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Chicharito: I Have A Good Attitude Because I Respect The Club

Javier Hernandez has the best minute per goal ratio in the Premier League this season, scoring a goal every 86 minutes he’s been on the pitch, but has only started six games in the league. With Robin van Persie scoring so infrequently and Wayne Rooney struggling for top form, it’s been surprising to see Chicharito still not get much of a look in.

Hernandez should start against Stoke tomorrow and has a good record against them, scoring 4 goals in the past 3 seasons. Our Mexican striker insists that he is prepared to play whatever role the manager asks of him though.

“All the players in the world want to start every single game,” he said. “I am happy to be at this club. Of course I would love to start more often but I will keep the same attitude. When the gaffer wants me on the bench or the starting line-up I will do my best. My attitude is going to be very good because I want to respect the club, my team-mates and the coach.”

Hernandez has insisted it doesn’t really matter how many goals United score, as long as they keep picking up three points.

“Sometimes you can score a lot of goals and sometimes you are only scoring a few. It’s part of football,” he told MUTV’s Countdown to Kick-off show. “In some parts of the season we have scored a lot of goals. In December [and into January] we scored at least two goals in a few games in a row. That happens. We are working very hard to try and create as many chances as we can and when we have those chances we always try to score. The most important thing for us is to win the games – even if we win 1-0 we would still love that.”

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  1. WeAreUnited says:

    Your stats speaks on you behalf, and we trust in you.

    It’s up to SAF now, t oshow the respect and belief in you.


  2. Kings says:

    I love this kid.

  3. Hammed abiola f says:

    I just don’t understand why he isn’t playing to his standard, SAF should not freeze him out.

  4. Mr Nigeria says:

    God bless U chicharito… U ar Man united best striker dis season… just b patient

  5. Redneck says:

    Cracking player who I’m sure sir Alex will want to keep for a long time. Would love to see him and all of out other strikers flourish in front of a really powerful and creative midfield. Top player top attitude, hopefully his patience will be rewarded.

  6. wayne says:

    anyone have any decent footage of the Millwall fans kicking off all i can find is about a minute

  7. denton davey says:

    Redneck @ 20:04: “Cracking player who I’m sure sir Alex will want to keep for a long time. Would love to see him and all of out other strikers flourish in front of a really powerful and creative midfield.”

    My favourite current player – always exciting.

    The strikers will flourish when SAF abandons his stubborn allegiance to the out-dated 4-4-2 (especially since the three main wingers have been really lousy this season) and shifts to a 4-2-3-1 with a proper, significant’ addition to the “2″.

  8. Redneck says:

    Maybe a minute is all there is, after all I doubt any Milwall fans attention span would allow them to concentrate on anything longer.

  9. Redneck says:

    Denton davey
    A proper significant addition is certainly the key whatever the preferred formation.

  10. rijah says:

    A gentleman in football, and a role model… :)

  11. dannysoya LOVES USAIN BOLT says:

    He should start tomorrow. He deserves it. Welbeck’s not scoring and yet he’s getting all the games at the minute. Play a proper winger out wide. Nani or Valencia.

  12. mara says:

    My opinoon is: if you dont score, like RVP, then Hernandez is starting. If he dont score, then the other striker…until someone start to score…

  13. wayne says:

    That’s not the way it seems to work though,last year Danny and Hernandez went through stale periods but Berba was never given a chance although he scored just about every time he played

  14. wayne says:

    He seems to be stuck in the same place the players getting picked ahead of him are not playing that well but he’s not getting many chances

  15. FletchTHEMAN says:

    The only players picking themselves are de Gea, RvP, Vidic, Welbs, Rafael. Everyone else get to play when needed. Injuries have screwed us again.

    Thank good we had Jones this year as even with 5 CBs we still had to use Carrick for a couple of games.

    Don’t worry about the games lads. Every one on the team has played enough to get a winners medal.
    No one needs to be greedy.

    That is what Javier is saying.

