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Chelsea Manager Talking Nonsense

An incorrect match-defining decision was witnessed at Stamford Bridge on Sunday which likely had a huge impact on the result. Manchester United only won the game 3-2 but if Fernando Torres has been sent off for kicking Tom Cleverley in the chest in the first half, when Chelsea were still losing 2-1, who knows how many goals United would have won by…

Last night the two teams faced each other again. Whilst Chelsea resorted to playing the likes of Petr Cech, Juan Mata, David Luiz, John Obi Mikel, Oscar, Eden Hazard and Ramires, United played a team of second string players and youth. In fact, the only player to remain from Sunday’s first choice line up was Rafael Da Silva.

“We wanted to show that Sunday’s game was really heavily influenced by the officials,” Roberto Di Matteo said after the game.

How? By fielding almost your strongest team to scrape a 5-4 victory against United’s fringe players and kids? United took the lead three times against Chelsea, before bringing on the likes of Nick Powell (18), Ryan Tunnicliffe (19) and Federico Macheda (21). In response, Di Matteo brought on £75m worth of talent off the bench. Chelsea played 7 of their best available 11 players last night but still needed an inexperienced kid to give away an injury time penalty to win the game. Yeh, Di Matteo showed us alright.

He also said: ”We just want to be treated fairly by everybody. Nobody is talking about the handball in the second half when we should have had a penalty.”

Michael Keane was as guilty of giving away a penalty as David Luiz was on Sunday, and nobody is talking about that either. For it to be a penalty, the player has to be judged as “deliberately” blocking the ball with their hand, so for me, the officials made the right decision in both instances. Both Keane and Luiz handled the ball when their arm was not glued to their side but they didn’t move their hand towards the ball, they just didn’t get it out of the way quickly enough. Was Di Matteo complaining about that decision on Sunday though? It’s all very petty.

Regardless, whilst it’s always nice to go on a good cup run, particularly when you know we would have faced Leeds in the next round, the League Cup provided United with exactly what Ferguson wants from this competition. Scott Wootton and Michael Keane, who were both outstanding for 89 minutes, learnt more last night than they probably have all season in the Reserves. Daniel Sturridge didn’t get a kick until extra time which is a credit to our youngsters, who had a total of 190 minutes of first team football between them before last night. Powell put in a competent performance and forced a great save from Cech moments after coming on. Fancy being a teenager and getting to test yourself against such a strong side? It is invaluable experience for them.

The game also gave Anderson the chance to shine, with him assisting all three of our goals in normal time, which is an opportunity he hasn’t been afforded with the first team yet this season. Ryan Giggs also put in his best performance of the season and scored two goals, ensuring he has scored in all of the 23 seasons he’s been at United. Finally, Chicharito scored his 6th goal in 9 games against Chelsea, and his 5th goal from 11 games this season. He has been 4th in pecking order up front this season but is certainly giving Ferguson something to think about when choosing which strikers to start.

Now all these things are worth noting, but the biggest highlight is that whilst 7 players from our title rivals were slogging it out for up to two hours midweek, our starting XI for Arsenal at the weekend (with the exception of Rafael) had their feet up. Following a tough game last Sunday at Stamford Bridge, it’s a huge bonus that we’ve been able to rest up. Roll on Saturday…

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  1. LoneStarRed says:

    Nani’s bad decision making needed to be talked about. He wants a new contract but the old issues remain without being addressed. Nani’s lust for the limelight is costing him dearly. And it is quite ironic, his best year was when he played FOR THE TEAM. He was at his deadliest when providing assists. One of my favorite memories of him is that Champion’s League breakaway when he put it off the outside of right foot, inch perfect, right into Rooney’s stride and Rooney bulged the net. That is when he plays his best. Right now he is well on his way to becoming a Ricardo Quaresma.

  2. WeAreUnited says:

    red ted says:

    For starters if it were a league game like Sunday, it wouldve been a 3-3 draw so what on earth is Di Matteo talking about?? You proved that if last night a league game you would of rescued a 3-3 draw at home by bringing on £75M worth of players against Man United second 11. What a boob.


    ELLIS. You played your first-teamers with some kids.

    We played our “second string” with kids. And you managed to draw us 3-3 and win after extra-time. Good luck to you.

