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Cleverley: Couldn’t Believe What I Read About Rio

Roy Hodgson dropped Rio Ferdinand from the England squad because John Terry racially abused his brother, Anton. Hodgson then claimed it was for “footballing reasons”.

Following the publication of the commission’s report, which revealed that Ashley Cole changed his statement to support Terry’s defence, Hodgson revealed that he might name Cole his captain for the Internationals this week.

Ferdinand still hasn’t been called back in to the squad though, despite being better than all the other defenders who have been chosen, and Tom Cleverley can’t understand why anyone would doubt his ability.

“People were doubting Rio but he’s had one bad game in about six months,” Cleverley told MUTV. “He was fantastic along with Rafael, Patrice and Jonny for anyone doubting our defence. We have conceded a few goals due to some small mistakes this season but that’s a team thing – not just the defence. I couldn’t believe some of the stuff I read about Rio in the week. It’s definitely not deserved is that.”

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  1. Zola says:

    No, Rio was dropped because he is PAST IT.

    With all his injuries (and how easly he got ‘merked’ against SPurs, do you really think he will be any better come 2014?

    Didn’t think so.

    Take the blinkers off.

  2. mara says:

    I dont see big deal…changeing generation…younger players comming…We got to manny goals…to say that our defence is good…bullshit..
    That is better for United

  3. samuel - united WE stand says:

    Cleverely better be careful. He doesn’t want shaun custis and the daily fail crew to get after him.

  4. samuel - united WE stand says:

    Another case of “talent is not enough” regarding morrison. He has ability but doesn’t look comitted enough to cultivate it. Temprament is an important key to making it as a great or ending up behind those with such lofty status. C.Ronaldo for example, for all his obvious talent, has put in the shift to be the player he is today (partly aided by united of course). Morrison i’m afraid is heading downwards and it’s not with delight that I say this but with disappointment as i’ve watched him develop at youth level, felt he was bound to make that step up but bad attitude has destroyed a potentially blossoming career at united. He’s not ready to change and has a terrible personality drawing him back.

    Fergie is not one to give up on younger players but even the master puppeteer of youth developing can pack it in when he sees a lack of desire and hunger from younger players who have not made it yet. Pogba and fryers, two big time charlies that demand they should be lifted to dizzying heights without stepping their game up or proving anything. They aren’t cut out for manchester united’s philosophy, rightly kicked out or in fryers’ case, abscond.

    Looking through united’s youth system now, i’m brimming with delight. Not for a while have we seen a collection of talents waiting to make the step up. All seem to possess the right attitude and all I hope are wanting to put the shift in. Talents lie in the club, we just have to be patient because if they hopefully step up, they will fly the club’s flag. For me (and I don’t know about anyone else), I get great satisfaction in watching the younger players’ exuberance in their first steps at the highest level. I prefer to see them in the team, more so than any marquee signing. Watching barca name 8 of their youth product in the team has gotta be something we aspire to and I believe and hope we get close to that at least some-day, won’t be easy but it’s achieveable. I also understand you need that right blend, quality players have to be signed as wel. Patience patience and patience is needed…

  5. Corea says:

    samuel – united WE stand – yeah, patience patience patience is what brought Clev to the place he is right now. And talent of course.

  6. Red Tash says:

    Right on point RE Morrison.Its a shame really that he could’nt heed to Fergie’s advice and knuckle down.Heck even Rio’s counsel was never enough to help the lad calm down and refrain from his wayward ways.Truth be said,i feel for Ravel in light of all the talent he has got.What’s fucking wrong with this young players nowdays?

  7. FletchTHEMAN says:

    Good on Tom Cleverley, sticking up for Rio. Been utter tosh what the pro Liverpool goonies in the media are doing to make sure Gerrard is captain.

    As to Morrison. Lad seems a lost cause. Sad Sad

  8. wayne says:

    A lot of Rio’s injury problems stemmed from the fact he was playing for both
    club games 08-09 24
    09 10 13
    10 11 19
    11 12 30
    only played once for England in 2011,he received the knee injury before the 2010 World Cup,don’t think any of us are disputing on ability Rio should be picked but this is a good thing for Rio and his career

  9. Red Robin says:

    No need to do that Tom! Let them FA & Hodgson keep thinking that Rio has passed it. United need his energy and better Rio not to share his energy with England. ;)

  10. Gaffer says:

    Even though both we and SAF is satisfied, it should still be up to Rio himself to decide if he is to old, as long as he is good enough.

  11. Dela says:

    Rio has been good this season so far. Only bad point on his record was the Bale goal, but I don’t blame him solely for that, Bale ran very far without any intervention. But that’s only one goal anyway and Bale can be fast and very good when he wants to be. I find it very disturbing how many “fans” on here only remember the mistakes that players make. Little trolls who can’t help but use their perceived anonymity to criticize and judge everyone else, when in the end they probably know fuck all about football outside of playing FIFA, but still think they know better than Sir Alex.

  12. United Till I Die says:

    Cleverley you beauty thats the spirit! Nice to know he’s happy to rock the cart for a team mate. Fair enough its a small gesture but you can’t buy that type of loyalty in the game.

    More to the point who the fuck is Woy anyway? Cleverley will be managed by a million National Managers before he retIres from England, but theres only one Rio Ferdinand. United first and foremost sunshine, United first and foremost! 


  13. Gopher Brown says:

    I don’t think we should care if Roy Hodgson and seeminly everyone else in Eng-er-land doesn’t rate him any more. He has always divided opinion. For me, he is still our best defender, and he has staged largely injury-free of late. He rarely makes mistakes, very composed, brilliant positioning. Anyone in doubt should watch his performance against Liverpool and that tricky bastard Suarez, he was tremendous.

  14. United Till I Die says:

    @Zola – To put it politely, if Rio is good enough for Manchester United who the fuck are England to reject him? Hate to break it to you but the current national side is the equivalent of BLACKBURN in world football. Rio can do better without that piss poor sack of shit, and I’ll take Ferguson’s opinion over a no mark like Woy any day. Still, its funny to see who thinks the FA have it “right on this one” just because its Rio. Like fuck they have.

  15. Unitedforeva says:

    Is Rio waiting for an England recall from Woy? Why not just quit and put his all in United? There’s 2 question for Rio to answer.

  16. Simon says:

    Rio is not good enough for England now due to his speed and injuries. Technically, he is excellent but it’s the speed which lets him down slightly. Saying that, if you partnered him with a wippet it could work?


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