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Chicharito: It’s About The Team, Not Heroes

Javier Hernandez has pledged his future to the club, claiming he wants to stick around for a long time a lift a lot of trophies.

“We were very happy with the result,” said Hernandez. “We know about Stoke’s style and are delighted. I’m working a lot because I want to stay here a long time and win a lot of tournaments.”

His goal was scored in an unusual style, particularly considering his height, as he headed the ball using the back of his head.

“I jumped and saw the ball behind me and tried to head it towards the goal,” he added. “I don’t remember doing it in training. It’s a good goal but the most important thing is the result. Here there are no heroes, it is about the team. My team-mates trust in me and all the staff too. It’s an unbelievable opportunity for me to play with the biggest team in the world.”

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  1. Paul H says:

    Chicharito is fast approaching the top of my all time fav Mexicans – only Danny Trejo to beat now :)

    But on a serious note, once he fully ‘clicks’ with those around him, he will be hard to leave out of the starting 11. What will it mean for Rooney, if Chicharito ‘clicks’ with Berba and he ends up warming his greedy ass on the bench?

    So Rooney v Chicharito. 5 questions…. See how you score it?

    1. Most likely to generate dressing room harmony.
    2. Highest goalscorer this season.
    3. Shows most respect for manager and club.
    4. Least likely to bring club into disrepute for off field behaviour.
    5. Who you would rather your daughter bring home as her new boyfriend.

    5-0 Chicharito.

    But before we write off poor Wazza, I do see a new role for him. Dropping into an attacking midfielder role, for when Scholes decides to call it a day, and spend more time reading the Telegraph whilst flying Turkish Airlines :)

  2. MyCowIsTheBest says:


    regarding the article, big deal!

  3. Lovley.United says:

    I cant hate this guy. I just want to squeeze those cheeks and hug him.

    He depicts what a footballer should represent, he clearly isn’t taking his united stroll for granted, he is putting in the hard yards and making a name for himself. I love how everytime he scores a bloody goal he either hits the badge passionatly or kisses it. He has pure admiration for this club & Im Loving it. What a friggen buy by Sir Alex, and were clearly lacking ambition. :S

  4. Corea says:

    That first goal was incredible. I haven’t seen anything like this before. If he didn’t play anymore games for us i would have remembered him for the goal. Amazing.

  5. Corea says:

    As for the badge kissing. He is 22, people sometimes tend to get emotional, you know. I am not concerned.

  6. Koolburn says:

    @ Walter Mitty
    Few minutes before that, Scholes gave the ball away to Jonathan Walters, but thankfully Rio Ferdinand and Nemanja Vidic dealt masterfully with the danger. Fact is the midfield give away possession too cheaply.

    I don’t blame Scholes but for all the talk of blooding young players, SAF should have more faith and trust in them and stop depending on Scholes and Giggs when the going gets tough. Giggs nagging hamstring that flared up meant that Evra had to play on left midfield instead of giving Obertan a chance.
    No value in the market but that didnt stop Spurs from getting Modric, VDV and Bale, greater emphasis on developing young players but SAF keep falling back on the old guards. GGed

  7. King Eric says:

    Why is everyone banging on about wideboy Harry being the master at transfers? Fergie will eat this cunt for breakfast. He has forgotten more than Harry will ever know. Lets see where Spurs are come May. We Wouldn’t hav egot vdv for 8 million and how many on here wanted Modric at the time?

  8. King Eric says:

    Onside – Fucking typical remarkm from a cunt like you. ONE BAD pass in a superb season and he is passed it. Oh how fucking typical. How dare he make a bad pass? Piss off clown

  9. United1990 says:

    I just adore moderate players

    Chicha please don’t change that way of thinking just like some other players did -.-

  10. cinito says:

    rooney should be ashamed and taking example from this young prodigy

  11. berbatov9 says:

    im glad we had the new 14 that i can admire…alan smith was a warrior who honour our shirt well…and it about time the 14 banging goal for fun…

    on other note…i know they maybe slow and soft for premier league and maybe past their prime…but for the best and cheaper option right now to give alternative and creativity for our midfield are KAKA…RIQUELME…ELANO (i dont hold any grudge that he used to be a bitter…he was the key player for brazil in the worldcup)…

  12. RedMancudonian says:

    @ willierednut
    I know what you think, from now on I’m suspicious of badge kissing too, but Chicharito has declared himself a lifelong Manchester United fan on a couple of interviews, and I believe that he is sincere and honest and a great person, so I really think this is meaningful. Well done on the goal, Chico. fucking brilliant !!!!!!
    Riquelme definitely not, Elano maybe, Kaka would be madness to be rejected if he’s transfer listed by Mourinho.