    We are not putting any excuse at how we lost with kids, hell no, we are proud of, that our kids managed to get a 3-3 draw against you keyplayers. Extra-time was extra-time and you won there.

    And as SORRY but.. mentioned, we kinda Unlike you rent boys we have a strong squad that does not have a “first or strongest 11″ so nobody can answer your silly question.squad.

    peace. and I think next time against chelski, we will always play our youngsters mixed with our “second string” team, cause it was way too easy for them.

  3. Ellis says:

    Matt wrote:

    “way to contradict yourself there. did you think before you wrote? because if you did your stupidity astounds me and if you didn’t.. your stupidity astounds me.”

    . . . sorry Matt I had to be more specific as you just didn’t get it first time . . . and I’m not sure if you will this time either :(

  4. Ellis says:

    WeAreUnited wrote:

    “We played our “second string” with kids. And you managed to draw us 3-3 and win after extra-time. Good luck to you.

    We are not putting any excuse at how we lost with kids, hell no, we are proud of, that our kids managed to get a 3-3 draw against you keyplayers. Extra-time was extra-time and you won there.

    And as SORRY but.. mentioned, we kinda Unlike you rent boys we have a strong squad that does not have a “first or strongest 11″ so nobody can answer your silly question.squad.”

    Lol! . . . . “we are not putting any excuse at how we lost . . . . with kids!” That’s just comical . . . . comical :)

    So United can’t name a best eleven . . . . are you a JCL United fan coz most football club supporters always have an opinion on the best line-up their manager can put out.

  5. Denton Davey says:

    Mark @ 14:28: ” for example, Scott Wootton and Michael Keane probably wouldn’t have got that game if Jones and Smalling had been fit.”

    I think that in the grand scheme of things, Wootton/Keane are 7th/8th on the depth-chart @ centre back. If last night’s match was considered to be “important” then, surely, Michael Carrick would have started ahead of one of them.

    SO, rank-ordering would be something like this:

    Captain Vidic
    Jonny Evans
    Michael Carrick
    Michael Keane
    Scott Wootton

  6. Denton Davey says:

    LonezStarRed @ 18:19: “Right now he [Nani] is well on his way to becoming a Ricardo Quaresma.”

    Ouch !

  7. WeAreUnited says:

    Ellis what do you smoke.

    both played some kids, the difference is you had first team players playing along kids and we had second players with kids,and we are proud of that we didn’t need to use our first eleven players.

    Of course you won, we saw that both teams deserved the draw, and you were stronger in extra-time and rightly won 5-4. I’m not crazy to say something else.

    I have my opinion on who should play in our first eleven, you,youyou, wow.
    But in the case of our history, you know that United, veeery often goes 2 games in a row with the same players, that’s what we mean.

    anyway, won’t be explaining you anymore, cause what do you know about that.? chelski, go ask abra for some oil money.

    all good for you rent boys, and as soon as your 3 players goes out, you will be singing for new signings.

    We have won it three tiiimeees, We Are ManUtd and we do what we want.

  8. Bah says:

    Chelsea manager is not ashamed to say this words:with the absence of rvp,wr,sk,ay.we are proud of the kids well done.

  9. ayth8 says:

    Spot on!!! SAF is angry with nani from contract signing to his rebel attitude & his selfishness & dumb f**ked mind which he proved yesterday. SAF lost it completely when he said its nani’s fault. For years i never liked him at all, he is narrow minded f**ked up d**k who thinks the game revolves around him & shoot anythin that moves towards him high & the ball flies. He can be a good player in rugby! Yesterday his selfish dumb fck mind proved it, get him off OLD TRAFFORD, he is irritating dumb f**k!

  10. T. says:

    It wasnt only Nani trying to attack te last ten minutes yesterday. We where playinh gung-ho football til the last minute instead of playing down the clock. To what purpose? But to say it is Nanis fault is very easy, and very wrong. They all lost the ball when counterattacking. And 3/4 of the defenders where to scared to play the ball between them (it will come with time, yes) but it was Fergie who didnt brought on Ferdinand or Evans to keep things calm and to settle things down. Giggs didnt do his part to talk sence to young lads. Many are at fault, not only Nani.

