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Chicharito Is United’s Best Ever Super Sub

Five minutes after coming off the bench this afternoon, Chicharito scored the equalising goal for Manchester United at Anfield.

Following the game, Sir Alex Ferguson was full of praise for our Mexican striker.

“Hernandez did it again,” said Ferguson. “When you see the goal he was strangled by Martin Skrtel but he managed to free himself. His goals-per-game ratio is fantastic. You always think he can score. That is the great thing about him.”

Chicharito has now scored 9 goals in 21 substitute appearances for United, meaning he has scored in 43% of all games he’s played in after coming off the bench. His current record is 2.3 times better than Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s.

Stats from OSullivanMUFC

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  1. Costas says:

    @King Eric

    Hi mate. That’s what obsession can do to a person. Maybe he’s upset because Berbatov is showing more class in his little finger these last 6 months than Tevez has shown his entire career.

  2. Tommy Taylor says:

    @ shityblue
    May I sugest that you crawl back where you came from after that verbal raping off Redbeard, who in my opinion only made one mistake,and that was to call you a plastic twat which is too good for you, because a twat is useful !
    @King Eric
    Get that pillock CROoney to fuck off with him and that would make everyones day.

  3. King Eric says:

    Tommy Taylor – Well said pal.

  4. King Eric says:

    CROoney – Unlucky son. Oh and it’s fraud not froud. Berbatov was indeed injured as per Fergie’s comments after the game. Mug.

  5. Busbybabes says:

    Little Pea Our Pride !

  6. CiTyBlUe says:

    Hey Redbeard you piece of sht, not even my own father supporting United, or best man even, ever tempted me to support your sht club. My father and his brother jumped on the glory hunting bandwagon like the rest of you muppets but I carried on the tradition of the majority of my family and support the true one and only club of Manchester.

    Atleast we’re from Manchester unlike most of you muppets.

  7. Costas says:

    The true and only club in Manchester shit head? Is that why you only sell out the Etihad against us? Piss off.

  8. Redbeard says:

    Wow, you really are incredible! I write a very long post, pointing out all of the inconsistencies in your semi-literate ramblings and you get all worked up about the very last line. Was the rest of it too complicated for you? Or was this the only line that bothers you because you know it’s the truth.

    As I have said twice now, YOU ARE THE VERY DEFINITION OF A PLASTIC FAN. You call United supporters glory hunters (even you’re own father, despite claiming previously that he was one of the genuine reds, have you no shame?) yet when City went top on Saturday evening, you couldn’t wait to come here and laud it over your rivals; that’s glory hunting and you do it because you are a PLASTIC fan, more plastic than the 20,000 empty seats we see at Eastlands every two weeks (despite every single living organism in Manchester being blue, right?).

    What I have managed to glean from posts (aside from your, frankly, shameful grasp of the English langauge for someone who seems to take so much pride in being from an English city) is that you appear to have a problem with out-of-town/overseas fans. That’s your prerogative, and its good for a man to know his own mind, but seeing as most City fans come from Stockport, maybe you should start there. Tell them all to fuck off and go and watch Stockport County! Honestly, why is it that you take such exception to overseas fans yet seem to have no problem with the club you claim to love so much being the play-thing of a foreign billionaire? Shouldn’t the ownership of your club be of greater concern to you than the following of another? The entire future of your club hangs on the whim of a wealthy foreigner and your more concerned about how many Indian kids watch Man United on telly. Why? Have you written, telephoned or lobbied in any way the board of Manchester City and asked them to stop televising games and selling replica shirts in the Middle East? Did you complain when ‘the only club in Manchester’ spent their summer trying to attract the interest of the fast-growing American market?

    Any rational human being would see the inconsistencies in your stance but you can’t because your not a rational human being you’re a Man City fan and therein lies the crux. You and the club you support are obsessed with Manchester United. You define yourselves in relation to United. Your team goes top of the league and your first reaction is to taunt United fans!! You don’t care about the foreign owners or the Arab blues because you know that they represent your club’s one and only shot at getting close to United. It’s not out-of-town supporters you hate, it’s United supporters because they remind you of everything your club is not and will never be – WE’RE THE BIGGEST FUCKING FOOTBALL CLUB IN THE WORLD AND YOU CAN’T EVEN FILL YOUR GROUND!! Even when you give tickets away, no fucker wants them!


  9. Redbeard says:

    Sorry, omen more question:

    What did you mean when you mentioned ‘best man”?

    You can’t possibly be married, I though you were about 15!


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