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Chelsea Skipper Gets Ripped For Cry Baby Moment

Manchester United have lost finals. Manchester United have lost semi-finals. Manchester United players have suffered defeat with England. But would you ever see Gary Neville cry? Terry’s passion was blamed for him bursting in to tears instead of consoling his team-mates, but is Neville not a passionate player? Does he not love United to his core? But when we’ve been knocked out of Europe in the semis did he cry like a baby, as Terry did against Liverpool? When England were knocked out by Portugal, Captain Neville went around rallying the players, picking them up off the ground, whilst Terry sat there and cried. What kind of fucking captain is that?

I’m not a caveman. I’m not void of emotion. I’ve shed an alcohol induced tear or two when we’ve won the European Cup. It was no Cristiano Ronaldo throwing myself to the floor and sobbing effort, but there was definite moisture! Still, I can’t get my head around the idea of a captain, the leader of the team, the man the other players look up to, crying on everyone’s shoulder following defeat. What the fuck is that about? To be too consumed in his own disappointment and shame to take care of his team is out of line. He’s the bloody captain!

So, I was very pleased to catch the Comic Relief sketch which ripped the shit out of Terry for his Tiny Tears moment. David Beckham looked as though he enjoyed it too!

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  1. King Eric says:

    Glad you have put this on Scott it was funny as fuck. Becks was pissing himself laughing at the cry baby cunt!

    Come on United!

  2. dave_pistol says:

    this was ace, i love you scott

  3. 9jmac says:

    The Cunt looked like he was about to cry again

  4. Mic says:

    You know Steven Gerrard? The one with the forward slightly unfortunate haircut, LOL! Terry wasn’t happy with his tears comment was he? …Where were the Liverpool players? My guess is robbing the hotel blind?

  5. dave_pistol says:

    He’s half a girl, He’s half a boy, Torres, Torres.
    He looks just like a transvestite, Torres, Torres.
    He wears a frock, he loves the cock, he sells his arse on Albert Dock
    Fernando Torres, Carraghers bit on the side

  6. BlackBabyJesus says:

    Why was Carrick even there? He didn’t have anything to say about him.

  7. Drabik says:

    He didn’t know who would be there, he only had 20 minutes to write the whole sketch. It was probably any england players that actually wanted to be involved.

    I actually thought it was hilarious, and he said what everyone was thinking.

    Although I agree that we’d never see Gary Neville cry, I don’t know if Terry would have cried if someone else had missed that penalty instead of him. He is often thought of as Mr Chelsea, and he could have made Chelsea history with that shot. I’m not saying I feel sorry for him, but I understand how the emotions overwhelmed him at that time…

  8. Marq says:

    Haha, that was for a good laugh! But he didnt have much to say for Rio & Carrick huh?


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