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City Player Wind Up Leaves Tevez With Egg On His Face

neville tevezCarlos Tevez scored two goals against Manchester United in the week to give City a 2-1 lead as we go in to the second leg of the League Cup semi.

The Argie striker shrugged off his celebrating team mates to dedicate his celebration to United captain, Gary Neville.

Tevez admitted that he hadn’t actually read what Neville said, given that he hasn’t bothered to learn English in his four years living in England, and that his team mates read out the interview.

Neville actually said that Tevez had been a good player in his time with the club but acknowledged that his manager had a good record in the transfer market and that there were financial restraints on the club these days.

Jonny Evans reckons the City players must have been on the wind up to leave Tevez so obviously upset by the United captain’s comments.

“Gary and Carlos are not team-mates any more and they don’t have to be pals but I think this has all been lost in translation a little bit,” said Evans. “I don’t think Gary said Carlos wasn’t worth £25million. He was just saying the manager usually gets these decisions right and we will get on with it. From what I hear, either Carlos has read it wrong or someone is winding him up and he has reacted.”

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  1. Hargreaves' Big Chin says:

    Stupid fuck, maybe he should spend more time brushing up on his english then cupping his malnourished ears.

  2. Jandsdad says:

    tevez has made a dick of himself, again.
    He doesn’t seem to have the common sense to keep his ill informed gob shut.
    Whether he was wound up by another of the mercenaries over in wastlelands or not he still tries to peddle his lies that he was forced out of the door of Old Trafford when anyone can clearly see that he went for the money.
    Pathetic fucker.

    Come on United

  3. Costas says:

    Jonny is a sensible lad. That photo is hillarious when you think about what has transpired!

    Ok, enough about the twat. Now onto Hull!

  4. bchilds says:

    He’ll have egg on his face on Wednesday night when it’s United who reach the final and not Citeh.

    Quick question, does anyone else feel like this semi-final game is more important than a potention final?

    I would be far more angry and upset losing on Wed than I would against Villa in the final!

  5. Costas says:

    @It’s tough to say. Here’s how I think about it. If we knock them out, a final with Villa(given the tough schedule we have in February) could go either way. If God forbid Shity knock us out, they will win it. They will be the hungrier of the two.

    So in a way, it’s a final for City.

  6. The Edge says:

    Bored of it all.

    4-0 today if we get an early goal. I think we can rest Rooney because we still have his pace in Diouf. If Berbatov is playing he can play through balls all day. I think he will play Owen and Berbs though. That partnership looked great pre-season (against much lesser oppopsitions). Owen wants and needs game time to really prove he can score consistently for United.

    And why do I have a feeling that Diouf and Valencia will have a brilliant partnership. Is it the ridiculous pace or the raw power.

  7. CR says:

    I think everyone should lay off Tevez (not thinking of Neville since he really didn’t criticised him). Tevez was a very good player for us who gave everything for our club and for that I respect him, and even like him despite the fact he is now a City player. Because of his agent, his asking price was to high for us, but he wanted to stay in Manchester where his family have settled down well, hence City. Also, before criticising him for not being able to speak English, maybe you should consider the fact that he comes from a very poor background in Argentina and I wouldn’t be surprised if he spent a very limited amout of time in school, if at all. Cheers for an otherwise very good blog.

  8. Giles Oakley says:

    Well said CR.

  9. Fze123 says:

    @ CR, how are you able to respect this cunt, after all the fuss and drama he created upon leaving our club, his constant bitching to the press, after calling Neville an idiot and a moron and a boot licker even though he did know read what Neville said about him, and after promising he wouldn’t celebrate if he scored against us but then did just that and do you ever read his comments about Fergie? Most notable one is claiming he will shout in Fergie’s face if he scores. What a despicable man, with a stinking attitude.

  10. SR, Manchester says:

    Whatever Chuckle brother said its always gotta be this twat opening his mouth hasn’t it, talking loud and saying nothing as usual. Any of you dicks see his interview the other day?… English. PS, whats with the Mancunia shit?

