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Chicharito leaves for Real Madrid

Javier Hernandez has joined Real Madrid on a season long loan, with the Spanish club having the first option to buy him at the end of the season.

Chicharito leaves United with the fourth best scoring rate in Premier League history. With 130 minutes per goal, Chicharito is behind Sergio Aguero (113 minutes), Thierry Henry (122) and Ruud van Nistelrooy (128). His rate is better than the likes of Robin van Persie (135) and Luis Suarez (139).

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  1. united till i die says:

    Good luck.

    How much did we get for the loan deal?

  2. ziggy says:

    I wish him the best,he was a loyal player,never complained,always smiling,I still remembre how Javier and Berbatov saved the day when Rooney was in the middle of his tantrum four years ago.

    He will thrive in La Liga,he is perfect for a fast team like Real Madrid and I know he is not coming back,I still think he deserved more chances with us ,he love United but obviously he needs to play and something tells me that we’re going to see him scoring big time in Madrid.

    Good luck Chicha!

  3. wiuru says:

    I would like to thank him for his efforts on behalf of our great club .As pointed out in the stats he was worth his place . I hope if he returns to OT to play against us we can Give him a welcome that reflects the genuine esteem in which he is held .

  4. Blacksocks says:

    Could have been a great if had played more often. Loved his attitude too. Good luck Chico, hope you score lots in Spain. (But not against us if our paths cross in the future!).

  5. trevor knightsmith says:

    Good luck to him, seems a decent lad with all the right intentions, always willing to give his best

  6. cr says:

    Me da pena verte partir Chicharito. Mucha suerte!

  7. Tommy says:

    Good lucik Chico top lad, great attitude shame his overall game was not high and he was just an out an out, has anyone thought that with Nani, zaha, Chicharito and maybe Cleverley and Welbeck all going out on loan that this time next year we will have the same problems shifting these players again, just a thought

  8. Dan Young says:

    tommy – i dont think so. these are all players that do have a good reputation. alot of people were in for zaha, nani is popular in italy, chicharito will always have people interested .. hes at madrid for the season, that dosnt happen unless you have something special. cleverley i think will be sold, doubt he will be a loan. and welbeck has many people interested aswell, but i think if RVP has a troubled season we will need welbeck next season anyway.

    i still cant believe how stupid the SSN ‘experts’ are. jamie redknapp is the only one whos opinion today has been in any way worth listening to

  9. Tommy says:

    @Dan Young

    Maybe harsh on some it will depend how they all do, think we might have trouble shifting Nani and Clever has apparently turn 3 clubs down because he wasnts to see out his contract out, if its true, hes a fucking disgrace and shouldn never make any United squad again, he should train with the kids for a yeaer

  10. dannysoya LOVES USAIN BOLT says:

    Good Luck Javier. Thanks for the big big goals in big moments. He’s been a good player for us. Hopefully he develops his game beyond scoring. Maybe at Real Madrid he might do that?

  11. samuel - united WE stand says:

    I did say cleverley was clinging on and looking to drag his exit out. This is a deluded footballer who likens himself to a spanish passing maestro. After his appallingly dreadful attempt to be a footballer.. You’d think he would want to keep his head down but that TC23 brand needs influx of dough, the earrings aren’t going to pay for themselves. Awful player lacking in character. United have struggled to shift these hapless players because they all know beyond united, it’s all downhill… They know it’s their last chance at the top. Pathetic

  12. AndyKong says:

    Good luck in Madrid, thanks for the memories – especially the goals against Chelsea

  13. samuel - united WE stand says:

    Fellaini conviniently got injured just as the napoli deal was hotting up.. It’s almost like united allowed a bad smell in and are struggling to get rid of it. These dreadful players being shifted out will be as an achievement as signing top players in key positions. Big wages, all comfortable strutting around in their chevrolet cars.. Claining to represent united in some kind of flashy boast despite contributing the square root of fuck-all. Pathetic.

  14. Nigel Macmillan says:

    Loved that guy!! Good luck little pea!

