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Chicharito: You Can Never Stop Improving At United

Javier Hernandez enjoyed an excellent first season at Manchester United following his £6m move. He scored 20 goals in all competitions and earned a regular place in our starting XI, ahead of the Premier League’s top scorer, Dimitar Berbatov.

This season he has dealt with two periods out on the sidelines with injuries, which has seen him drop below Danny Welbeck in pecking order. He’s still managed 9 goals in all competitions though and despite only starting 12 games is in the league’s top 20 scorers this season.

Chicharito claims that whether he starts a game or comes on for the last minute, he is ready to give everything to help the club.

“In my mind I’ve only one aim and that is to always improve,” Hernandez said. “Maybe people have their opinion of me and how I am doing this season. The second term at a new club can always be tough but while I am still scoring, I am happy. It’s been a difficult campaign because I have had some injuries that have disrupted my rhythm but now I am fit again and feel fresh for the important part of the season coming up. I try to learn all the time from the coaches and players at United because, here, you can never stop. I am working hard to improve and I know there is more to come from me. That is why I always give everything. I have always said I am ready to give the gaffer everything whether I am on the pitch for one minute or 90 minutes.”

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  1. jasonpark says:

    He needs to work on his first touch and hold up play. GGMU

  2. theboogeyman says:

    I love this guy. One of my favourite current United players. Always pops with a goal when we need him, plus he’s always smiling lol

  3. Costas says:


  4. Udemsky says:

    totally love this kid. He’s a great finisher but when is he going to score from outside the box?

  5. FletchTHEMAN says:

    You just have to love this lads attitude. I have every confidence that he will continue to be an important player for us but love seeing Danny taking his chances as well. At United, you have to deal with the pressure of having several players in competition for places. It is the only reason that we can stay competitive as the season dogs on and the injuries come and go.

    Related: What ever happened with the head injury thing on lil Pea? Seems like a worry going forward. Guess they will just manage it as time goes on.

  6. denton davey says:

    Udemsky @ 14:28: how many did Ruud scored from outside the box ? 1/150 ?? Chicharito’s job is to be the spear-head of the attack, drive to the goal, and create confusion among the two central defenders. He does it very, very well.

  7. WillieRedNut says:

    Inside the box, outside the box. They all count.

  8. Doghouse says:

    I don’t think he needs to add anything to his game, just refine what he already does. Some teams, particularly if he starts, can figure him out a bit, which can sometimes mean he finds himself offside a lot more than he’d like, but his movement and close quarters finishing are world class. Of all of United’s striker he is the one you want on the end of a final ball into the six yard box.

    We could all get together and write a list of the things that Little Pea can’t do. But what he can do is lose his marker, find the end of a cross and bury anything that even looks like a chance.

    I think he is best suited to playing the role of the impact substitute because of this. I think when he starts games he can be easier to counter because his style of play is so direct. When he is at his most dangerous is late in the game, defenders are tiring, then a substitution is made, the shape of the attack changes and there is an uncertainty about how to handle him.

    One day I think Chicha might replicate Ole’s legendary haul against Forest.

  9. It's in my blood says:

    His attitude really is first class, bless him.
    Now we just need his first touch to reach the same high standards of his attitude and bingo!

    Meanwhile, on a heath in Merseyside last night, Kenny had a barbecue in honour of his chum who he faces shortly in the FA Cup.
    It is not known if Glen Johnson was invited.

  10. James21 says:

    Chicharito only needs to time his run better. His constant offside can be frustrating, hopefully Cleverlys return will help him score more with his quick thinking passing.

    Its in my blood.

  11. It's in my blood says:


    Hi mate, agree that TC’s link up with him and DW could just be what we’re missing!
    Such a shame that Valencia won’t be around for a while to join in the expected fun.

  12. #07 says:


    If he doesn’t run when he does he’ll be tracked. Hernandez times his runs to take advantage of the gap that opens when an opposition back line steps up and there is a slight difference in timing between the full back and the nearest centre half. He has to gamble because if he goes with the defence he’ll be caught flat footed: coming towards the ball when the player on it is ready to strike it the other way. Have you ever tried to spin in the opposite direction while moving? Instead of being offside he’d fall flat on his face and probably do his ankle half the time like he did at Villa.

    The problem isn’t Hernandez, the problem is that most of the time the player we have on the ball doesn’t see the line pushing up and realise its time to release the ball. Scholesy is a master at it but Scholesy and Hernandez haven’t played much together and Cleverley showed he could pick him out too against Ajax and Everton and Arsenal earlier in the season but Cleverley and Chico have also not played together much.

    All things considered Hernandez is having a fine season. When you think he has had two injuries since 20011/12 began and he actually started the season injured having picked up a concussion pre-season its remarkable that a) he’s played 26 times and scored 9 goals, which is basically 1 in 3 and b) scored so many crucial goals e.g. winners away at Everton and Swansea, equalisers away at Liverpool and Chelsea.

    Chelsea paid £50m for that kind of return and Liverpool shelled out £35m and neither have got it. We should be grateful that Sir Alex saw the value in the market with this lad.

  13. James21 says:

    Wasn’t a critisism of Hernandez. Alot on here have mentioned the constant offsides, Andy Cole was the same. Also Hence me saying Cleverly will help him.

  14. denton davey says:

    James21 – the issue of “constant off-sides” not only under-estimates the failure of the passers to anticipate his movement but also -and of at least equal significance – the mis-calls by the linesmen. All too frequently, replays show that a move was flagged incorrectly – regardless of the team/player in question, linesmen almost-never give the attacker the benefit of an even contest. Players are flagged off-sides when they are clearly level with the last defender.

    The intention of the rule was to give any uncertainty to the benefit of the attacker but it’s interpreted in exactly the opposite way. For a player like Chicharito, this is like being “handicapped” since he frequently gets penalized because he is first-off-the-mark and out-wits defenders. SuperPippoInzaghi was the same. One of the team’s advantages from having someone like Chicharito/Inzaghi leading the line is that their threat forces defenders back on their heels and opens up space for their strike-partner. TheWayneBoy thrives from this, “playing between the lines”.

  15. James21 says:

    Yes and hence me saying Cleverly will help him. Clevs reads the game well and his 1 touch quick thinking passing will suit Hernandez. We all know linesman never give the benefit of the doubt to forwards just like Goalkeepers get far to much protection.

  16. Udemsky says:

    one learns a lot here

  17. KingOfStretfordEnd says:

    I just like him. Period.

  18. utd_fc says:

    Wonder if he can improve his first-touch. Makes me wanna cry I tell you.

  19. redriderCH says:

    top bloke!

  20. NBI Red Onion says:

    Dude, change those shorts, I didn’t know where to look…! Those have to be under-15′s shorts else the guy has huge huge thighs.

  21. Fibes says:

    NBI Red Onion

    Son Of Clayton

  22. MEXICO is RED says:

    Chicharito is like the Spitfire, his job is approach and shot down the Bf109E, the Hurricanes take care about shot down the bombers :P

  23. chica chica says:

    Goals can come 1mm from the opposition’s goal line or from our own goal line. Chicharito is our current master of goals inside the box. No one else does it better than him. For goals from outside the box, leave it to others like Young, Nani, Carrick, Scholesy,…
    What matters most is to get the win. Don’t care who scores or from where. But I hope we have a better freekick taker after Ron left we dont seem to score much from freekicks.

  24. soren says:

    Fiu Fiu jaja Vamos Chichagol!!

  25. Manchuchu says:

    He sharpens up his first touch and close control and he instantly becomes the new Romario. Big call but with his work ethic, never say never.


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