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Chelsea manager makes his opinion on bringing through youth known

Ahead of Chelsea’s game against Southampton, Jose Mourinho has explained his club’s poor record of bringing through youth team players on having less time at a big club.

Ryan Bertrand is the closest thing Chelsea have had to an academy product making the first team recently, who the West London club bought from Gillingham when he was a teenager. He has played just an hour of league football this season though. Before him, it was John Terry, who broke in to the first team squad in 1998.

“It’s a question of time and the smaller clubs, they have more time than the bigger teams,” said Mourinho. “It’s a different club [here] and a different job. I want to do it but it is just a question of time. Hopefully — and I am not saying a lot of them, especially at the same time as that is impossible to do — but step by step we have some kids with talent to come.”

Almost five years ago, Peter Kenyon expressed his frustration at Chelsea’s inability to bring through their own players but was sure that it would happen soon.

“I think we’re all producing more good players but it’s hard to get them to breakthrough at the level we need them and that will take time,” he said. “The infrastructure is certainly there at our club, it is as good as anyone’s and I’m sure the next John Terry will be coming through.”

The next John Terry hasn’t come through though and Mourinho believes that a lack of time is excuse enough to not put faith in youth. If the biggest club in the country hadn’t consistently invested in the youth team, giving time to numerous players in a bid for them to prove themselves able to play for the first team, Mourinho might have a valid point. As it is, there’s no reason why a club with seemingly unlimited resources can’t develop a player or two of their own.

Is his defeatist attitude when it comes to developing players one of the reasons why Mourinho wasn’t offered the United job?



  1. DreadedRed says:

    Mourinho is a fucking tosser. His defeatist attitude when it comes to developing players is one of the MANY reasons why Mourinho wasn’t offered the United job. He is the pimp, and his squad are all whores.

    Happy match-day Reds! Come on United!

  2. John Senior says:

    Mourinho only won the FA Cup in his 3rd season at Chelsea. He got fired early the next season. Roberto Di Matteo won the Champions League and FA Cup and was fired the next season for the crime of not getting through the CL group stage.

    You simply cannot compare the way that Chelsea have dismissed managers and compare that to the way Man Utd have been with Alex Ferguson. Fergie was given 4 years to win a trophy when he took over at United. No Chelsea manager will ever get any 4 year period without winning major honours and not get fired.

    IMO the main reason Mourinho wasn’t offered the United job is because of his wages. There’s no way United could go from their most successful ever coach and bring in a new guy earning twice the money. Fergie wouldn’t have it, the United board wouldn’t want to do it and I don’t think Mourinho would take a pay cut to go to United. So IMO the cheaper option of Moyes was taken. It has nothing whatsoever to do with controversy or longevity and everything to do with the wages Fergie was on and Mourinho would want.

  3. The One says:

    Lame excuse!!

  4. The One says:

    @DreadedRed, that’s why we true reds are over the moon United didn’t even consider maureen as suitable candidate to fill Sir Alex’s boots :)

  5. Marko Maric says:

    If you look at us last few years, we are not much better, and even SAF said that…

  6. Xyth says:

    Whatever the reason or excuse, I am glad Maureen is not at OT.

    Would like to see how he would cope at a club like Everton with very limited resources.

  7. Tommy says:

    Mareen dont stay at clubs long enough therefore all hes interested in as the here and now, He knows he wont be at Chelsea long, He was never in the running for the United job!


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