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City Are Totally Hypocritical… But I Hope We Listen

“Adebayor, Adebayor, your dad washes elephants, your mum is a whore!” the Spurs fans chanted, racially abusing the former Arsenal player when he was still playing for their rivals.

Sections of our crowd seemed to like this chant, maybe because they’re simple folk and enjoy things that rhyme, leading to it being sung inside Old Trafford – never in great numbers or at a great volume, but I’ve heard it.

After we won the league last season I had a few crossed words with a pissed up kid who was singing it as we walked down Warwick Road. “Come on lad, we’ve just won the league, let’s not bring racism in to our repertoire of songs eh?” He had a puzzled expression on his face, before responding “fuck off, it’s not racist, and I’ll sing what I want!”

Why is it racist? Implying that parents in Africa are elephant washers and whores is racism. Seems a fairly simple concept to me. Making generalisations of inferiority about a person of a certain race is racism. People have come on blog claiming their dad washes elephants at the zoo, brilliant, but that’s not what this chant is about. The chant is claiming that because Adebayor is from Togo, his parents are an elephant washer and a whore. Maybe you’re a white lad from Chester and your parents have the same job, but nobody would make that generalisation about lads from Chester.

United fans, if rival fans were singing this about Senegalese-born Evra, you would say it was racism. Spurs fans, if rivals fans were singing this about Cameroonian Sébastien Bassong, you would say it was racism. It’s all fine and well trying to justify it but it’s bloody obvious what the chant is about. It’s saying because he’s African, his parents have lowly jobs like an elephant washer and a whore. Maybe your mam is a whore too, good for you, that doesn’t change the motive behind people singing this at Adebayor.

Pinching some racist Spurs song should be below us really.

United take on City in a couple of weeks time and City have voiced their concerns over this chant doing the rounds. The hypocrisy that comes with this, given they have sung about Munich every time the clubs have met for as long as I’ve been going to derby day (with the exclusion of the Munich Memorial game, where they even chanting for Frank Swift, something they’d never done before and something they’ve never done since) is of course massive, like their club, but I hope our fans take our board the warnings. They will chant about Munich, they always do. Their latest chant, ‘Carlos Tevez is a blue, he hates Munichs’ will be sung. But let them get on with what they want, we don’t need to sink to that level. Listen out for their Adebayor song, which goes: ‘Adebayor, Adebayor, he’s hung like an elephant, his wife’s a bit sore.’

There will always be sections of our fans who sing songs the majority don’t like, but I really hope we don’t come down to their level on derby day.

You wouldn’t want them singing stuff about our Paddy Evra, so pack it in!

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Scott is the editor of Red Matters - 50 Years of Supporting Manchester United and an author of Play Like Fergie's Boys and Not Nineteen Forever. He writes for ESPN, The Metro and Bleacher Report. Follow @R_o_M on Twitter.

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  1. Norton says:


    You can make all the excuses for your delinquency you like. A gobshite is a gobshite no matter where he comes from.
    You’re a gobshite.


    Similarly, you’re just making excuses. Let’s have no decency at all, by no-one ever, eh? That’s the only logical end to your justification for behaving like a twat.
    You’re a twat.

  2. Norton says:

    CRooney 2:

    How old are you?

  3. bullethead15 says:

    oh yeah norton im a twat, good one. how long did it take you to make that one up? but at the end of the day il say what i want when i want no matter what some self righteous little prick says. heres a tip for you though grow a set of balls and have your own opinion, rather than following like sheep while scott the shepherd leads all you like mindless fools.
    ps norton wenger is a peado, adegaywhores dad washes elephants, 96 ysb, 39 innocent italians, torres is your bit on the side?!! lol u prick

  4. Norton says:


    Aren’t you the big individual? Problem is, you confuse individuality with being just one more contrarian; ten-a-penny nowadays.
    Contrarians never have real opinions. Only a fragility of self-esteem meaning they always feel like they are being told what to do. No matter what.
    That’s why your last contribution had the content it did. Bully for you you’ll think. When in reality it’s only an attempt to mask a feeling of defeatism.

  5. King Eric says:

    Norton – I think you may have misunderstood CRooney. He wasn’t siding with bullethead, merely mocking him.

  6. CROoney says:

    King Eric – thank you !!!!

    I can’t believe the IQ of that guy Norton !!!!

    The temperature in my room is bigger than it ! And my air condition is at full strenght you know ;)

    lol – at yet he asks me how old i am ….

  7. Norton says:

    Aha, one of the Manc Two, the Croatia Kid’s been piping up again.

    You make me chuckle, calling me names (all very original stuff, I must say) for allegedly misreading one of your gems; you know, the one where you say you’ve never mentioned racism? You don’t even hint at it, do you? Fuckin’ hell.
    Well, tell me something, oh, mystic one, when have I ever said Britain/England doesn’t possess some folk with a lump o’ coal for a brain like you have?
    You never fucking whine about Croatia’s misrepresentation from the rest of Europe (paranoiac that you are) either, do you?
    Take a break, laddie.

    ps… King Eric, thanks for the info. But believe me I already knew this. It’s simply that I still think he’s a Root Kazoob. So I’m just playing his game. Only obviously better.

  8. CROoney says:

    Norton Said – serisouly mate – you talk as if your brains’ left side and right are in fight with eachother…you need to calm down, have your medicine and then come back once you’re all healed up ok little susie ?

  9. Norton says:

    “Norton Said – serisouly mate – you talk as if your brains’ left side and right are in fight with eachother…”

    “serisouly” … pmsl.

  10. wazza (Bezi) says:

    @bullethead15 : how cheap and low you are by your comments. just a shame if your a United fan.

  11. judge says:

    What makes it ‘racist’ is not that Adebayor’s parents are African, it is that he is black, you’re comment at the end is also offensive as it plays upon an ill informed stereotype of ‘black’ people. Racism is just one of many prejudices that pervade our society, some are accepted some are not. You say that it is unacceptable to sing this song about Adebayor’s parents because they are African, it should be unacceptable to sing this song about any parents. I despair to what you’re views are on prejudiced songs sung about any of the following; skin colour, sexual preference, country of birth, hair? and/or colour, spectacled? physical attributes, or any other prejudices. Football has a long way to come. Here’s to a good, honest game tomorrow. Wager’s have been offered for a penalty won by Rooney’s trailing leg, City to finish with ten men or five minutes plus of stoppage time if City are winning, all a bit cynical?

  12. Christy says:

    Chelsea, Chelsea wherever you may be …. dont leave your wife with John Terryyyyyy… could be worse you could be scouse their all tankin gerrards missus in a council house!!


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