  11. Costas says:


    Well said. It has nothing to do with his undeniable ability and contribution to Man United. It’s about the fact that as a person he is trash.

  12. Costas says:

    PS It suddenly stinks in this thread. I wonder why.

  13. Lambo says:

    Costas “as a person he is trash.”

    I suggest that is you that is trash. Disgraceful comment

  14. Costas says:


    Thanks. Right back at you.

  15. pondave says:

    If Tevez had left the club saying the same sort of things that Ronaldo did then he would still be loved by our fans, but its all the shit he said, all the lies and slagging off Fergie etc etc.

    He is a disgrace of a person, no class, glad he is out of our club.


  16. wiuru says:

    He has had his moment , Its up to us to respond on Wednesday .

  17. MrPlatinum says:

    I used to say the same thing about Shearer – Fergie, sign me on,put me on for 5 minutes near the end and I’ll end his career.

  18. Fze123 says:

    @ Costas, yes it does stink. You’d think there are dippers on this thread. Maybe these bitters are dippers in disguise, who have gotten so fed up with Liverpool’s atrocious form that they have started supporting our fellow neighbours. Glory hunters, me thinks.

  19. Costas says:


    Lol, I wouldn’t put it past them. There have been a couple of reasonable City fans in here. Hopefully, the others will vanish after Wednesday.

  20. rooninho says:


    tevez es igual a basura.

    why are people making excuses for this idiot?

  21. Blue Carlos says:

    The thing that pissed Tevez off, and strangely, the same thing you lot on here seem to forget is,that after leaving it until the last minute you were knocked back by Tevez. Fergie even stated on your official website that you matched the asking price and terms but he still chose City. “There was nothing more we could do”
    All of a sudden when the fans had started to turn against him, Fergie reckoned he was not worth the money!!!! Ofcourse his mouthpiece, chuckle brother has to echo what the boss says cos thats what he does.
    Come on lads, it must now be blatantly obvious to you, the reason you didn’t sign him was you can’t afford him. You’d have lost money last year if you hadn’t sold twinkle toes. As painful as this may be, and believe it or not I do really feel for the true United fans out there, of which I know many, you now need to sell players to survive financially. You are now a selling club. Sad but true and I think you’ll agree it aint changin til the yanks go.

  22. Costas says:

    @Blue Carlos

    Not going to disagree with you about the Glazers. But what was Carlos’ actual asking price? If it was 25 million, then the offer was made, even in the last minute. If it was 47 million like the Times said, then he truly wasn’t worth the money. The issue with him isn’t just about the damn offer. It’s how he tried to divide United fans on his way out. And who’s to say that he hadn’t agreed with City weeks in advance and was just looking to pin the blame elsewhere?

    By the way, Ryan Giggs also said the same thing that Gary said. Does that make him Ferguson’s echo too? I think that after 18 years in football, Gary Neville has the right to voice his own opinion.

  23. Martin Grayfield says:

    Interesting that you say Giggs said the same thing as Neville. I never saw that posted anywhere at all.
    Interesting that when one of the twins was down Giggs n Tevez were talking to each other quite friendly having a laugh.
    All you lot who slag him off and call him names are really letting your selves down. The guy comes from a very poor background, most of his education was on the football pitch and little in the classroom. He has acknowledged that he is embarrassed about his lack of English. Having said that very few of us can speak his language. Of course here we don’t need too, but when ever i have been abroad it is the English who try adopt the speak loudly they’ll understand approach. So a little of the kettle calling the pot black here i think.
    The reality of all this your coming out with is that he plays for us and not you. PS we are still in the 2 cup competitions.

  24. Costas says:

    @Martin Grayfield

    This is from Skysports:
    Giggs said: “There are no regrets. Carlos is a good player and he is a good penalty taker. If he gets chances he scores.

    “We know what Carlos is all about but he chose to go to City. That is the end of it.