    77 days till Scholes contract is up. End of an era and the rebuild is on!

  16. Costas says:


    Hi mate. On the Berba comparison, I believe the reasoning behind it was that we wanted to give the younger strikers a chance. Funny how that’s worked out. ;)

    Seriously, I wish I had an answer about how to accomodate everybody, but picking the line up has become a mess in recent weeks. Hernandez scores almost everytime he plays but that isn’t often, RVP has scored 1 in 13, Rooney plays one and misses two and Welbeck has been converted into a winger. No matter who plays, it’s about time Fergie finds a regular lineup and sticks with it.

  17. roboo7 says:

    Vs stoke de gea
    rafa vida evans evra

    jones carrick

    kagawa wazza


    Attacking 4. carrick controlling the games as he does and jones recycling. After 70 75 mins switch to 4-4-2 bring on nani and valencia for hernandez and kagawa and clevs for jones.

  18. Tope99 says:

    Hernandez deserved a goal in that last chelsea clash.hernandez is a player that can score the amount of goals cr7 scores but that will only happen when he gets the amount of starts cr7 gets.he just needs consistency and everyone knows he is a natural goal scorer.he is rarely off target,has pace and a really good finisher.he just needs more games(starting and I dont mean coming from the bench)

  19. wazza says:

    No matter what.. he’s our best striker this season.
    Unlike that fucking stupid clueless welbeck, he shoots everywhere exept behind the net.

  20. Marq says:

    Lets put it this way, Hernandez would not look out of place in the starting lineup of any team in the world right now, even Barca, who have tried & failed to find a scorer to take some heat off Messi. Imagine how many goals this guy can score if he is in Barca. So its amazing how he is not given a chance right now with none of our attacking players doing the job.

  21. RedRiverRed says:


    That’s uncalled for, mate. I’ve criticized Danny a fair bit myself, but you’ve gone way over the top.

    Anyway, I hope Chico plays today. He’s always been great againt Stoke.

  22. dannysoya LOVES USAIN BOLT says:

    The problem with Welbeck is that he is being played as WINGER when we have Nani and Valencia in the team. I cannot for the life of me understand why on earth Fergie is doing that unless he does not like Nani and Valencia any longer. Why would we play someone who is supposed to be a striker in the right wing position when we have two NATURAL right wing players on the bench? If Welbeck is to play then he has to understand that he will be competing for the STRIKING positions not the wing position. To me that just feels like Fergie trying to get Welbeck in the team no matter what he does in training.

    If Fergie absolutely does not want to play either Nani or Valencia then we can move rooney out there. Rooney will do a far better job than welbeck out wide and then play hernandez up top with Van Persie. that way we have goals everywhere. We have only ONE goalscoring source if we assume that the line-up we used against City is our line-up and that is Rooney and it feels like he hasn’t scored for ages cuz of the games we lost when he’s be scoring for fun of late. I just hope to Heaven that Van Persie can get it going tomorrow. Just put the ball in the net please. I know that if he gets it in the net once, he’ll get it going again. We need to do everything we can to make sure Van Persie scores. If he scores one, he’s going to go on a tear.

  23. samuel - united WE stand says:

    Roll out as much stats as you want, hernandez’s all round game will always hold him back in terms of game time regularity and even if he moved to another top team, he’ll face the same situation. Needs to improve on his all round contribution, he tends to go anonymous when he isn’t scoring goals, hence why fergie has played him more as an impact sub. Saying all that, van persie has a hit a snag and can’t hit a barn door, hernandez deserves opportunities but to be honest, i look at the team collectively and not how to make a certain player happy.

  24. samuel - united WE stand says:

    Annoys me when people come out with this rubbish notion of “welbeck starts because fergie loves him”, his faults are for all to see, he needs more composure and a ruthless edge, he tends to think too much rather than dispatch the ball into the net but the boy can finish, he’s shown it but seems to have lost confidence (which hopefully he’ll regain soon) but he’s put in.outstanding performances for united this term but he needs to wrap that all off and put it into an end product package. Technically strong, athletic, workrate, welbeck has that important all round game but he needs to be more decisive in front of goal. at this level, scoring ultimately makes the difference and danny.knows he needs to improve and i hope he does.

