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Chelsea manager is being ethical??

Every time Jose Mourinho answers a question on Wayne Rooney he is keen to stress the club is behaving in an “ethical” way. Having already been fined for tapping up Rooney’s pal Ashley Cole and the striker having been pictured playing golf down the road from Chelsea’s training ground, maybe the manager is worried that people may assume Paul Stretford is up to his usual tricks.

“He’s a little bit like me: he doesn’t need one more pound in his contract,” Mourinho said in his first press conference as Chelsea manager. “Be happy. Where will he find more happiness? I like him as a boy. I wish him well and hope he is happy.”

The following month, before any bids were placed, Mourinho talked about his feelings on Rooney again.

“From an ethical point of view I can’t talk about players from other teams. But it is not my character to speak with hypocrisy, I always tell what I see – he’s a player that I like very much. I like him very much, but he’s a Manchester United player.”

A few days later, Chelsea put in a bid of £20m to sign Rooney.

“Chelsea is interested in the player [Rooney],” he said. “Chelsea made an official bid. What we did we did do officially, between our club and Man United, and we have nothing more to say about it. You have to respect Man United and you have to be ethical in this process. So no more problems. So from now, I don’t say one more word about Wayne Rooney because you all know we want him, and not one more word about this situation. We made a bid and now it’s up to Man United. We did what we had to do in a proper way, in an ethical way, and we’re happy with our behaviour. It was clean.”

Having put a second bid in for the striker, this time worth £25m, Mourinho refused to name Rooney, but again emphasised how “ethical” the behaviour of the club was.

“I don’t think it’s ethical that I name a player that belongs to another club … but if we have to make the bid we will do it in an ethical way, not like some clubs. We don’t speak to players, we speak to clubs. We don’t do what many clubs do and go around and try to influence players to behave in a certain way. We go direct to the club in a correct manner and we are going to try to do that until the last day of the window.”

United are not prepared to sell one of their better players to a title rival but still Chelsea have not given up.

With the two teams set to meet on Monday, Mourinho again insists that Chelsea are behaving in an “ethical” way, before confirming they will be making a third bid for the striker.

“I don’t want Chelsea to do it before we go there. I think this period, by the ethical point of view, is a period where we’re going to be quiet.”

Ethical? How is it ethical to unsettle a player before one of the biggest games of the season by suggesting that Rooney could score against his future club. Of course, we are lead to believe Rooney won’t be playing for Chelsea any time soon, but someone still should hand Mourinho a dictionary for him to look up the meaning of his new favourite word.

Managers will talk about other teams’ players, whether the fans like it or not. Chelsea have put in two bids for Rooney so it stands to reason every journalist is going to ask him about it, so you can’t really begrudge him for talking about it. But Mourinho’s hypocrisy, in claiming to be ethical, only to do everything he can to unsettle the player, is a joke.

The ethical one? No way, Jose.

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  1. Diego says:

    So, attacking midfielder at Chelsea this season:
    Willian, Mata, Hazard, De Bruyne, Oscar, Schürrle, Van Ginkel, Moses and Lampard
    I don’t even…

  2. soccerman says:

    @ Ash
    And cleverley was a regular at first last season but fergie realised he wasn’t cut out for it so decided to play a centreback,a 40 year old left winger and a striker in central midfield rather than the brilliant Tom Cleverley.

  3. samuel - united WE stand says:

    Costas – Exactly. I think every season and with every success or not, the teams behind are trying to catch united, the league gets stronger and the club must be alert to this movement, finishing 11 points and relaxing would see us taught a lesson. I think this central midfield issue has gone on too long, it is clear and the longer it isn’t addressed, the more the issue enhances.

    As you say regarding carrick, I think it’s unfair to place all pressure on him to glue the central area, united would be fortunate if he avoids injuries and keeps his form, I think the worry that his performances may drop as only more competition drives your game on. We’ll see.

  4. dannysoya LOVES USAIN BOLT says:

    if we can’t get a midfielder in then we might as well promote Powell and get him in the midfield rotation for the league games starting from now. Everytime I watch him he is so composed on the ball. The west brom U 21 game going on right now is not different.