    “We have quality players at the club and we have shown that.”

    Here’s the link:,19528,11667_5873907,00.html

    Giggs said that after the game, so I expect Tevez to do the same stuff with him. Unless of course, he was planning to single out Gary Neville ever since his antics in the 4-3 win.

    As far as his English is concerned, well thats up for debate. He has lived in England for 4 years. I moved to England when I was 9 and I started speaking the language within 2 years. Besides, if I couldn’t read a foreign language, I wouldn’t trust 100% what someone was feeding me. That doesn’t make him look too bright does it?

    Actually, I could care less which club he plays for. He disrespected my team’s club captain and that’s why may of us are upset with him. I have never been envious of a City player. Well, maybe Stephen Ireland, but that’s just about it.

  25. Martin Grayfield says:

    Oh wow that is hardly slagging him off and saying that he isn’t worth the money. I think the fact is that if Neville had said the same sort of thing then Tevez wouldn’t have made any kind of gesture to him.
    Tevez is plainly friends with people at united – the Giggs thing i mentioned before, Evra has said so in the run up etc etc. Also what Giggs said is completely different to what Neville said. So i think your expectation on Giggs is to be misplaced.
    I did say in another response to someone on here that i felt the Neville thing was blown out of all proportion and neither should have any punishment. I suppose the FA thing that Neville being in trouble for his antics at Liverpool and the PL derby ought to keep his finger in his pocket and Tevex should keep his badly translated mouth closed.
    I am sad actually that United are in the financial position that they are through no fault of the loyal fans they have. I am from Manchester and pretty much it was a 40:40:20 split the 20 being the periphery clubs around Manchester and one or two others Nottingham Forest, Liverpool etc.
    There is a world of difference between learning at 9 and the age Tevez moved to the UK. My parents are now in France and i at 36 (nearly 10 years ago) have been trying to learn and it is difficult. I have a Thai step son and he has taken to English like a duck to water but he is 8. Also i am the product of a decent state school, a University education and the time to study. Tevez certainly has the latter even with double training at Man City !
    Lastly without being too picky i think you will find that Neville opened his mouth on the issue first.
    At the end of that it is only half time and i am not convinced we are anything like the finished article so it will be an interesting second half.

  26. sahahaha says:

    Tevez scored twice in a 2 nil win. Where is the egg on his face, really?

  27. Costas says:

    @Martin Grayfield

    I agree that Neville spoke first. No one is denying that. But did he really say something malicious? Here’s his quote:

    “I can’t disagree with his decision on Tevez. He was a good player for us but, if the financial demands are too big, then that’s just the way it goes. Other good players have left this club in the past, it’s not the first time it’s happened. We have the best manager in the world at putting teams together.”

    He doesn’t disrespect Tevez one bit in here. He doesn’t say Tevez isn’t worth the money. He says that the financial demands are too much, which as you know by now, is a fact. We didn’t spend more than 20 million the entire summer.

    I realise how hated Gary Neville is among rival fans and I wouldn’t expect it to be different. I just feel that in this case, Tevez just targeted him in order to suck up to City fans because of what happened at Old Trafford.

    I don’t want to make a big deal out of the language thing. I could say that Nani has lived in England for a smaller period of time, yet he speaks pretty well, but that’s not the point. English is an easier language to learn compared to French or Greek, but that’s not his problem. His problem is that he allowed other people to read things for him and jumped to his own conclusions.

  28. Costas says:

    And another thing. Supposing Neville did say that Tevez wasn’t worth the money, I don’t see what the big deal is. Berbatov has received tons of critisism about his transfer fee since the beginning and he never lashed out.

  29. valrouge says:

    Nev has been a good servant to the club for us, though now coming to the end of his time as a Prem player. He’s had more than his fair share of ‘mares against City but overall he’s done well.
    But you’ve got to admit that when it comes to opening his mouth or winding up the opposition he’s his own worst enemy. I reckon there’s history between him and Tevez and it all came bubbling out last Tues.