    Still, a very good game by our yougsters and Giggs. Proud to be red today, and good to now there is quality pushing on from our own ranks.

    That twat Di Matteo can go fuck himself. Didnt saw him whineing when luiz played handball last game. How fucking one-eyed can a person be? It must be a rent to be so fucking blind!

  11. United_Forever says:

    Why has this site been hijacked by these thick Chavs, the pathetic twats are still crying over their defeat on Sunday, last night they were seconds away to an embarrassing defeat to a weakened United side & then Di Matteo comes out wih this crap. That comment by blinkered Ben really does take the biscuit, this muppet going on about United being ‘ luckiest team in PL’, well Chelsea are the luckiest team in champions league history after they fluked the champions league last season playing some of the most dire football ever seen in the competition.

    The brain dead Chelsea muppets keep going on about Jonny Evans kicking Drogba a few years back, but the reality of that incident was it was completely accidental & never a sending off, Drogba shouldn’t have been jumping into that challenge as he was nowhere near the ball. To compare that to Torres’ assault on Cleverley on Sunday is ridiculous. The reality of the incident is Evans was concentrating on clearing the ball, he didn’t expect Drogba to be there, if he had been concentrating on Drogba he most probably would have done what Wootton did for Chelsea’s 4th goal past night, but Chelsea fans are too thick to understand that.

  12. ben says:

    @UnitedForever, Lol please watch the replay again, yes he was clearing the ball away with his head, but WAS THERE ANY NEED TO CLEARLY KICK OUT WITH HIS LEFT LEG INTO DROGBA’S CHEST. He clearly extends his foot into Drogba. I feel sorry for you if you can’t see that. Completely intentional, but wouldn’t expect any more from evans. No matter, he’ll never ever be fit to shine drogba’s boots, so I’m sure drogba couldn’t care less now. Love how you’ve completely avoided me pointing out that wooton and keane should have been sent off, the second time we’ve had ridiculous decisions against us at home against united, IN A WEEK. And yes Chelsea were lucky to win the CL, but it had absolutely NOTHING to do with refereeing, we showed more spirit and resilience than any other team last season, coming back from 3-1 down against napoli, 2-0 down against barca AT THE NOUCAMP, and beating the germans at penalties infront of their own fans, in germany. Like it or not you bitter fan, we had unparalleled mental strength, owed to having a team of incredible players. And so I come back to my main point. No team luckier than united with decisions. Please ask a neutral, who’s the luckiest team in the PL, guaranteed United will get the vote 90 percent minimum of everyone you ask.

  13. fatty joe says:

    Wootton gave the single worst performance I’ve ever seen from a United player (been watching since 1993) and you praise him for it? And Ferguson saying that Nani was responsible for the defeat is enraging. He scored a goal and played average. Wootton’s blunders were singlehandedly responsible for 3 of Chelsea’s goals. This site is a joke. Nani has been fucked over since he joined the club because Ferguson has a personal problem with him. He is a far far better player than Young or Valencia and the stats back that up, but Ferguson isn’t giving him a chance this year. I will never forgive Fergie for leaving Berbatov and Nani out of the side in the champions league final and playing Carrick and Giggs in center midfield against the greatest midfield in footballing history. He is no longer a rational actor, he plays favourites with the squad and doesn’t act in the best interest of the team.

  14. jeff the kenyan red says:

    Iam sorry to say these but whatever coaching is going on at carrington is not convincing to me.We seem to be discouraging players with flaire and their passion is waning at alarming rate,gone are the days when we could grind out 1 goal wins and still win with flaire.For Gods sake where is carlos quiroze

  15. burnhard72 says:

    Let;’s face it Matteo’s a cunt!

  16. United_Forever says:

    ben, only see what you what your blinkered eyes let you see don’t you. First of all there is no such thing as a neutral fan as far as United are concened. I think most United fans admit that United did get lucky with a few of the refs decisions over the last couple of games, but so have Chelsea on countless occasions over the years, especially in fixtures against United, which makes the reaction of the chelsea fans since sunday all the more pathetic. Of course the Chelsea fans are all in denial about the many bad decisions that go in their favour. Why does everyone always conveniently ignore the bad decisions that go against United, on Sunday Torres should have been sent off in the first half,a blatant penalty not given when Cahill was holding down Evans, stopping a goal scoring opportunity, Luiz handball & if the blinkered Chelsea fans think Luiz’ arms were by his side then they need their eyes examining. As usual all these decisions are comletely ignored as usual & the abu lie about United being favoured by refs continues. So Wootton & Keane could have got reds on wednesday, well Cahill could have got a red in the game at SB last season when he brought down Welbeck when last man, but were United fans crying about that or the penalty not given when young was bought down.

