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Choose England

Choose England. Choose to string up and set alight effigies of Beckham after France 98. Choose to celebrate wildly four years later when Beckham scores the goal against Greece that puts England in the World Cup and go on to worship him. Choose to sing “Stand up if you hate Man U” at Wembley while Gary Neville, Paul Scholes, Nicky Butt and David Beckham are on the pitch. Choose going without a trophy for longer than City. Choose to boo and do aeroplane impressions on the 50th anniversary of Munich. Choose to get giddy over friendlies. Choose banning a United player for 8 months and fining them £50k for the same offence a City player received no ban and a £2k fine for. Choose to support Steven Gerrard, John Terry, Ashley Cole, Frank Lampard, Gareth Barry, David James and the other scrotes that make up the squad. Choose to welcome back Jamie “at least it wasn’t England” Carragher. Choose booing your own players at half-time, full-time and when they touch the ball. Choose relaying your pitch every four months at a cost of £125k a time and still getting it wrong. Choose to call Rooney a fat bastard all season and wish Colleen had a stillbirth, then chant his name until your throat is raw for 5 weeks. Choose delusion of the highest degree. Choose Carlsberg adverts. Choose 44 years of fuck all. Choose penalties. Choose scapegoats. Choose to forget it all in August and go back to Muuuuuuunnnniiiiccccchhhhhh. Choose England.

UNITED > England designs on Mancunia Merchandise: 1, 2, 3, 4.


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Scott is the editor of Red Matters - 50 Years of Supporting Manchester United and an author of Play Like Fergie's Boys and Not Nineteen Forever. He writes for ESPN, The Metro and Bleacher Report. Follow @R_o_M on Twitter.

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  1. Wakey says:


    Thats club level, we as fans, no matter what club we support don’t want to see our rival fans and team do well in anything.

    When it comes to England however it isn’t a rival team or a rival set of fans. Its our country, we all have a shared desire to bring us together for a small period of time. United fans may never like Liverpool players and Liverpool fans may never like the United players BUT you don’t have to like all the players on the pitch (Hey half of the posters here don’t like Berbatov yet they still support United) you just have to support the players as a collective who are representing OUR NATION

  2. Ash says:

    Rai says:
    @ Ash

    Put it this way….when United play in Europe, how many
    of the Ingerland fans want United to do well??
    England and united are two diffrent teams.Now you hate england because chelsea or liverpool supporters dont support united in the europe.Talk some sense dude.
    Rooney is liked by almost all the people irrespective of which club they support.You cant say that all united players are being hated.
    Worldcup means country and not club.

  3. bobotonto says:

    The kind of blind ‘patriotism’ talked about by some cunts here shows just how fucking hopeless the world is. Regionalism and anti-catholicism are not dead in England or a product of the BNP: They thrive! Thatcher hasn’t been out of power that long; and how quickly did Tony Blair convert back to being R.C. after resigning as P.M.? I’m not going to wake up on the morning of June 11 and start respecting comic book character cunts like J.T., Cashley, Calamity and Lurchy Crouch so that we can all hold hands, renew our Dunkirk spirit and sing “Bless ‘Em All.” The World Cup is just another entertainment soap opera that I’m going to have fun watching. I just got back from doing business in Brazil and Argentina and the people there don’t hide their feelings because of some abstract notion of patriotism. I heard so many attacks on Maradona and Dunga for “ignoring the fans” that I just larfed. I don’t really like Germans, but I definitely fancy the Krauts as outsiders.Football is fucking entertainment and you can take your fucking patriotism and stick it up your wanker’s arse!!!

  4. aig alex is god says:

    Its down to thinking i guess. back here in India there is nothing bigger than representing your country. the first thing we did when we went to school was sing the national anthem before the classes started.same thing is done before movies in cinema halls. the way i look at it is,’ if we cant do anything for our country the least we can is get behind those who are trying to do your country proud’.its for that reason that everything should be forgotten when it comes to your national team and support the players as footballers. Its not a very hard thing to do.Thats just me though and that’s the way i look at it

    Nothing pumps me up more than singing the national anthem of India. I admit that my country is far from perfect.

  5. King Eric says:

    bigphil – Cheers mate. Hope you are well.

    Costas – Yeah mate having problems with fucking “talk talk”. I certainly will be commenting on the WC .

  6. King Eric says:

    aig – Hi mate hope you are ok. Thats just it though even our National Anthem is hideous. Horrible droning Queen shite.

    bobonto – great post.

  7. aig alex is god says:

    @king eric

    hi mate. hope you are well too. good to see you back. this place isnt the same without you

    i did hear the england national anthem a few times. dont understand the meaning. it was pretty ok to be honest

  8. bobotonto says:

    My grandmother lost nine brothers in two wars for England. My family paid its dues, thank you! If singing the national anthem gives you a hard-on, goody gumdrops for you. If beating the shit out of Argentina over the Falklands made you proud, that’s great. I’m just waiting to see who the Fleet Street cunts will blame this time. Atypically, against Brazil, David Seaman made a mental error which a brilliant Ronaldinho took advantage of . Yet when Emile Heskey shit his keks and quit trying because he was fucking terrified of Roque, Jr, who’s about two-and-a-half-stone lighter than him, the Fleet Street jackals said nothing. I’m going to point a finger at him for letting down his team, not get mad at a fan who boos because he feels let down.

  9. willierednut says:

    It’s just football people, chill the fook out.

  10. james21 says:

    @willie 11:15
    No offence I just remember a few weeks ago you and another Utd fan on here mentioned you were Irish thats all.

  11. willierednut says:

    james21 – No problems mate.

  12. Bebeto says:

    I don’t really care about England. There’s no antipathy towards them, merely indifference. The Netherlands have always been my favourite international side.

    However, all of those of the opinion that I should unequivocally support England can politely fuck off. Being born somewhere didn’t influence my choice of club, and I certainly won’t be herded to blindly follow England under the premise that it’s my duty to devote myself to my country. I’ll join the army for that.

    If any of that makes me part of an agenda (anti-England) that many fellow United fans get all pissy about, so be it.


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