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Chicharito: Assists mean as much as goals

Javier Hernandez has today claimed that he believes it is far more important for the club to be winning than it is for him to score. More than that though, he reckons he enjoys providing an assist as much as he does finding the back of the net himself.

“I enjoy making a good pass or giving an assist,” he said. “You have to enjoy those things as much as scoring goals. I never play just to score; I’m not upset if I haven’t scored in a couple of games. I don’t think, ‘I have to score in the next one’, because I know football can go like that sometimes. As long as the team is winning, that’s the most important thing. It’s part of our job as strikers to score goals, but I train and play the game to enjoy every pass, shot, movement, assist and goal. I try to experience all the things that football can give you in the same way.”

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  1. Mobi says:

    Top lad with a brilliant attitude

  2. denton davey says:

    Favourite player on this year’s team; he really should get MUCH MORE playing time.

    Goals win games; goals change games – and Chicharito scores goals with a smile on his face.

  3. Al_Ameen says:

    I love this guy

  4. Tommy says:

    Hes got a great attitude but unfortunately he will probably end up going this summer, shame!

  5. LexxytheRed says:

    Thank God Welbeck is down! W can at least give a proper striker some deserved minutes

  6. unitedforeva says:

    Hernandez is my favorite player so I really hope he stays for at least 5 more years! Give him an improved cpntract, Moyes!

  7. Sparkz says:

    @Lexxy…Yeah coz Welbeck’s really the one who’s blocking Hernandez’s place isn’t he? What with all those games he plays on the LEFT WING…

  8. John says:

    Those 2 goals against Argentina and France Chica scored was a superb way to arrive in lime light. I have never liked the hole in midfield even in later years of fergie and I can’t understand why we weren’t/aren’t so serious to buy central midfielders the way the game has evolved in recent years..imo, for striker like chica to thrive we MUST have riches in midfield eventhough he keeps his scoring rate consistent whenever he gets to play. If we had sold Rooney this summer and bought 2 quality central midfielders then all this fuss of playing positions and player game time won’t have occurred…tbh, to me, fergie saw this and it was his smart ploy to make white pele go. But, moyes saw it differently and credit to him as Rooney obviously has been our main player so far this season. But jan is there to address the midfield issue. To me, chica is a player we must keep..Against Holland, kagawa was fantastic too..It is down to moyes how he manages in next 2 windows..Humility of chica is something Rooney is yet to learn.

  9. johnking says:

    David Moyes,
    Do the right thing, not just for our 2 brilliant forwards strikers, but for Chicarito.
    You have played Kagawa time and time again, and he has not been a great player for most of
    his time with M.U, he has had short periods of success only.
    Why, because he has been played out of the position he has been trained for, and there is no
    doubt he is not happy about that.
    He was fabulous in Germany because he was used where he wanted to be, he wants that position
    here at M.U.
    Wake up Moyes, you are not at Everton now, where decisions were always about staying in the
    middle of the P.L
    You are now at M.U. and your job is to keep us at the top, you are not Sir Alex,but you can emulate
    his success..
    You have great players available, Nani, Hernadez ,etc, so stop your fixation of using players
    who fail to perform time and time again, but are used in the hope that they will get better. .
    Use them when they are at their best, then you will be your own best.
    You have the best players available, use them, dont sit them on the bench for 75 minutes
    There was only one Eric Cantona, he was a rare expert in those “off the bench ” games.
    By the way, next time you get two players like Fellaini and Smalling, who can easily get Yellow cards
    in a game, take them off ASAP..
    If Fellaini’s red card, had happened earlier, we could have lost that game.
    JOHN K.


  10. John says:

    johnking, welcome to ROM suddenly out of the blue…yeah you got it, I just revealed ‘The Truth’…hahaha

  11. DreadedRed says:

    John King? You must be Jo King.


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