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Chicharito: We Have To Work Harder Than Bilbao

Javier Hernandez has talked up our chances of progressing through to the next round of the Europa League although acknowledges we’ve got an uphill battle against Athletic Bilbao tonight.

“We know we need to score two goals, but it’s also important for us not to concede,” Hernandez said. “We need to be patient. We know the style of Athletic. They pass the ball around, they have a lot of energy and they press their opponents. We have to work hard – harder than them. We have another opportunity to get through tomorrow and we want to keep fighting. It’s a difficult challenge but we want to keep the faith and we want to work very hard to get the result we need.”

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  1. AbuSaad says:

    Good morning, afternoon and evening to all United fans around the globe.

    1st post on here;
    The manager and all the players seem upbeat about the game, which is what we come to expect from our team, not sure how SAF will approach this game; something which may play to our advantage is the fact that Spanish teams don’t usually go out all defensive, I think we are in for a game of wonderful football, let’s just hope our team comes out on top.

  2. CHICHARITO!!! 1nil Ya-Knighted says:

    better work it lil pea. hard work pays as anyone with parents(saf) would be brainwashed into believing:)

  3. Union Jack says:

    The boy talks sense

  4. reddevil689908 says:

    it will be an uphill task and i dont think fergie will risk a lot considering we’re in a fierce title race with a good team..hope chelsea knock the wind out of city this weekend(funny it was reverse a couple of years ago)

  5. bayoRed says:

    I didnt care much about a turn around but after watching Chelsea do it, I now would rather see us prevail however please no risking players for our title challenge. Faith in the youngsters! I would rather Rooney isnt risked!

  6. The WitchKing of Angmar says:

    Who’s starting today is anyone’s guess. Chicha or Welbz. We need goals in this game. Who is best to deliver them along side Wazza?, cant seem to make my mind up.
    In Sir Alex we trust as always.

  7. Costas says:

    Will it be enough though.

  8. Ugandan Red says:

    Work twice as hard and be twice as smart when making decisions

  9. lordrt says:

    he was completely a waste in the first leg, hopefully he gets back in the groove if he plays tonight

  10. Redbilly says:

    Fuck Europa. Title is all that matters this season. Field the youngsters. If they lose it’s a grounding experience for the future. If they win fantastic and the key players can rest / avoid injuries. Hope shitty get through too. .

  11. NigerianRed says:

    I think SAF should just make up his mind. If we’re going for it, then lets go all out for it and if not, then let the kids play while we concentrate on the league. I get frustrated when it looks like we’re not going for it then all of a sudden, there are desperate moves to salvage something just like the first leg at Old Trafford.
    Anyway, i believe in SAF

  12. Saad says:

    I’d prefer it if our boys kept quiet and simply get the job done. Less talk, more action, more conviction on the field.

    I have a good feeling about tonight…

  13. JC says:

    What part of that completely benign interview was objectionable to you Saad? Was it the part where Chicharito said that in order to win we need to score 2 goals and nt concede? or was it the part where he said that Bilbao play had and for us to win we must play harder? Oh I know it must have been where he said it’s a difficult challenge but we want to keep the faith and work hard… jeez what a dim character this Chicharito must be answering questions from the media so provocatively.

    Anyone that has a problem with professional football players answering media questions needs to get over it, get their head out of the sand and realize that this is the internet age and there are more reporters asking these players more questions now than at any time in history and you’ll see those responses almost immediately and on many many different news/blog outlets. That’s not going to change, it’s part of the game and I for one thought Chicharito answered those questions both honestly and without handing any ammunition to the rival team.

  14. Saad says:


    My comment was in response to several weeks worth of talks from our boys leading up to games. But since you couldn’t have known that from reading my post, I understand why you would think that I objected to what Chicharito said.

    I understand that Chicha was just answering questions fired at him by the media. My comment was meant to be in general – I personally prefer it if our players did their talking on the field. I prefer the Scholesian way of simply avoiding the media and showing up on match day and doing your job to the best of their abilities.

  15. JC says:

    I understand but the teams are required to make players available to the media and if all they ever did was say no comment I’d imagine there’d eventually be fines and/or “instructions” sent down from FA/UEFA land to make sure they talked. The media needs to feed the continuous appetite of the internet surfing public and the Football organizations need the publicity to get the most money out of the game. My point above was, if players are going to keep giving interviews (and they are) then Chicharito just highlighted the best way to go about doing it.


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