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Chelsea’s loss is United’s gain

Juan+Mata+Fernando+Torres+Juan+Mata+Spain+su57Rv-dFY6lChelsea’s loss is most definitely United’s gain. One thing that cannot be argued is that United have signed Chelsea’s best performer over the last 2 complete seasons. The mood at Stamford Bridge is one of regret at letting such a mercurial talent leave at all, selling him to a direct rival seems insane.

For the first time in my lifetime United seem to be on their knees. You have a manager who is not up to the standard, you have players like Cleverley, Jones and Evra regularly getting games when players of equal talent in past sides would’ve been moved on at a rapid pace and you have discontent in the Stretford End about the ownership of the club.

The team that has dominated club football since my birth are finally taking a tumble and the chump with the ‘NOT ARROGANT JUST BETTER’ flag has had to pop up to his attic and find a nice dry spot for it.

Perfect? Not according to Chelsea Football Club. Roman Abramovich is clearly not an advocate of the ‘kick them while they are down’ paradigm. In your moment of crisis he has supplied you with a talent that if managed correctly has the minerals not only to rejuvenate your season, but resurrect the entire club.

In Mata you have signed a player capable of scoring out of nothing, taking a game by the scruff of the neck and successfully playing a pass that other gifted players can only dream of even seeing.

You have also signed a wonderful man. I am sure many United fans cry out in physical pain when Ashley Young gives a post match interview in a snapback hat and Beats By Dre headphones. Ashley! You are representing United on the global stage, dress like a fucking adult. Well Mata does. He shops on Savile Row, he wears Fred Perry and Comme Des Garcons collaborations and he lives in Central London. You are more likely to find him in an underground bar in Shoreditch listening to an unsigned indie act than you are stumbling out of Mahiki with a scantily clad blonde on his arm. He gets Chelsea. He gets the Kings Road. He knows all about Peter Osgood. He has a picture of our ground (dog track and car park included) on his wall. He goes bonkers when he scores against Tottenham. He gets it and we loved him for it and for these reasons many wish him well.

Well not me…

I think that this move has revealed something about Mata that perhaps he didn’t even know about himself. He is a bottle job. When things were rosy he couldn’t get enough of the Kings Road. When he was player of the year he kissed the badge with more passion than he kisses his Mrs. When we were switching the words to ‘Viva Espana’ to ‘Viva Juan Mata’ he beamed like a schoolboy scoring his first goal in front of his father and saluted the fans with that clenched right fist that indicated the happiest of days.

However, when he is not the first name on the team sheet, when he is asked to fight for his place, when he is asked to adapt his game for the good of the team, he has quite simply got on his bike for pastures new. I thought he had more about him. Andre Villas-Boas was bought into Chelsea with the remit of shaking up the old guard. Frank Lampard looked to be on his way out. He got on with it fought for his place and at the end of that season captained Chelsea to European glory. He could have adopted Juan’s approach to life and joined the LA Cosmics or whatever they are called. He didn’t though. He fought on and is still playing well today.

On some level I wish Mata well, I felt an affinity towards him that I haven’t felt to a player for a very long time. Overall though, I feel let down, I think he has taken the easy option. Going to be United’s best midfielder when their midfield is at its weakest point for years isn’t an achievement. Guiding United into the top 4 isn’t really an achievement. Winning your place back at Chelsea despite all their riches in that department would have been superb but it was a fight the boy wasn’t up for.

Seems to me like he has thrown an awful lot away all for the hope of sitting on Spain’s bench in Brazil.

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  1. Andrew.MUNZ says:


    fucking right, remember people moaning about the RvP signing and look what he’s done. we’ve signed possibly the most creative player in the league and still people are fucking moaning.

  2. Myk7top says:

    Thot SAF said in his book he opted 2 play Rooney in midfielder cos of his broad feet n workrate. Kagawa imo is a very good player n will be gr8 if used properly. I got a friend who is a chelsea fan wt gr8 admiration 4 Kags. He wonders wch is his dominate foot? Remember dat pinpoint pass against Swansea wt his left feet n his square plays. His ball control n turns. He watches our games cos of Kags like I want chelsea’s games cos of MaTa. I hope Moyes tries one more trick out of d hat wt Yaya Toure!(Just kidding). Smile…

  3. Myk7top says:

    *dominant foot

  4. OhioRed says:

    Agree with NBI that Mata is excellent player but not the player we needed at the moment. We are severely lacking in the center mid/defensive mid position. Rooney/Mata/Fellaini/Kagawa can all play that no. 10 position, how will Moyes keep them all happy?

    What worries me more is that Moyes said that no players are available in January, when PSG are buying Cabaye – the type of player we desperately needed and for what seems to be a much lower price than what we paid for Fellaini.

    Moyes now has NO excuses if the downward progression continues, he has had 2 transfer windows to rectify any deficiencies he sees in the team.

  5. Tommy says:

    @Andrew and Wayne

    Totally agree lads some people on here will always find something to moan at, some people are never happy!!

  6. tallestreD says:

    At the start of the season, many complained about our inability to score from open play. We score from open play the same people said the opposition weren’t good enough. We then go get Mata, they still say we didn’t do good business. They can’t be pleased at all. And in the same vein, they moaned that we didn’t get Ozil in the summer that passed. They just moan, and sadly we are stuck with them. Sure we need a DM/CM whichever you call it, but having a Mata in a team like ours with zero drive is not something to moan about.

    Looking forward to the game against #Olegend.

    GoodMorning people!!!!

  7. Fletch™ says:

    Morning Reds! Matchday always Brilliant.

    Breaking News:

    Juan Mata is now officially registered as a Manchester United player by the Premier League

    For some reason, you have to put in the club and then go to page 2 to see Mata, but he is there and that mean he is available for selection as of today!

    Brilliant! :twisted:

  8. sir matt martin says:

    Breaking News:
    Manutd submit; £26m for toni kroos. you knw i started the Mata transfer on here on RoM.

  9. The_red_devils says:

    Seriously, who allowed this guy to write on Rom?? A bitter chelsea fan….fighting for place at your club isn’t an achievement, To be a Legend at the biggest club in england is what all call an achievement

  10. Mark Everson says:

    Mata’s an upgrade – PERIOD.

  11. Mark Reid says:

    Dimwit article ,No coincidence that Christiano didn’t get along with Maureen either.

  12. DeGeaWeTrust says:

    Tommy – I totally agree with you, this is a great signing, and like I say, he is better than what we have got, you got to rebuild your squad from ground zero somewhere, and mata is a great start. Look at his stats, he is goal scoring midfielder, his stats were better than rooneys last season. And he is world class player, and world class players are welcome in my book

  13. DeGeaWeTrust says:

    I moaned we never signed Schneider back in 2009, when players like Mata come on the market, you have got to get in there and buy these players. Yes he is not a CM player, but he can play on the right and left of uniteds midfield, and he will offer us has a specialist with free kicks that we have not had since Ronaldo was here, he can shoot from outside the box and the ability to create for our forwards. He is everything that we have been missing for a while

  14. DeGeaWeTrust says:

    OhioRed – I am sorry but the summer Moyes gets a pass for me, that was not a proper transfer window, everyone knew that was a messy window, Moyes has had one proper transfer window which is Jan for me, and he has got what many wanted, a player better than what we have got


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