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Chicharito: I’ve Loved United Since I Was Kid Watching Cantona

Javier Hernandez has revealed that he has loved watching Manchester United since he was a little lad seeing Eric Cantona and Ole Gunnar Solskjaer wear our jersey. They were his heroes and he wants to become just like them.

“It is like a dream,” he said, a broad grin spread across his face. “I am living the dream that I had when I was 10 years old when I loved this team and these players like Giggs and Scholes. All the players at United were heroes to me, from Cantona to Ronaldo. I liked Ole Gunnar Solskjaer a lot as well. They are all good players. I wanted to be like them. I am here now and I want to enjoy it and take this opportunity and to grow up as a human and as a player. Most importantly, I want to win things.”

Hernandez made his home début on Monday against Newcastle after scoring against Chelsea in the Charity Shield the week before.

“It was wonderful on Monday night to play at Old Trafford for United in this league. It was unbelievable,” he continued. “When I was young I always liked this league. I always wanted to play here. I’m very happy I have this opportunity. I also want to open doors to players in Mexico to allow the important teams over here might look at other players from my country. To all the fans in my country and over here I want to say thank you for all the support. I can promise I will work hard and do my best.”

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  1. Tony Starks says:

    Ha! just found out who Santiago Munez is from Wikipedia…

  2. StatesideAussie says:

    He sounds like a good kid, and he can certainly play. Based on what I’ve seen for far, could be our best find in years. But I am having a hard time swallowing some of the negative comments here about he’s just saying these things because he’s new and really he wants to go to RM or wherever … seriously, what do you want from him? So if he says nice things, that must mean he’s obviously full of shit? Perhaps you’d be happier if he said “Nah, I never heard of Manchester United until they plopped the cheque and the plane ticket in front of me, but honestly, I was just happy to leave May-he-co (Mexico), I would have gone to fucking Scunthorpe if they’d have asked…”

    I mean, really.

  3. reddevil forever says:

    he will strugle to have time on the pitch if berba keeps doing so good performances which is not bad news united comes first

  4. Dave malaysia says:

    Off topic a little guys, been checking the manutd website,Chica pic on firstpage
    of first team, but does anyone know why Oliver Norwood is completely missing from
    the just updated teams pages?
    Has he left?

  5. StatesieAussie says:

    @reddevil fovever … I disagree. I am a huge fan of Berbatov, and Chicharito too, and so far, all indications are that they work really well together. Neither is suited to the role of a lone striker. Remains to be seen, but I think we’ll see Sir Alex playing variations on two themes: 433/451 with Rooney upfront (in major PL matches and the CL) and Berbatov with either Rooney or Chicharito (fuck it’s hard to type when you’re drunk) in some sort of 442 for other matches. And over the course of a whole season, it’s those “other matches” which will win us the title.


    he really smiles a lot :D

  7. Macheda is GOD says:

    Costas says:

    How could any striker not idolise Ole Solskjaer? Anyway, hopefully Chicha will score his first official goal pretty soon to ensure that he won’t have people on his back.
    You do realise you called hernandez a girl do you?

    Anyway he smiles alot….Our new dwight yorke? o.o

  8. lucas says:

    Hands off Real Madrid!! He will be here for long stay for a legend status!!

  9. Zibbie says:

    This kid is awesome for Man Utd what a buy.
    Fuck the Ozil drama Real just signed a player who just said last week his childhood dream was to play for Barca. NEXT!!!!!
    Even if Chicharito dreamed of playing with any other team he is saying the right things. He speaks English well enough SAF seems to bring in same language or a country men so 2 or 3 lads can progress together. Will anther Mexican follow? If SAF adds to the team the Porto Remeriez looks good.

  10. McQueen says:

    @ Macheda is god – not really lol, he is quite a good looking lad. Dwight Yorke cracks mirrors when he smiles! This lad will be better than ol’ Yorkie.

  11. Manchuchu says:

    The little green pea scores big red goals


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