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Chicharito: I’m Living The Dream

Javier Hernandez has expressed his happiness with the start to his Manchester United career and reckons joining the club was a dream come true.

“United’s interest in me came as a complete surprise,” he said. “Initially, I believed it to be pure rumour but now I am here. Even when I signed the deal, I was still worried about the question hanging over my work permit. At any given moment I could have gone on loan to another European club instead. But United worked the situation very well. And though it is complicated to make an early impression at a big club like United, plus it is not easy to adapt to a new country, United helped me through. Many people thought Spain or Italy would offer me my best chance in Europe. But my dream was to play for United and win the Premier League. I am a rookie in the Premier League. But I am happy so far with my start, my goals and my work-rate. United have enormous options up front but Alex Ferguson has given me chances and I’m grateful for that. He is a coach with very clear ideas. From the first day he spoke with me and explained what he wanted. He insisted there was no need for me to feel anxious or nervous. I think I am fulfilling what he wants.”

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  1. dave says:

    i love this kid!

  2. RedScot says:

    Read carefully what he says, there is humilty and understands what it means to be a Manchester United player.
    There is someone that needs to be taught a lesson of “respect” and team.
    Anyone that thinks United are investing £100 million shortly while the cancer is in this club, show me how.I will show you flying pigs.

  3. Dave Malaysia says:

    Now that Rooney has settled,waiting for him and Hernandez to jell upfront as a partnership.
    With thier ages and ability we got a possible twin terrors in the making.

    Goals galore,hardworking and ability to breakdown any defence.

    Long term duo for us ,now to see who joins them; Mame,Wellbeck,Macheda,Joshua,Cofie,Ajose,Keane.

  4. RedScot says:

    @Dave Malaysia and tell please where does Dimitar Berbatov fit in the twin terrors?

  5. denton davey says:

    Dave @ 22:49: “I love this kid!”

    Me, too. Let’s hope he listens to SAF and RyanGiggs – not WayneRooney – when it comes to comes to professionalism.

  6. Dave Malaysia says:


    Dimitar seems to jell with both ,needs to improve, the 3 of them are settled 3 strikers we have.

    My comments just now more to future,Dimitar is already 30.

    And Dimitar is vulnerable this season like Carrick,Brown.If they dont step up then the summer
    probaly they will be gone.

    I know Finally Dimitar is working the right way for a larger majority of the game and for more games in a row,so hes on a good road foward.I dearly hope he keeps it up,then for sure few years yet from him.
    But the twin terrors now,short term ,long term future for us.

  7. RedScot says:

    @Dave Malaysia Cheers mate for your view.I cant see Sir Alex departing with Berbatov, i realize the age thing, but he his planned to lay deeper in the attack, off the main striker Hernandez.
    I dont know if you read State side Aussie on here his fabulous analysis of Berbatov, it says he is more class than a lot of “quick fix fans want” and true.

    I agree we need enhancements, thats for sure to really challenge for the big(Glazer) prize, the Champions league capture..

    I am sorry I cant agree with your twin terrors , for me one is not there anymore.
    I mocked a lad on here once over the depth that Rooney should play a Gerrard type role, it was making more sense to me. But sadly its all gone tits.

    We need an agressive robust midfielder to stop play and also find a cutting pass.
    Not someone who is 100 million pounds but someone who is on the cusp of brilliance.
    So we can build them up to be world class and sell them on(Tongue in cheek)

  8. RedScot says:

    Nite reds remember its not life and death, its much more.

  9. Dave Malaysia says:


    Pls dont say tits,have not had sex in weeks.

    Steven Defour is a likely signing,basing it on Fergie and his letter to the boy.
    The boy has been credited with his will to win,seen him arrive in the box at the right time to score,
    such is his character he has been thier young captain for a while.
    Hes now fully recovered from a broken leg,and is making a good comeback,January for 12 million
    to Manutd.

    I know how angry u are with Rooney,but he will do the job for us. I dont see Fergie goin for Benzema
    and thers no major striker that can change dramatically the foward line unless ur interested in Torres.

    As for Berba, I wonder just how much he might improve,could be seeing something special in the making if he does.

    Scot be cool dude,what ur feeling will settle.

  10. willierednut says:

    Only one thing to say to you, love thy self lol.

  11. Goninho says:

    fuck them all they are all a bunch of mercs, no United player will ever get any real love from me, if the chance came this kid would move aswell. The bagde is the only thing I love. long are gone the days of Giggs and Scholes:(

  12. Maik says:

    I agree 100%

  13. Manchuchu says:

    Give this boy the 10 shirt.

    Or better yet, 7

  14. mo says:



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