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Chicharito: Unbelievable Fergie Will Never Get Bored Of Winning

In the week that marks Sir Alex Ferguson’s 25th year in charge of Manchester United, Javier Hernandez has spoken of his respect and admiration for the manager.

“He’s completely different,” Hernandez told Inside United. “You can’t compare him to anybody else. What’s impressed me most about him, and this is something I noticed from the first day I met him, is that he’s a very simple person. You can talk about all the things he’s won and all the years he’s been in charge but you wouldn’t know it if you watched him on the bench. Every game looks like it’s his first game for him. He’s so excited, so enthusiastic – he wants to win so much. That is key: he will never get bored of winning and he enjoys what he does. He’s also a really nice man. Every day he’ll ask me how I’m feeling, whether I’m okay, whether I need anything. He’s just an unbelievable person and he doesn’t treat you differently whether you’re on the pitch or off the pitch. He recognises that first you are a human being and then you are a football player. He knows that if you’re doing okay in your personal life then you’ll be okay in your profession.”

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  1. NotoriousRedDevil says:

    I think the attitude Fergie shows towards his players about being a human being first and then a footballer needs to be shown up bosses up and down the country of England. 25 years this week unbelievable.

  2. CedarsDevil says:


    Well said, not much to add to be honest…….

    Oh wait, Hansen is a cunt! hahaha

  3. Jeet says:

    WOW…dont we all wish we had a boss like that!!!

  4. CedarsDevil says:

    Little Pea – This is for your eyes only

    Stay as you are, always be humble and honest…. Scoring for fun is a huge bonus of course!

    One day you could also become our new Ole

  5. KingOfStretfordEnd says:

    Awwww. Everyday I think I love United a 100% but hearing this kind of thing feels as if my obsession with United is increasing. The greatest manager ever in the world. Ever. And if Chicharito stays this way, the humble nice person he is, he’s gonna turn out just like Ole. I can’t believe it, we’re having another Ole in the making.

  6. I am high and i like it says:

    Actually no one gets bored of winning

  7. denton davey says:

    I sure don’t get bored of winning – but I do get pissed off losing. Part of that is a question of entitlement – we’ve been so used to winning the EPL year-after-year that it comes as something of a surprise to come second or third and to “only” win the CL twice – even getting to the finals (but losing) two out of the last three years has a bitter taste. Without a doubt, SAF has raised our level of expectations – and I love it.

    I’m also thrilled with the quality of some of the players SAF has been able to “discover” – Chicharito leads the list but Nani and Chris Smalling and Phil Jones and Fabio and Rafael and Anderson have all shown glimpses of real excellence (in Nani’s case, of course, much more than that !). Now – almost twenty years after the FergyFledglings – it looks like there’s a crop of locally-produced kids who have the potential to be every bit as good – and successful as those guys: DannyTheLad and YoungTom have both impressed me enough in their appearances with the first team to get nicknames. I’m full of hope that in the next year I can irritate a lot of you guys by making up silly nicknames for the likes of Paul Pogba, Ravel Morrison, and Zeki Fryers.

    But I digress…Tonight I’m looking forward to seeing Chicharito score a brace.

  8. super united from old trafford says:

    fergie the master the boss simply the best

  9. WillieRedNut says:

    I never tire of watching you bang the goals in little pea!

  10. Ifeco5 says:

    I realy love this guys, united all the way…GGMU!!!

  11. Ifeco5 says:

    We showed great resilient yesternight to get that win, phil jones my man of the match..pure talent plus wazza looked very comfortable in midfield…great lads with great manager, dr sir alex ferguson.

  12. tom c says:



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