  15. samuel - united WE stand says:

    I hope hernandez does well at madrid but his game time situation isn’t going to improve… He will get occassional starts now and again but majority will be off the bench to be honest.. Seems the mexican coach is delighted for him though despite hernandez walking into the same situation. I guess with only benzema to compete with as a centreforward, it’s not so bad.

  16. GingerPrince18 says:

    Guys…any update on Rojo’s work permit. love the guy. cant wait him to start. Will inject pace to our defensive line. Shame if he fail to get the permit on time.

  17. The_red_devils says:

    How about that moutinho guy for central midfield? And his agent is mendes too….

  18. demoniclsayer says:

    Samuel, that might be just be coincidence with Fellaini. Whatever happened, the problem will be sort out by the next transfer window. Besides, these are their careers. Sometimes, no matter how bad they are, they still want to prove their worth at times. No one wants to go downhill when they are at a top club unless they themselves do admit their weakness and decide to try their luck in other place with lower salary.

  19. SebaLaBrujita says:

    Welbeck off to Arsenal!

    Good move for the lad. I hope he does well there. Part of me wishes the club behaved as childishly as arsenal did when they flat our refused to sell Vermaelen to us, not that I’m sorry about that.

  20. SebaLaBrujita says:

    You couldn’t make this shit up. fans poll on sky sports news, 54% of United fans don’t think Falcao is what United need? Eh??????

    Rooney and RVP are both on the decline for differing reasons and Hernandez has gone to the fascists and Welbeck is off to L’arse? Are these people for real or what??!!

    I would say though that we still need a defensive mid and central defender though. Is there any legs in the Moutinho rumours? Isn’t he in the same mould as a Mata, similar frame style of play and also similar to a certain Japanese lad we’ve just moved on? If so I guess it’s nonsense.

  21. Tommy says:


    Take it with a pinch of salt, anyone can vote even rival fans, it means nothing mate

  22. WilliamAR says:

    I certainly wouldn’t be letting welbeck go to a top 6 team that’s for sure. Sillyness at its best.

  23. Moseley Scholes says:


    Agreed. Chicha as a footballer is wank. The same applies to Wellbeck as a goalscorer. I wish them both well, but I won’t lose sleep over either of the going. We need to aspire for players at another level than what they both provide. The don’t all have to be superstars, but neither are United quality… I’m glad LVG agrees.

    What’s the difference between Wellbeck and Emile Heskey apart from having the same goals to game ratio? Answers on a postcard…

  24. Tommy says:


    You could argue Arsenal havnt been a rival to United for almost a decade, that being said I wouldnt have sold him or loaned him to a club who wouldnt sell us vermaelen

  25. EC7 says:


    I was under the impression Moutinho played in a more deeper role. I don’t think he’s a #10. More of a Deep lying playmaker?? Where have these rumours come from?

  26. Mike Fibes says:

    Little Pea
    Little Pea
    Little Pea
    Little Pea
    Scoring goals of wisdom
    Little Pea

  27. unitedyankee says:

    Good luck Little Pea!! Love all the great goals and excitement you brought off the bench. The Chelsea goal that smoked sideshow bob, the Boxing Day game against Newcastle, and the 2 1/2 goals against Aston Villa come to mind!! Hope u get some games and start celebrating again. Train w Ronnie

  28. Gazzer says:

    I too don’t like the way that Cleverley keeps turning down opportunities in order to just see out his contract here. If so, then I’d like to know what the club can do in these situations. I for one would not do a single thing that helps keep him in match condition for his next club. That means training with the kids (to help improve them, not him), no special physio at the club, no eating with the players, and definitely no matches.
    If he wants to play hardball over his contract, then so can we.
    Anyone have any ideas on what is possible in these situations?

  29. FBr David Lee says:

    Chicarito took 1 bullet for the team and join madrid, maybe chica is part of a secret deal to bring Di Maria.

    good lad, hope he displaces benzema (not that french fatty a bad player)

  30. Big Vex says:

    Good luck Chicha, it was a shame to see the smile slowly disappear off your face. Hope it returns on your new journey.

  31. Mark Hamer says:

    cheers mr hernandez you knew what it meant to play for us good luck in the future


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