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Chelsea Resolve Mikel Signing… But United Keep The Money

John Obi Mikel, what a prick. After signing for Manchester United and smiling for the cameras at the press conference, he clearly got word of the news he could be earning a lot more at Chelsea. He disappeared, stomped his feet, before United eventually gave in and sold him to the rentboys before he’d even played a game for us.

Of course, it wasn’t all bad. United were paid £12 million for the teenager, whose ink had barely dried on the contract with us, when Roman Abramovich was more than happy to splash the cash.

Mikel wasted a year of his career when desperately trying to get out of the contract with us, before finally playing for Chelsea and losing out to United in the title both of his two seasons, whilst also losing to us in the European Cup final. What a dick.

The problems didn’t stop there though, with Chelsea claiming the transfer showed a “fraudulent misrepresentation that Mikel had an employment contract with Lyn.”

It appears as though Lyn Oslo’s chief executive, Morgan Andersen, had forged some documents relating to Mikel before the player was sold. The case was in and out of the courts, with some reports suggesting United would have to reimburse Chelsea of the £12 million we’d been given for the player.

However, the situation has been resolved once and for all today, with Lyn settling out of court, apparently with it having nothing to do with United. Result.

“Chelsea Football Club and FC Lyn Oslo have resolved all matters between the two clubs with regard to John Mikel Obi,” read a statement of the official Chelsea website. “The terms of the agreement will remain confidential. There will be no further comment.”

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    so translation “we shut that club up and we wont tell you what we had to do”

  2. spencer says:

    Anderson > Mikel

    I know a lot of Chelsea fans will be here blabbing on about how jealous we are etc but the truth is I am not. If we had signed Mikel, we probably wouldn’t have signed Anderson and I love Anderson. Moreover, we won two titles and a European Cup WITHOUT Mikel

  3. Sir Cecil says:

    Fact remains, United “signed” a player from someone who had no rights to sell him. The player was acquired by Manchester United thanks to a fraudulent transaction. No argument. Simple as that, and proven in the courts.
    It is United that should be red faced, not Mikel. The player actually stood up to the fraudsters, while United took advantage and went on to sell their stolen goods for a profit – and now expect to keep their ill-gotten gains.
    In the end, Chelsea has the player and United have been shamed by their association with a crook who has since been given a suspended jail term.
    That Mikel wasted a year of his career is thanks solely to this corrupt transaction which involved United and from which the
    Manchester club profited. A disgrace.

  4. Scott the Red says:

    Cecil – waaaa waaaa waaaa. Cheers for the £12 million, now fuck off :)

  5. Jacko says:

    Chelsea must basically own that poor club now? Any player Lyn ever get is instantly Chelsea property if they want him? No way could they pay £12m, can’t see the Dark Empire taking the hit?

  6. RedDevil says:

    Anderson!!! Better than Fabregas, Lampard and defo Mikel. What a prick that guy turned out to be.


    Sir Cecil then why did the club in question agree that the sale was to united and was a correct one, i find it funny that chelsea were willing to pay £12 million for a player even tho he was untested.

    if they werent in the wrong why on earth pay that kind of money to get a player? i mean they could have saved themselves a lot of money and waited to see if the contract was invaild and then make a move on the player. but no they spent £12 million on him and told him to keep his gob shut after he signed, but i guess you will say you only paid that £12 million to save the poor boy!

  8. redmane says:

    Ok kiddies lets get over the peevishness and prattishness shall we? Mikel Obi would have been a great asset for us Reds, and to pretend otherwise is childsh. At £12m he would have been a steal.
    The fact is we were conned by Lynn and should have been more aware of what was going on. That we get to keep the 12 million probably shows that the courts think we were innocent.
    And what an idiot Spencer is – a talent like Anderson, and just because we had Mikel we wouldn’t have gone for him? Or Nani? Oh come ON. Can you imagine Sir A saying “nah, we dinnae need Nani, we already got Scholesy or Giggsy or Mikel?” No, of course not.
    Face facts you lot. We were duped. Chelsea got their man because they invested time and money in him and because he stood up to conmen. There’s no shame there.
    I for one would love to see him in the red of United but thanks to the cheating b’s at Lynn we cant. I’d love him to run out at OT and so would most people if you ask them for an honest, adult opinion.

  9. Red-Manc says:

    Im glad this money grabber showed his true colours early on, players like him dont go down well at United and he’s much more suited for dynamo chelski. like its been said before he missed out on the title twice and the Champions league.

    Cheer up obi mikel
    ohh what can it mean to a rentboy bastard
    and a plastic football teammmm

  10. Vidic will get ya15 says:

    the is only one bigger sell out, peter fuckin kenyon,

  11. trashtalk united says:

    peter kenyon is satan’s son

  12. Vidic will get ya15 says:

    oi sir cecil ya prick, united did fuck all wrong. we signed a player so obviously you wanted him and offered him more cash so he sold out. pretty much like ballack robben essien all players linked with us before cfc got their dirty money involved, and on anderson he is pure class i would have him and carrick any day. stick deco stick ballack and most of all stick wank obi mikel

  13. daveob says:

    Sir Cecil.
    If Russia wasn’t as secretive / corrupt as it is I am sure we would all know the “ill-gotten” gains of Ambramovich would outshade the ill gotten gains of anyone else in the world by a good few billion……

  14. Harry Singh says:

    sir Cecil , Obi Mikel doesnt look very red faced in that picture above does he now? Actually he looks rather happy faced a UNITED shirt!!! Dont talk to us about ill gotten gains .(its like kettle black with those rent boyz) I think hes fuckin shite anyway and glad we nver got him (very overrated) now fuck off to a chelski scum forum.. CHAMPIONS OF ENGLAND ……CHAMPIONS OF EUROPE!!!!!!!!!!

  15. in moscow we made it 3 says:

    Sir Cecil,
    I think its rich how u can call someone a crook when ur club is run by one, and calling us corrupt….thats rich.
    I would never want to see him play for united, he clearly isnt in it for the trophies and i am glad he showed his colours before he had a chance to play for us. Its like that Ramsey who joined Arsenal, didnt want to play for united coz he was scared he wouldnt get into the the first team, hmmm where have i heard that before…. o yeh Kewell, what a superstar he was! Players like this dont belong at united.

  16. Stephen says:

    Fletcher > Mikel.
    I think seriously we had a result with regards to that twat, didn’t he change his name because it sounded better fot TV?! He is a petulant little scumbag, so he is playing for the right club, thanks for the £12m.

  17. Malino Ubah says:

    This Mikel case is the only thing that am angry at David Gill. If i was the one,he shouldn’t have started playing football.

  18. woolie says:

    i loved it wen the prick missed the pen that knocked chelsea out of the carling cup fucking prick


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