  5. Ash says:


    I knew you wont read my comment properly so I am willing to take the effort of mine and present it you as your only goal is to bash Clev no matter what. Here take a look

    AUGUST 22, 2013 AT 18:16
    Ash says:
    Fletcher Became strong because he used to play regularly. I remember people Bashing him in 07-08 season. He was 23 back then. He came to his own in 24. You know what Fletch had played more than 150 games when going to his best season in 07-08 season. Tom needs to be given chance. He has just recently turned 24 so he still has to reach his peak. Who knows Cleverly could really come into his own when he is 27-28. Some players develope late especially midfielders. Look at Carrick, Look at Xavi, Look at Iniesta. They all became better with the Age. We need to give chance otherwise player cannot reach his full potential. You dont become great in 1 or 2 seasons. Cleverly needs atleast another 2 seasons before we can pass judgment on him. I am glad that you guys are not managers of United.

    I never said Xavi and Inesta were poor when they were young and I never mentioned the age of Xavi or Iniesta, ALL I said was midfielders become better with as they grow older. It depends from player to player like inesta became a star at 24 because he was playing regularly from 19-20. Same with Fletcher. Look at Tom, he got injured in his first season then last season he played 30 odd games so he still has not got one full season to prove himself. He has become stronger from last season. Remove the wrong notion that players cannot improve after 24.
    Its your opinion when you say Clev has got no vision, Technique, Skill etc etc. coz if that was the case the Sir Alex would have been the first manager to sell of him. He did that with Eagles, Brady, Richardson etc so why cant he do with Tom. Why would Moyes Select him, now dont say you know more than the Staffs and managers. Cleverly has not reached his full potential and like I said midfielders develope as tehy grow older. I am not saying Tom will become Xavi or Iniesta or Carrick, he may not but to write him off now is pure stupidity.Period

  6. The One says:

    Diego, I’m certain chel$ki will have to sell at some point….no way they’re going to be able to keep all of them happy, even without lampard. Besides, the wage bill will be an additional pressure to sell.

  7. AlphaRS says:

    Hello Mate. That is why I didn’t say United won the league at a canter last season because Chelsea and most definitely City underperformed. United need to be improving the squad with shrewd signings all the time with the unlimited oil money from Russia and Qatar. I do however think it’s fair to say that United have not had the best squad with the most best players for a few seasons now but SAF has worked wonders with his experience and the experience of the senior members of the squad. Perhaps having the best squad is not so important. I still think that if United do not improve the squad it will be more difficult for United to win the league but we will still be there or there abouts.
    What confuses me though is this going in for Felaini after United could have got him for £23,000,000 odd. Now Everton will be wanting more since that clause in his contract has lapsed which means to me he was never first choice. Now because other signings have failed he is. This is a problem when publicly declaring interest in Fabregas and gives a bad impression to any player we are interested in after that.

    Hello Mate. Moyes will need some time for sure but how involved was Woodward in any previous transfer dealings that went on? For all the criticism that Gill took he still delivered and if he couldn’t deliver a particular player there was always a Plan B.
    Woodward will be ultimately judged on his ability to bring in players no matter how he does it. But getting ripped off is something that also needs to be avoided. Clubs always seem to want ridiculous money when they find out United are interested. Adding £10,000,000 wouldn’t surprise me. Perhaps Gill’s job was made slightly easier with players wanting to come to United to work under SAF which may have swayed some players who were sitting on the fence. Woodward can’t be haggling over a couple of million though and miss out on closing a deal.

  8. Ash says:

    AUGUST 23, 2013 AT 15:31
    soccerman says:
    @ Ash
    And cleverley was a regular at first last season but fergie realised he wasn’t cut out for it so decided to play a centreback,a 40 year old left winger and a striker in central midfield rather than the brilliant Tom Cleverley.

    Another Poor Point made by you. Clev started almost all the important games, City Away, LiverPool Home, Chelsea Away, Realmadrid Home, Liverpool Away, Spurs Away, Chelsea (FA cups both matches), Arsenal Home, Everton Home and away. So if clev was that shit he wont have been selected. Later on he was injured so couldnt feature that much but he performed quite good in majority of big games. So your argument against is wrong

  9. Ruudisgod says:

    I take back what i said, that was the headline I saw on the Sky Sports News breaking news bar… it seems that statement is in no way a reflection of the tone of his interview.