  25. nanisgranny says:


    I like that team. In my opinion the main reason RvP has stopped scoring has something to do with the service he gets. Young and Valencia have really been poor of late and i av seen less and less dangerous balls coming in from the wings. I would love to see kagawa and herandez starting with rooney and RvP. I think the movement they would create would destroy stoke. SAF clearly has an issue with nani and young and valencia are out of form and welbeck dosent score enough, I think the introduction of kagawa and herandez would also help the form of RvP and Rooney and help us rap up this title.

  26. dannysoya LOVES USAIN BOLT says:

    Fact remains Danny Welbeck is supposed to be a striker is he not? Then he should be played in his position if he’s even playing at all. He shouldn’t be played out of position when we have better players suited for the spot he is taking up in the team. If he isn’t playing as a striker or as a supporting striker then he should not be in the team at all. Simples. Why does he get 50 chances and yet the likes of Nani are canned after one bad game? Hernandez is I think our third highest goal scorer this season ( correct me if I am wrong) and yet he doesn’t come on in the manchester derby when we are trailing until very late in the game.

    I like Welbeck’s play and his overall game and yes Hernandez does need improvement in his overall hold up play but still Welbeck is getting WAY MORE games than he should be getting if we have Fergie’s rotation policy right.

  27. Jorge Curioso says:

    Like Young, Welbeck works his socks off and defends very effectively. That’s why he’s played on the wing. His contribution, as the matches against Madrid showed, are crucial to the team’s success. It doesn’t matter than Hernandez scores at the rate he does. His contribution overall to the team is less than Van Persie’s (or even Welbeck’s).

  28. dannysoya LOVES USAIN BOLT says:

    Agreed Jorge. Welbeck works his socks off and has drive. but when you are trailing in a game work rate is not your primary concern. GOALS are your primary concern. Step forward Hernandez.

    I also disagree about Ashley Young who is by far our least productive winger. A winger who cost 20 million pounds should not be praised for just his work rate. He should be changing games and swinging them in our favour.

  29. Marq says:


    I think that is the frustrating part for many people. If we are talking about work rate, it says alot about Valencia rather than Welbeck. If you know you are not contributing in an attacking sense, at least you make sure you are working hard. If someone who doesn’t play your position takes your place just because he works harder than you, something is not quite right with you.

  30. LexxytheRed says:

    If Fergie sells Chico( God Forbid) and keeps Welbeck, I will be at the forefront of those asking for his retirement because that means he’s lost the plot and that will be the clearest indication. His oversight of how useless Ando and our midfield have been for years, and his persistent use of Giggs and Welbeck(who can’t score to save his own life)in the biggest of games ( city and Madrid) are all pointers to the fact that Fergie is losing it, but selling Hernandez and Keeping the likes of Giggs, Rooney, Valencia, Ando , Young, Nani and Welbeck will be the last stroke for me.
    Simple Chico MUST not be sold, if there is any striker that deserved to be sold at the club its must be Welbeck and probably Rooney. Both have had awful season and won’t be getting any better, to think Welbeck has scored just 2 goals all season playing for a team like United is shameful… And going after Falcao if true is just plain stupid, if we realistically want to challenge for trophies next season, we need a decent midfield at least. We have the worst midfield among the current top five teams in the PL and that mates is the fact! We can keep harping on how good our forward line is and forget how woefully our CM has been since 08.

  31. aimanunited says:

    Respecting the club can only make fans admire the player but will not warrant any starting place.
    Berba also keep saying good words about United but didn’t start and he’s PL top scorer that season.
    Wayne Rooney disrespect the club and the manager by demanding ridiculous wage and we still keep him because according to Fergie he’s our most important player. But did his lucrative wage reflect his performance this season? A big NO! I don’t know what happpened to his growth but a young wayne rooney is a better player by far.. I don’t hate wayne, just unhappy with the way some player has been treated when clearly they put a good game when given chances.. Some players have it easy and some players didn’t.

