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Chicharito: I’m trying my best for the best club

Javier Hernandez has voiced his desire to play more games for Manchester United and hinted that if he isn’t given a chance, he may have to play elsewhere. However, he does seem fairly upbeat about his situation and is prepared to work hard to get back in the starting XI.

“I strive for that [to start more games],” Hernandez told Mexican TV station Deportes Telemundo. “I am working towards that – earning a spot as a starter. I know that my performance on the pitch will allow me to achieve that goal someday either here [in Manchester] or elsewhere for any other club. I am going on four years here [at Manchester United] and really, like I have always said, I am happy to be able to play for one of the best clubs in the world, doing my best every single day to earn more minutes on the pitch. I just need to be given more opportunities to showcase what I can do, because all of us want to be able to contribute our part so this team can win championships.”

Hernandez also has no issues in competing with the likes of Wayne Rooney, Robin van Persie and Danny Welbeck for a spot up front.

“What better way to compete anywhere in the world than to compete with them?” he continued. “The competition inside the team has always been really healthy and I think that helps the team a lot, because there are so many quality players that every one of them wants to earn a starting spot. The practices and matches coming up will force us to step up and help the team grow both at an individual and collective level.”

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  1. thymm50 says:

    All of you suggesting the return of Prodigal Pogba are being too cheap for my liking. All he has ever said about the club and SAF since he left are total rubbish and nonsense. Stop whoring around the unrepentant prodigal ingrate, its not worth it.

  2. Rukky says:

    Thymm50 i dont think anyone is making a case for a potential return of pogba. Its simple argument of ‘chance not taken’ by a former prospect compared to a current one.

  3. samuel - united WE stand says:

    This blog has,become incredibly TEDIOUS, the pogba cheerleaders will sure not quit.. Bloody heck

  4. eltb99 says:

    Cheech, Rooney, Fabio, Vidic and De Gea all on their way soon according to unreliable sources.

  5. The team that wouldn't die says:

    Imagine a team like this; Cuntshire City

    A. Cole (cloned) Rudock Terry A. Cole
    Pogba Gerrard Barton Viera
    Suarez Tevez

    Now let them play in the circus in Rome, and then release the lions!

  6. samme says:

    Probably true, im almost 100% sure he is leaveing next summer. Keep Chicha at all kosts and let Kagawa play more. Dont depend on that bastard.

  7. Mr C says:

    @samme – I don’t believe the specifics of that article for a moment – where do these internet journos get all their supposed inside information. That aside, I reckon Rooney still wants out and is only here because there were no serious takers for him in the summer . I discount Chelski’s faux bid which was probably just Mourinho playing games ahead of our fixture with his side.

    Rooney’s played well for us over the times but I’m tired with the circus and his Ingerlund ways of him and his handlers. Both sides have had plenty out of the relationship but team-wise and playing-wise its time to move on. Since when has a club like United been in thrall to a now overrated twat whose better days are behind him? We could end up losing Chico, Kagawa, as well as stifling the development of younger players and a more creative, fluid style of play by indulging Rooney’s whims… quite frankly we have to bigger and better things to do including moving on to a quality of play that can deal with the likes of Bayern and Barca. We won’t do that by treating Rooney as anything other than a squad player who should fight for his place like the rest of them, which he clearly won’t have..

    Sorry fan boys but Rooney is bad news. He is overrated, over indulged and should be eased out of the club at the earliest opportunity. Should have been fucked off out of the club in 2010 anyway after the ambition nonsense.

  8. WeAreUnited says:


    Yeah I neither can understand that myself . Look like I have said, I saw the raw talent in Pogbas cameos and he did very good in his first came but to ve fair was only decent in his others.
    Pogbas cameo as good as Ronaldos? I think we were losing or drawing Bolton when Ronaldo came in and helped us win and change the game completely in 10minutrs, us scoring 2-3 goals and Ronaldo getting 1 penalty for us.

    Also Januzajs cameos have been 99% better than Pogbas, so that’s a silly comment. This is not a joke thread;) anyway, he did not sign the contract guys AND if we end losing Januzaj wel then i will be pisswd off because he’s a toptop lad and deserves the money, he’s earning it.

  9. parryheid says:

    keano is da man

    Who do I think? How about the guy who was supposed to come before getting fucked off (God I cant wait for that book in a couple of weeks) you know the guy who cant stand pressure LOL. Guardiola.Bet you’re pleased we’re not going to play football like Barca or Bayern Eh.

  10. Mr C says:

    It not about really cameos it’s about proof of underlying talent and effectiveness. Adnan’s showed promise but he’s only had one EPL start. Pogba on the other hand has proved his worth in a decent Juventus side over a longer stretch of games.

    But all this doesn’t really amount to shit. Pogba’s gone. He plays for another side. He’s history. Adnan’s here and plays for us. The future.

  11. DreadedRed says:

    Paul Scholes Jr

    The real fool is not wayne, but you. What a load of tripe you have dumped upon us at 06:21 on your way to Junior School.

    The English league IS rated above all others, only a fool can’t see that. Italy is a shit league compared with England, and Juve are nowhere near as strong as in past decades. wayne did NOT rant about Pogba’s potential like you did. He doesn’t regurgitate every cunt’s opinion on RoM, he makes his own mind up. Pogba would NOT yet be a regular starter for us.

    If Adnan left tomorrow it is YOU who would use it as another reason to hate on United.

    You are a shallow, imbecilic, juvenile ingrate with no apparent value.

  12. keanoisdaman says:

    @parryheid…….get real….he took the Bayern job….try again but with someone who utd had realistic chance of getting……I suppose you expected utd to sign messi and Ronaldo too eh?

  13. wayne says:

    Jr you’re just a stupid thick cunt and if I remember a troll from way back showing up again like a bad penny.If you can’t see that the Prem is a competitive deep league and every other league has one or two dominant teams and nothing else you really are a complete moron
    The reason Bayern dominate Europe is because they have such an advantage over every other team in Germany they can pretty well field a team of reserves before every CL game and still win easily same as the Spanish sides unless their playing each other because the Prem is so competitive English teams don’t have that luxury.Italian league has been in decline for years most of the clubs are broke including Juve and AC Milan if you don’t know any of this why are you even on a Football blog let alone seem to take the opposite side to anyone pro Utd

  14. parryheid says:

    keano is da man.

    Really? Google it you dopey sod. And here’s me thinking we had already signed Ronaldo some time ago,The Messi bit I don’t get.Enlighten me

  15. Paul Scholes Jr. says:

    Did I say the Italian league is stronger then the premier league? No
    I said it is a strong league, yes the teams are going through financial difficulties but their isn’t a lack of quality on the pitch. Roma, Juve, Napoli, Inter, AC, Udineses are all decent sides. Hate to break the bad news to you but Pogba would be getting games right now and Afro probably wouldn’t have been purchased. And I don’t hate United at all, they made a mistake. Unlike you two, I am not afraid to criticize the team when they mess up. It’s based on disappointment rather then hate. Our midfield is weak, his presence would make it stronger. It’s pretty simple and by the way the German league is actually rated above the English right now. Two teams in the champions league final will do that. Last year was a down year for the BPL.

  16. The Truth says:

    Lots of arguments and debate on here, insults often fly but we’re all United and that’s the main thing.


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