  13. fergie is the boss says:

    RedMancudonian – well you are in for a surprise, chico has said he prefures spanish football, simular remarkes cristiano ronaldo made in 2002/2003 when he was still at sporting . Has he has watched more of barca and real matches. He has never said he supported united

  14. berbatov9 says:


    you bashing people here posting that rooney is a cunt and you ask them to respect and support anyone who wear our beloved team shirt…so now wut with the chico had prefer spanish football shit…he just begin to wear the shirt…we never know wut the future lies,be it Virus or one man team Barca,he is in the right club now isnt he so stop act like a fortune teller and support him as you support rooney…


    why not riquelme…argentina jinx perhaps…i honestly think he can play well in our midfield..
    i for once amaze why no one is interested with elano after worldup..he wasnt that bad..certainly better than overrated john cena brother..milner

  15. Louis says:

    LOL! Didnt know Milner was John Cenas brother! You wont get Kaka for anyhting like real value after his massive transfer in 2008. Hes not worth more than 15 mil now. Really think Schweinsteigger is the one for us. Perfect partner for Cleverley.

  16. Louis says:

    Somebody should tell the Glazers to start saving money on wages instead of transfers. We dont need so many mature players who arent in the starting lineup but make 60 or 70k aweek. Younger players perform better, are cheaper and have greater prospects.

    If you get rid of Carrick, Park and OShea you save 10 mil a year on wages plus about 20m in transfer fees. We could then give those opportunities to younger players that we have already, or even buy more. Remember the Aaron Ramsey transfer?

  17. berbatov9 says:

    for the fantasy and ridicolous buy i am the admirer of fabregas or wilshere…haha..never happen though…

  18. bigphil2003 says:

    berbatov9 – Kaka is a cheaper option? If it wasn’t for Ronaldo he’d be the most expensive player ever!

  19. Dave Mack says:

    What a number of posts seem to miss re Rooney and the Glazer conversation is …nothing ‘s changed. Fergie and Gill have always insisted that they have as much funds as they need to strengthen the squad if and when they want to.

    Glazers just confirmed that.

    Did any of you seriousily doubt that Fegie is and always has been in charge?!

  20. berbatov9 says:


    on current situation i dont think he even worth half than that…with his out of favour at real and with his age and injury concerns…and the “love” toward our club of thier current manager…haha..who know??!!

  21. supergmac13 says:

    It looks like chicharito is going to be one of the greatest without a doubt. Just let him get more settled and he will unleash!!

  22. Chicharito number one says:

    Hello fellow football fans (“futbol” in Mexico) Chicharito is a third generation footballer, both his dad and grandfather played for the Mx National team as well. As you may know he played for Chivas (Guadalajara) in Mexico. The most popular team in Mexico and only team that by tradition plays only Mexicans. Knowing where he comes from and the fact that he comes from a good hm, where he was taught the important things in life will make you like him even more. Chicharito has been kissing the badge of his teams, Chivas, Mexican National team and now ManU! I have been watching ManU closely since his arrival. He traveled to England with his mom and dad (he wants their support and guidance), the kid is no joke, he is the real deal. The kissing of the badge does not mean forever! I think it’s gratitude, humility, exciement, tribute to the team, fans, city and football… His heart is w ManU n Mxco, he knows Fergie will make him the best player he was meant to be! Anyone can change with $ sadly, let’s hope he is an exception cause the world is watching, all Mexican football fans are watching ManU and Chicharo. So if he continues to produce, give 100% and continues to prove / show u the ManU fans loyalty… It would be really cool if you guys could do a little chant in Spanish for him! maybe a simple traditional Mx song, as a chant (maybe I ask 4 too much but I ask w all respect and I think it’ll make the kid feel u fans even more). Viva ManU!

  23. kk says:

    Why all the raves about Bale? Scoring at San siro is a good feat but notice how the Inter defence went to sleep after their 4 goal lead. On team matters, why does everyone want Carrick out? He gave good service consistently and didnt perform last season. He hasnt been setting the world alight but he has been solid or do you want him to dribble past 5 players to support him. He is doing his job. Why dont you support him and see if there is a change. Lets not be like other funs who arent patient and just want instant success? Man City keep buying players coz of the same reason they cant give time for the players to perform. Lets show our difference. Scoring goals doesnt mean being in good form. Playing well and scoring goals that’s what I call form.

  24. Red1990 says:

    In Fergie we trust, fantastic player, only cost £7million. He will score tons of goals for us and this is what Fergie meant by value in the market

  25. Madschester United says:

    Chicharito, Chicharito
    scores funny gooooooooooals

    To the tune of Baby Monkey:

  26. kirui says:

    C RONALDO has been born again atOLD TRAFFORD


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