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City are s**t and that’s a fact!

With Manchester City more than happy to roll over and help us win the title last weekend, United fans showed their appreciation with a special and spontaneous chant. Combining our mocking of the FSW with our mocking of the bluenoses, “City are shit and that’s a fact” was created.

If you want to carry on with the mocking, you can buy them from our Manchester United themed shop from as little as £8.

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Scott is the editor of Red Matters - 50 Years of Supporting Manchester United and an author of Play Like Fergie's Boys and Not Nineteen Forever. He writes for ESPN, The Metro and Bleacher Report. Follow @R_o_M on Twitter.

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  1. mufctilidie says:

    You can afford 10 Tevez and you’ve got Elano and Bellamy up front??? Something must have gone seriously wrong then.So we shouldn’t mock you because it’s not classy and we should concentrate on supporting our team instead?How about you mocking us for the Glazers (although i must agree on this one),Munich and so on?And how about that if you are the richest club in the world you only care about beating United? Two defeats in your two cup finals must have been hard to take…I know that United will eventually go maybe 10 years without a trophy,but at the same United fans know that eventually we’ll rise again,because that’s what sets the difference between a great club and a small one.

    Robinho 36 million £ with Mastercard
    Bellamy 12 million £ with Mastercard
    Elano 10 million £ with Mastercard
    Ronaldinho 15 million £ with Mastercard
    Citeh winning fuck all for the 33rd year in a row it’s priceless…

  2. Jimi the blue says:

    Hughes only had 5 minutes at the start of the season to buy anyone and no player any good involved in Europe would come to City at Christmas. In fact unless you are in Europe its going to be hard to get the best players but City can buy the very best of the rest and plenty of them to be sure we are up their plugging for 4th spot. Once we have 4th city will have the money to buy anyone unlike Aston Villa etc. Whats with the mastercard thing? our players are bought cash, its United’s that are bought on HP.

  3. knightsmith says:

    RE: Russ
    No one said the Glaziers wouldn’t walk away, same as the Arabs, same as Abramovich could, this is a chance you take when your club is privately owned.

    United are a successful club, and no reason why they shouldn’t continue to be so.

    If the Glaziers did walk away, do you not think united wouldn’t be able to attract buyers, after all your shower did, and they don’t know the meaning of success.

    If your owners are so rich, how come citeh are so pathetically bad? they are rubbish, you know it, and so does everybody else. you stick to buying crap such as Bellamy and Co, we’ll continue to win things

    Come back at about 2-45 when we are crowned champions (again)

  4. Russ says:


    I was hoping you would expalin why United are not in serious debt not have a dig at City again.

    If the Glaziers walk away I am sure that United would attract buyers if the price is right just like any other club but if they would have the money required to buy and dig them out of the shit would be another thing.

    The reason why United will not continue to be successful is the natrual cycle of things which has temporarily been interupted by the tens of millions of pounds that consequently came into the game from Sky, The Prem and Champions League at the same time United created a great team, the money allowed United to buy success. Had this happened when Liverpool were doing well they would be a much bigger club than United.

    The money has allowed United to buy individual players that cost almost as much as some teams entire squad, the money has allowed Unted to maintain a second team as good or better than many clubs first team. Thats why United are doing so well although credit to red nose he still has to make it work and hold it all together.

    As for us being so rich and so bad,you know the answers to those questions, when we have been rich for 10 years like your mob instead of 10 months you can ask that question again. Short term getting rid of Hughes would be a good start.

  5. koz says:

    know this is from years ago, but funny there are so many bitters with insider business knowledge of united’s financial situation. everyone is an expert i guess


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