    Shame on me for believing the media not to have put a negative spin on Utd related news.

  10. Diego says:

    glory Glory Holy Trin:
    That’s mental. But Real are prepared to go to insane amounts of money to get their man I guess. I think I’m getting the popcorn while I see what kind of domino effect this singing will start.

  11. Wakey says:

    You need no football knowledge to negotiate football deals and Football agents are no tougher to negotiate with than the people he would be dealing with in the business world.

    And I seriously can’t believe you seem to be suggesting he should be doing the City, Chelsea or Liverpool route and going ‘oh he is worth 10mill but I tell you what here’s 30mill’

    Actually Fergie didn’t realise anything of the sort. Cleverly burnt as he didnt really get a break in the Summer or an actual pre season due to international commitments and then played alot of football for us at the start of the season

    I would imagine its either the case that we were getting positive sounds from Barca over Cesc or they felt that they could actually get Fellani for less than the £23mill once the clause expired. I could see Everton sacrificing Fellani if it means keeping Baines so they may be right.

  12. Denton Davey says:

    Ash @ 15:07: “Clev was quite decent enough against Swansea.”

    You are, of course, quite correct – YoungTom was “decent enough” BUT hardly scintillating. In fact, “decent enough” also covers a guy like James Milner.

    I’m not into bashing YoungTom but I do think that he has been given a big job/big chance and hasn’t been much more than “decent enough”. Basically, he’s the eleventh-man in the starting eleven.

    Of course, the person who finishes last in his medical-school class is still called “Doctor” – but that’s because s/he’s just “decent enough”.

    My original point – a few hours ago (and many times before) – is that there’s already a guy who is contracted to UTD who would be much, much better than “decent enough” although there would be some rough along with the smooth when/if TheWayneBoy’s game evolved into TheScholesRole.

    Behind that point is another one – there’s a shit-load of talent in the UTD squad and some really, really terrific attacking talent – but that some of these other guys are being denied playing time because TheWayneBoy wants to be a striker and YoungTom gets minutes on the pitch. From my point of view, I’d rather see Chicharito and KagwaBunga and DannyTheLad get more minutes on the pitch – at the expense of YoungTom, who is never going to be more than “decent enough”. Those three guys – and AdnanJ. – have much, much higher ceilings than Cleverley while TheWayneBoy could (and should) realize that there’s no “i” in team.

  13. Ash says:


    Against Swansea Clev wasnt the eleventh man but it was Giggs but like I said we wont accept that fact as he is a legend. Valencia was no great. He has been very much average to my disappointment as I rate him. But Clev gets all the blame. You say clev shouldnt get that much chance but that is too harsh for him. For a 24 year old player who has only played one almost full season its not correct to write him off.

  14. Capitano says:

    An article on BBC page where they detailed 10young players to watch this season in EPL and Who to compare them with! But when it comes to Adnan, they say he is comparable to no one! “Don’t know if is a compliment or just another article to bring us down!

  15. denton davey says:

    Ash @ 17:30: “For a 24 year old player who has only played one almost full season its not correct to write him off.”

    I’m not writing off YoungTom, I’m just sceptical that he is anything more than “decent enough”.

    Furthermore, I think UTD can do better – even by mixing-and-matching with the players in the current squad.

    By the way, I’m not in agreement with your assessment of the performances of Giggs and Valencia. To be sure, none of them was excellent but Giggs did provide the assist for the first goal – but he also fluffed two really good chances. That’s what we’ve always gotten from Giggs – “the rough and the smooth”. I thought that AV25 was much more valuable in an “inside right” role rather than being a touchline-hugging winger.

    In any event, if I was in charge of team-selection then none of those three guys would be first-choice – I’d go with Chicharito up-front, a “three” with DannyTheLad, RVP and KagawaBunga, and TheWayneBoy partnering MC16. But, of course, I’m not given that charge so I can only vent my opinions – just like you can do the same with yours.


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