  32. samuel - united WE stand says:

    Lexxy – go and have your pills, you’re babbling on non existent crap….

  33. samuel - united WE stand says:

    I don’t get what all these kerfuffle is about, fergie hasn’t indicated anyone is getting sold so tuck your panties in and get a grip. Welbeck has the potential to be a better player than hernandez, his all round ability as a footballer is simply more significant, the improvements danny needs to make in order to be top class isn’t huge, it is composure and ruthlessness and he’ll be up there. Idiots wanting him sold can wake up from their regular delusions, the club hasn’t heavily invested on youth in order to discard them, danny welbeck is here to stay and hopefully he will improve.

    I’ve always said it, at any top team, the competition for first team games is intense, if anything, hetlrnandez is learning the harsh lessons of goals only won’t cement your place in the team, modern football has evolved and he needs to produce more.

    Idiots bang on about welbeck only has work-rate, he posseses more technical ability to match the top players. His close control, touch, passing and link up play is very good, his pace is fantastic, he’s got bigger and powerful, he has everything to be a top player but it is that clinical edge, that striking know-how that he needs to polish, he’s snatching at chances and it is frustrating as that’s one thing holding him back but i hope he sorts it out with more hardwork as i expect of danny. Yes, he’s primarily a striker but you would be suprised as to how getting shifted around several positions can affect your confidence as a striker, welbeck has shown that he can finish, maybe not lately but i hope he improves. Welbeck is a symbol of manchester united, clowns hoping to drive him out after all the work the club and danny have done to get to the too can dream on.

    Hernandez will be here too, mexican has a great personality and a sense of work rate and i’m sure fergie doesn’t entertain any thoughts of selling, he’s an important player and at the end of the day, he knows the team’s welfare is more imperative, he’s not the footballer facing the same situation so quit getting your knickers in a twist.

  34. LexxytheRed says:

    Samuel…… Yep, Typical. Yur probably the best United fan, the most Knowledgeable fan, the most Loyal and probably the only one who supports United and watch them play. That’s why my opinion is crap to you…. Probably!!!!

  35. LexxytheRed says:

    And to some people everyone who has a contrary opinion to theirs are idiots…. Your are the one who needs to tuck ur pants

  36. Redblood says:

    I don’t get the tactics of late. We seem to have so many players playing out of position when we have naturals on the bench, we seem to go for defensive minded wingers when we should be looking at an attacking av7 plays) and Jones in CM when we were playing Chelsea sums it up. All that we need is another Carrick in Midfield and our wingers to regain confidence plus SAF playing everyone in his preferred position and all will be well

  37. The Left Bank says:

    Hernandez is a credit to the shirt he wears. His attitude is a refreshing in this day and age.

    I hope he gets more playing time to shine and hone his lethal skills.

  38. samuel - united WE stand says:

    Lexxy – when you come out with “fergie should retire if he sold player A instead of player B”, i cease to take your comments seriously but i apologise for dismissing your opinion in such manner, i disagree with it though and that won’t change. As for the other stuff you added, whatever rocks your boat mate.

  39. binni says:

    is easy to see, Welbeck is getting games just because “England National Team” needs him fit for the World Cup, period. Thats the reason of having our natural wingers and chicharito on the bench… no one of them is from england…

  40. Chicho the Lesbo says:

    A lot of my mates said, “See, thats why Chicho doesn’t play often…he couldn’t even score vs Stoke”. I tried to choke them.

  41. LexxytheRed says:

    Chicho the Lesbo—
    I guess ur mates are fans of Danny “two goals all season” Welbeck.

    I agree with you. To have Welbeck in the England team means he has to play regularly for United. But frankly I thought Lambert should be Englands top striker this year, he’s been consistent for a team like southampton compare to our “two goal hero”.


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