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Chelsea Star’s Comments About Vidic To Be Investigated

“I’d waited long enough,” said Keane in his autobiography. “I fucking hit him hard. The ball was there (I think). Take that you cunt. And don’t ever stand over me sneering about fake injuries.”

Keane was of course talking about Haaland, after that challenge. The FA slapped another five matches on the three he’d already served, as well as a further £150,000 fine on top of the £5,000 he’d already paid. This incident is the one falsely labelled as career ending for Haaland.

In light of Drogba’s comments about Nemanja Vidic, claiming he wished he’d punched him in the European Cup final, the FA are now looking in to the matter.

“We are aware of the comments and will be examining them in their proper context,” said a spokesperson for the FA.

The situations are entirely different of course. Had Drogba punched Vidic and then revealed in his book that he had planning to do so all along, then it’d be different. However, Drogba slapped Vidic like a little bitch, and only after started talking the talk, acting the tough guy. I’d be very surprised if the FA acted, although the situation is fairly amusing.

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    i bet nothing will be done, you heard it here first!

  2. Stephen says:

    I am sure the obligatory poultry fine will surffice!!

  3. john ferry says:

    There’s only one Keano.
    What’s fair is fair, but those maggots at the FA won’t lift a finger because they love high priced male prostitutes (especially ugly ones that look like Grace Jones’s face was mauled by a rottweilder). My favorite was when they didn’t even acknowledge john terry spiting on Tevez.

  4. Anant says:

    didier drogba…what a woman! (and a horrendously ugly one at that)

  5. Squiddy says:

    When the FA investigate they’ll find that Drogba was quite right – he should have punched Vidic.

  6. Gapi says:

    LOL why would you think that Squiddy?

    Actually I’d love it if he did that because Vida would just tear him to pieces then.

  7. james f says:

    Yes, he should have punched Vida. And then Vida would have f****** murder him. It’s hard being second…

  8. sanj says:

    maybe he should have punched john terry so he couldn’t fuck up winning the cup… isn’t there a song about that or something….?

  9. Kevin says:

    Malino that is completely out of line and blatantly wrong. That needs to be removed Scott.

    In regard to the article I agree with comments saying nothing should be done. Bottom line is he didn’t punch him and admiting he wanted too is not much of a crime. Its not a responsible comment to make, nor was Keano’s, but its interesting and makes this game that much more interesting. He is venting the frustration of a team who felt they where better and got proved wrong. United showed there class by not over-reacting and Cheski showed why class can’t be bought.

  10. bossdem says:

    KEVIN- Quite right.there were lots of good examples of our class as a club and as a team showing, and off the pitch, in no way more so than when chelsea were led up to collect their LOSERS medals by peter kenyon?! lol. wtf was that all about! haha!

  11. suhayl says:


    kenyon the judas traitor leading them up…showed what they were all about. Whilst we had the best greatest LEGEND SIR BOB…WHO modestly went up..but declined the WINNERS medal…yet a judas suit was all too willing to get hold of his 5 minutes and his LOSERS medal. Sums it all up

    And im still staggered to this tday….that the blatant clear spit by john viva fuckin cry baby terry hasnt been bought to book over. Like everything he does…he just seems to get away with it. That sly covert spit was clear for all to see….it was so fuckin obvious…that dirty bastard terry

    Racism toward ledley
    Molesting jo
    mockin 9/11 americans
    stamp on dipper torres
    hounding refs
    handling cards in refs hands

    what next murder? terrorist act…fuckin worm him and doggy


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