your view.
    Perhaps you feel his defensive work needs improvement. Lying about him won’t achieve that.

  42. RedBorneo says:

    Bring Kyle Walker be a our right back ..! and Rafael be a left back..!

  43. brett1985 says:


    Unsurprisingly I’ve lost you on the first line. My plight?

    I’ve seen many great full backs in my time. Enough to know that Rafael is a hopeless defender.

    Here’s a tip. Expect blind fanatical support at the stadium but don’t expect us to tell lies when having an open and honest discussion on a blog which in all likelihood a young brazilian full back will not be reading.

    You don’t have to tell fibs here.

  44. elliott says:

    The lads showing real promise in my opinion. He does make the odd mistake, but it’d be a real shame to get rid of him at this stage in his development. He’s not the only player that can play in that position, and next year he will have a real opportunity to show us that place should be his.

    Its good to have someone that has a big of fight in him for when we play liverpool etc too!

  45. Dovers says:

    I remember the way he handled Ronaldinho 2years ago @ our Old Trafford.#fondmemories

  46. tom c says:

    raf > brett


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