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Chicharito: I’m Happy And Thankful For Reception

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Scott is the editor of Red Matters - 50 Years of Supporting Manchester United and an author of Play Like Fergie's Boys and Not Nineteen Forever. He writes for ESPN, The Metro and Bleacher Report. Follow @R_o_M on Twitter.

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  1. larhalt says:

    can i say 1st!!!1 hehe no ill intent mate

  2. static_85 says:

    Have you noticed in all his interviews, that he usually interrupts the interviewer, not letting him finish the question? Hehe.. Let’s hope he doesn’t do that to SAF!!

    He’s gonna be pure class anyway!

  3. evratheking says:

    He looks sharp & quick, gonna be a great and well in to SAF for putting Kiko and Hernandez on the bench instead of old man owen! Red Army!

  4. red phil says:

    i love his enthusiasm.

    I dont want to add to the hype but last night i sat and watched him attacking the goal in fron of me and he was making amazing runs. We have people like scholes, giggs, berba and carrick who will find those runs. He will score us goals.

  5. Costas says:


    Lol, just noticed it. Doesn’t waste any time does he? On the pitch or on the mic!

  6. Ulster Red says:

    exactly what i was thinking when i watched it

  7. Giles Oakley says:

    It’s interesting to see how his eyes are so alert, scanning his interviewer intently as he listens to the questions, which I suspect is more than just that he’s speaking English as a second language, he’s soaking up everything, enjoying it enormously, not missing a moment. It all makes one confident that she’s going to expand into the light, and not shrink under the weight of expectation. Part of that is the good feelings supporters have for him. Let’s hope that continues even when he fails to score or makes a naive mistake. He’s only a kid, and let’s not forget that as he adapts to his new way of life.

  8. Imy- Mcr says:

    Just to go off topic, is it not strange that there’s been no anouncement that Vida has signed his new contract? After it was anounced that an agreement had been reached, Gill said that the contract would be signed once the team returned from the US tour but so far there’s been no anouncement. I hope it’s not another thing as to what happened with Sparky when the club anounced that a contract had been signed, and at the end of the season he was sold to Chelsea. Also, Bebe was meant to have his medical last week and still no news on that front either.

  9. wednesdayx says:

    @static_85 he does that in all his interviews, i think it’s because he talks really fast!

  10. wednesdayx says:

    His eyes scare me for some reason, but they’re pretty!

  11. lucas says:

    he will be brilliant! quick both feet and decent pace! Would that be necessary to worry about greedy Spanish teams in the future? Since now, I think we need to mancunise him well enough for his own safety!! :)

  12. static_85 says:

    Yeah, fast in every sense of the word!!

  13. manyang says:

    he’s a man 2 depend on this tyme.i think him and Rooney gona take united 2 a very high place this season.i mean bring back the trophy from Chelsea.

  14. Mic says:

    I love how he answers before the question is finished, fucking love the bloke!

  15. romeo says:


  16. Dubzy says:

    I think Chicharito will be at his most potent when we play away from home. There will be more space for him to make his runs.

    I thought he was so impressive again last night – although it was so crowded in the box at times. His runs along the back 4 and the spins into space remind me of Thierry Henry, which is not a bad thing !!!

  17. stretfordender says:

    It was a buzz when he came and warmed up, was great to see him, watching in the ground you can see his intellegent movement, off the final shoulder, it is similar to Michael Owen at 19/20 and Henry in his pomp the kid is a goal scorer, he’ll do great.

    Also, just wanted to say Nemanja was superb last night, Carroll has a hell of a spring yet Vida and Evans kept talking all game, great work boys!

  18. McQueen says:

    Lol looks like he’s not just quick on the pitch! Seems to be in a permanent hurry this kid! I really like him, just hope that the pressure of 70,000 people wanting him to score does not affect him too much. I have a feeling it won’t though, he doesn’t seem fazed at all.

  19. Sandeep1878 says:

    The lad had a briliant game..and we cant forget that he was the one who brought back the ball into play from almost Corner or goalkick situation,then it goes to legend PS and SRG scores a sexy goal!

    we should rather see him as impact player than impact sub :) ..

    he has an aura around him..its like UTD is up and running when hez on the field..sudden rush of energy..

    And hez fast with his words too :) ..clever little Pea..


    btw, what is with Joey barton and the bloody Moustache :) ..he looks damn funny :)

  20. Swissdevil says:

    like the lad!

  21. wayne says:

    yeah thats fucking funny every sentence he’s cutting him off

  22. Ballin... says:

    Its almost like he’s been given a script to read.

  23. Ballin... says:

    He is very eager and excited. I wonder if he’s the same in bed :P . Little P might be suffering from effects of premature ejaculation. LOL

  24. Gudjohnsen says:

    Hahaha he cuts the interviewer off every time! He’s clearly not only quick on the pitch, he speaks very fast and his eyes are always scanning the environment around him.

    I like this lad. I’m sure his first goal will come soon. I agree that he’s more likely to score away from home since when we’re playing the smaller teams at home they tend to fall back very deeply making less space for Chicharito to make his runs.

  25. Rooney22United says:

    His english is bloody great!

  26. wayne says:

    @rooney22 yeah english is manatory in mexico just in case they want to go work in the states

  27. denton davey says:

    stretfordender @ 11:25: “Nemanja was superb last night”

    Only if you overlook how he lost Andy Carroll in the penalty box but was reprieved when Carroll missed that point-blank header.

  28. CroneKills says:

    @wayne, LOL c’mon man… we’re not all like that!
    that would be like me saying it’s mandatory for all englishmen to have bad teeth.

    Here’s to a great campaign!

  29. Miss-United1990 says:

    lol xD looks like he wanna sprint to the loo a.s.a.p

  30. wayne says:

    @cronekills there is about 8million mexicans working in the states illegally so it is a problem and its causing alot of racism down their i was just having a laugh.i thought all englismen did have bad teeth?lol

  31. Wednesdayx says:


    what the hell does your bad joke have to do with the video?, you just killed it! take it to a yank website instead!! I read somewhere that other south americans are in the country illegally not just mexicans, so you just made yourself look like an idiot! and don’t bother replying back cause I will not debate with you.

  32. wayne says:

    @weds theres about 12 mill illegals in the states mexicans are the biggest between 7-8mill unless the numbers dropped i don’t care who takes a swipe but to call me a idiot when i’m actually fairly close to the number makes you the idiot


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