    The reality is all bad decisions that go against United are completely ignored, whilst whenever a decision goes in United’s favour, even if some of them are proved to be correct decisions, there is an OTT reaction from the media & the sad abus.

  17. Ellis says:

    United_Forever wrote:

    “Luiz handball & if the blinkered Chelsea fans think Luiz’ arms were by his side then they need their eyes examining.”

    The picture in this thread clearly shows that David Luiz’s arm was by the side of his body, also important is the position of Valencia . . . the two players are less than a yard apart . . . the ball has hit Luiz . . . by contrast on Wedesday night your player had his arm parallel to the ground outstretched and the cross came from a distance away from where your guy was positioned. It matters not, justice was done in the end.

    And for those that claim a 3-3 draw on 90 minutes . . . this game could only end with one winner whether the duration was 90 minutes, 120 minutes or 120 minutes plus penalties. You don’t see QPR suggesting they have been on level terms in 9 league games this season. Fact is Unied threw away a winning position in the same way Chelsea gifted away two goals. Oh let’s think about that for a moment . . . no gifted goals and the score might have seen Chelsea ahead over 90 minutes . . . now I’m beginning to sound as stupid as a Manc! :)

  18. Xyth says:

    Reading reports from this match you realise the full ABU sentiment of the majority of football journalists and know all pundits.

    I wondered did I watch the same match!

  19. ben says:

    Lol the irony of you calling me blinkered. Pretty much everything you say is so matter of fact, you’re the definition of a blinkered united ‘BELIEVE’ muppet. Fans such as yourself are the type that won’t admit any aspect of another team is better than utd. Probably think utterly stupid things like nani’s better than mata or kagawa’s better than hazard. If I could post the evans drogba video link on here I would. When clearing a ball, with your head, do you kick out horizontally to your left? If so you probably need to get checked out mentally ASAP. You clearly see in the video he moves his leg up to his left in the direction of drogba’s chest, and then kicks out, his foot clearly moving faster as he motions it into drogba. Clear as day but you see everything through red tinted glasses so there’s no use making intelligent arguments is there. And as for cahill bringing down welbeck, See Ellis’ comment about Luiz, stop talking rubbish. Also, Gary Neville himself said that Cahill Welbeck wasn’t a penalty. Read Graham Poll’s article on why it wasn’t a penalty. First contact OUTSIDE THE BOX. You’ll probably mention drogba’s offside goal at Old Trafford….remember Macheda’s handball goal i the same match? Thought not, see what you want to see. Finally love how you’re creating the impression that the media is to blame for everyone feeling robbed by man utd, when was the last time you saw an article knocking united or saying they were lucky? The media loves you, constantly coming out with new pieces on how your the comeback kings, how fergie did this how fergie did that, how rooney is amazing etc. Please stop blaming everybody else and look at your club. United have truly created a culture of seeing what they want to see, and everybody is against us…when its absolute nonsense. ‘There is no such thing as a neutral fan as utd are concerned’. Spoken like a true believe Muppet. Ask yourself why, if you were to ask any english football fan who the luckiest team were in england, the vast majority would say united.

  20. United_Forever says:

    ben – please learn to read you thick illiterate chav twat. Where exactly did i say that Cahill’s challenge on Welbeck last season was a penalty ? I said it should have been a sending off, I know it was outside the box, but he was the last man so it should have been a sending off, but obviously you wearing your blue tinted glasses will try to argue against that. Then you go claiming I am blinkered about United, when if you could actually read you would see I said Woottton & Keane could have been sent off & that United did get lucky with some decisons in the last 2 games, but i have not seen you once admit that Chelsea also benefit from bad decisons & that United are also on the wrong end of bad decisons, so I think that proves beyond doubt who is really the blinkered muppet – it is you.


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