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Chicharito Talks Of His Dream Come True

After struggling to break Valencia down all game, Javier Hernandez took just seven minutes after being subbed on to score the winner for Manchester United.

Nani beat his man down the right, Federico Macheda cut the ball back across the box, before Hernandez unleashed a great strike to slot the ball away in to the bottom corner of the goal.

“I watched the Champions League in Mexico,” said Chicharito. “It’s one of best tournaments in the world. It’s a dream come true. But result is the biggest thing.”

Sir Alex Ferguson sung the praises of his young striker after the match.

“I think what Chico did was he brought in penetration,” he said. “There was a moment before he scored his goal where made a great run in behind them, and that’s what we needed at that stage of the game. The changes suited us in terms of giving us energy and speed. It’s a great result for us. It’s not easy coming here. We’re pleased to win.”

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  1. willierednut says:

    RedGem – It’s ok, i knew it wasn’t me, but watch out for MG. He tried to sell me a car with the engine missing lol.

  2. RedGem says:

    @willie…BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA…you crack me up, dude…I’d better haul my a*s to work now….later.. :)

  3. MG says:


    You must be mistaking me mate for a car salesman : )

    I am an artist – I am gentle – a thinker – a dreamer (and on and on and on : )

    : )

  4. manutdthebest says:

    chicharito .. is future no 7… Bravo Mechada and Nani too

  5. King Eric says:

    Is this blog turning into the MG and RedGem show? Get a room for fuck sake!!

  6. King Eric says:

    Mes – Ha ha fucking ha. How funny is that Guardian article? “Shredding his legacy at every turn” Yeah 3 titles , a European Cup and 2 league cups and a world cup later Smyth you fucking prick. Hate that twat.

  7. Costas says:

    The King has spoken, lol.


    Well, for the next month they won’t even get Mike to talk to them. Not that they’ll chane their tune or anything.

  8. MG says:

    King Eric

    Thanks for the advice mate – but Mrs G isn’t going to take that one lightly lol : ) And we are here as United fans by the way Sir : )


    Indeed the King has spoken – nice to have him around instead of him not : )

    As for the media – I see Ed M the new labour party leader was at carrington to see the gaffer – my sister was telling me that Sir Alex was gutted that his brother didn’t win.

    So that’s why he was there to make sure he has the gaffers ear : )

    They all know where the power lies – : )

  9. MG says:

    By the way (again)

    King Eric

    You would formally invited to my show any day of the week – of course as would everyone : )

    But there is only one show I need to get to next year

    For United For the 19 For Costas – right Costas : )

  10. MG says:

    typo missed the “be” between formally and invited : )

  11. Costas says:


    Really? Ha, of course they do. I heard that he also wanted to go to Liverpool to enjoy the clown in action. He was gutted when he heard that the FSW wasn’t there anymore…

  12. MG says:

    Oh yeah absolutely : )

    Sir Alex is friends with an MP called Pat McFadden – my sister works for him – she’s always trying to get Pat to get SAF to come to a do or something so that we can meet him : )

    Now I hate politics but for once I’d suck up to my sis to meet the gaffer : )

  13. Costas says:


    I hope she makes it happen then.:) But somehow, I have a feeling that like you, Sir Alex isn’t too crazy about politics either.

  14. MG says:

    Costas trust me when I tell you the Labour party have been seeking the advice of SAF for a very long time.

    Don Ferguson as I say : )

  15. Costas says:


    I wonder what kind of advice he would give them about certain rags. Like the Daily Mail…

    Burn baby, burn. :)

  16. willierednut says:

    Politics, that’s for people full of their own self importance.

  17. MG says:


    That’s a good one : )


    Quite true

  18. Kings says:

    Like to see more of Chicha and Kiko – gave us some energy and pace up front when they came on. There’s potential for a partnership there, providing they get plenty of chances.

  19. King Eric says:

    MG – True, Mrs G probably wouldn’t approve. Anyway mate was only messing!

  20. MG says:

    King Eric

    No probs here mate : )

  21. friveluss says:

    to all of you flipping idiots who keep saying people are “negative” are doom and gloom supporters, are not true fans etc, are all flipping idiots. let me ask you this, what do think saf said in the changing room at half time on wednesday? “keep positive men your doing great”? i doubt that. do u think he sang their praises at everton? no? how about bolton? actually what do you think he said at fullham? whats my point? i guess then that saf isn a true supporter, right?


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