  30. Matty says:

    In the newspaper I read whilst on the train to Uni, It did say Gary Neville said something to the lines of “Tevez is not worth the money”, blah blah. Saying, if Fergie says he isn’t worth the money, then he’ll agree with Fergie.

    But it DID state that Gary said he wasn’t worth the money. Whether he actually said that is another matter. Could just be journalism, screwing it up.

  31. shuggie says:

    Lets get this straight: However you interpret Neville’s comments and they can be interpreted more than one way, he chose to spout off first.

    if he’d kept his gob shut there would be no argument.

    He should comment on united players not city players if he doesn’t want or expect a response.

    As for the transfer. Utd reneged on the original option in the contract, trying to reduce the price. They deservedly got outmanouvered and lost the deal. Lesson? Keep your commitments and avoid dodgy dealing.

  32. Costas says:


    Gary’s quote is exactly how I wrote it above. If a journalist tried to stir up trouble, then it wouldn’t surprise me. It’s what they do best. The fact is that Neville never questioned his worth and Tevez overreacted.

  33. Anko says:

    What everyone forgets every time one of these stories comes out is that Neville didn’t go out of his way to phone the media with his views on Tevez – he is asked a question by a journalist in the run up to the game and then does his best to answer it. Likewise, Tevez will then have been asked numerous questions about Neville’s comments – and given his reply. It’s really not worth any of us getting worked up about. In this day and age you would perhaps expect the PR departments of both clubs to have made an effort to stop them – but then it probably serves a purpose for them – for us it keeps the ‘United debt’ story off the back pages for 5 minutes, and for City it’s got to be better than Gary Cook’s latest embarassing statement.

  34. Martin Grayfield says:

    I never said that Neville disrespected Tevez. I don’t think Tevez said that either he said why is he talking about me i never talked about him.
    Part of the problem is that there is a proliferation of sites like this one (not a criticism at all) where things are said repeated and blown out. Tribal football is a major distorter of information – mainly in it’s headlines !! Though this one with the “egg on his face” is an odd twist on a man who scored 2 goals in a game that he won.
    I suspect that both players are currently sat in their mansions not giving a monkeys about what we all think.

  35. Mr Bluesky says:

    If it’s not ‘boot liker neville’ then it’s old pizza face trying to unsettle the player they know will destroy them. Is it childish mind game time again. Grow up !

  36. Costas says:

    @Martin Grayfield

    Tevez and Kia today have complained about Neville disrespecting Tevez. Besides, Neville was asked a question and he answered in a respectful manner. Players talk about each other all the time. Tevez retaliated with a personal attack.

    I agree that the tabloids have taken a magnifying lense and are blowing this out of proportion. And at the end of the day, these 2 could give a fuck what we say. I just can’t ignore it when someone lashes out like that against our club captain.

  37. ChinaBlue says:

    lets face it, its all handbags at dawn and just adds to the spice of the return leg. What it now proves is that once again we are to become the nemisis of United and replace Liverpool/Leeds as the team that just has to be beaten.
    All over Manchester in bars at home or workplace rival fans now commenting and showing their allegiance to their colours and every little misdemeanour is highlighted and scrutinised, I have a lot of red friends and the banter and wind-ups between us all is electric.
    This can only be good for both clubs as now Manchester is THE world capital for football and we are under the spotlight, I read somewhere that the OT derby was one of the most televised matches to come from the EPL .
    Banter apart I do not want to see United bankrupted by the Yanks, we have been fortunate with the Abu Dhabi investment and realistically thats why we are contesting a league cup semi and 5th in the league. I want this rivalry to go on for years with us battling it out for 1st and 2nd in the prem (obviously as long as we are first!)

  38. Costas says:


    You could be right. I know that I am sick of the sight of Terry, Gerrard and Fabregas! We could use a new challenge.

  39. Passe says:

    But bebe is worth 7 million quid – and you hadn’t seen him play, Ferguson.


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