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Scott is the editor of Red Matters - 50 Years of Supporting Manchester United and an author of Play Like Fergie's Boys and Not Nineteen Forever. He writes for ESPN, The Metro and Bleacher Report. Follow @R_o_M on Twitter.

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  1. bigphil2003 says:

    @ash, you’re completely right mate – it ain’t about chelski or liverpool. Its about the fact that these “men” are complete cunts.
    People say if they played for United we’d feel different. Ridiculous thing to say because these scumbags could never be United players. The ability to make it at United is about a lot more than footballing talent.

  2. xol says:

    I always liked watching England as a kid during world cups, but seeing that fan with the Rooney shirted Shrek in the Japan game, plus learning about those fan’s antics and Anti UTD stance in general, I’d be comfortable in that Mancunia shirt.

  3. VivaFergie says:

    i do not honestly understand why some people on here chose to support other nations just because they have one or two united players playing for them, when so does the England team and you choose not to support England because of the fans when you do not know the E.g Serbia fans , and also im sure there teams contain “Money-grabbing Cunts” aswell.

  4. xol says:

    When you’ve lived your whole life in the North West, when everyone in your class also had Welsh, Irish or Scottish surnames. When you learn your History and look beyond the arrival of the Angles, Saxons and other Germanic settlers, when you read about the Britons of Rheged and the invading Roman’s fear and respect for them, when you realise we’re older than England by 4000 years you start to question your Englishness, but because you feel at home here, you make do with the ‘English’ tag until the Mancunian Republic becomes a reality.

  5. Abhishek says:

    U can decide to hate..or see the good
    i say love>hatred rather than utd>england.

  6. King Eric says:

    bigphil – Hello pal. Your last sentence is bang on.

  7. butlerman says:

    I can’t boast to have more than 2 decades of football watching experience, nor do I come from anywhere near Manchester or support its club. I do however occasionally enjoy the posts here and appreciate the perspective of a Man United fan, and do appreciate good football from a neutral’s perspective (when it comes to the EPL). I do however wish to see England do the best it can/

    Living in South-East Asia, a region overflowing with strangely ‘patriotic’ Manchester Utd fans and England supports to boot, largely due to clever marketing/club imaging/football ideals, I haven’t stumbled across the same zeal with which “true-blooded” Mancunians hate the national team a la the blog post.

    Oddly confusing really, especially since the shirt and most of the fans take offence in the manner which other club’s supporters treat the Manchester players, when you probably treat their players in the same manner. The irony is the players themselves don’t get the “support” that’s so vaunted from the club supporters… Didn’t Beckham get booed or sent death threats by his own club supporters after his sending off against Argentina? I don’t think Rooney/Carrick/Ferdinand(unfortunately injured)/Beckham would’ve intentionally lost a World Cup Final to prevent Gerrard/Cashley/Terry from getting a winner’s medal. If they were kicking lumps out of each other in a premiership match months ago and are willing to get together for a national cause, can’t imagine what the big fuss is about from the fan’s perspective. Surely you’d like to claim to have the best player in the world in Wazza, and have some irrefutable proof to back that up in light of Barcelona’s posturing.

    If you deem yourself worthy enough to judge their “manhood” because of their paycheck, I’d say most people wouldn’t walk the path less chosen should the opportunity arise for themselves. If judging them based on their ability to swindle referees and dive, Ronaldo did make some horrendous ones, and even my most fervent admiration for Rooney’s ability and determination can be put aside to admit he has gone down a bit too easily sometimes. If it’s based on geographical boundaries, then why can’t this form of rivalry extend beyond the national boundary confounds me.

    It’s more or less universally agreed (even all the way down in Asia) that British tabloids generate staggering amounts of trash… Why you would take offence at the footballing critique of news material that readily displays topless models and whichever latest celebrity has recently unwittingly (or wittingly in some cases) flashed herself? Stumbling about Arsenal blogs, they’re similarly up in arms in the manner which they perceive local papers to slander their supported club. And the level of success which they enjoy is nowhere near the giddying heights of ‘Mancunia’, if ardent Mancunians would ever consider that success at all. Who wants to know about the scandals of Luton Town or Heresford when the flavour of the day/year/decade is so obviously Manchester/any top 4 side for that matter.

    Logically speaking, if you want dear Rooney and co. of the Utd Brigade to get some much needed R&R, may as well hope he commits an unforgiveable FIFA diplomatic mistake and getting himself sent home on the next flight and letting England rampage through to the finals where Lampard/Cole/Gerrard get themselves injured or exhausted for the coming season.

    Then again, logic never figured much in the ‘blood and guts, win or die’ mentality of top level club football.

    When it takes a half-Brit mixblood to attempt to stir up some patriotism in a blog based miles away from where he lives, it’s a sad state of affairs indeed. A WC win may even start a self-perpetuating cycle of improved footballing standards on a grassroots level that would ultimately culminate in more technically adept footballers (imagine, a Carrick that can dribble!) that wins you more European titles.

    Just a handy thought.

  8. EastStandManc says:

    middyred reads the Dail Mail? What a surprise …

    Excellent post BTW, xol.

  9. Frank says:

    To all you guys who find it impossible to support both Manchester United AND England, this must be the most juvenile topic on the net. I would not mind betting that there would not be one of you over the age of 25, maybe 30 at the most.

    Please go and argue your point with our boys in the current England squad and the many United legends who were proud to wear the white shirt of their country in the past starting with Sir Bobby Charlton.

    See how grown up you feel then.

  10. keegan4england says:

    ITS JUST A T SHIRT! (lighten up everyone!)

  11. King Eric says:

    Frank – I am 36 pal in November and I feel nowt towards Ingerlund. Its nothing to do with being “grown up”. Infact that statement makes you sound a bit juvenile.

  12. Frank says:

    Sorry mate, you must be an exception. Guarantee that you will feel something about ‘Ingerlund’ when you get a bit older


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