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Cleverley: Solskjaer Has Improved My Finishing

Tom Clevlerley has scored 7 goals since joining Watford on loan this season and claims this is down to the shooting advice given to him by Ole Gunnar Solskjaer.

“Having Ole as a coach at United means your finishing is going to get better,” said Cleverley. “You need a bit of luck, but I’ve been in the right spot to score. I’m aiming for double figures by the New Year.”

Cleverley had hoped to stay at United during the summer and has again reiterated his desire to be at United.

“Whether I stay on loan depends on Sir Alex,” he contined. “Hopefully I will get a chance at United. If and when that comes, I’ve got to take it.”

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  1. denton davey says:

    rooney the new king @ 2:25: “now this is not me slating berbatov, like some seem to think I am one of the berba haters group. This is a very well structured view why I am still asking questions of his ability to perform for united. But if I get it wrong with berbatov I will eat humble pie and say hey berbatov is performing, he has got over 5 months to show his worth who knows.”

    I totally agree with your five points but I would be reluctant to give the guy five more months “to prove me wrong”; he’s had sixteen months to deal with those five points and there is fuck-all to suggest that he is going to come to grips with them.

    In a sense, Berbatov is lucky because the options at SAF’s disposal are not good – he won’t bring in a new, foreign striker; his EPL-based options aren’t very enticing; LittleMikey is an injury-waiting-to-happen, based on the last five years of his career; KikoTheKid is injured; Danny Welbeck has hardly been given a chance as the #9; and a change in formation of the sort I conjectured seems unlikely. So, Dimmy will no doubt get his five-more-months to prove us wrong – he wouldn’t give a shit if we eat humble pie and neither would we because if he comes good then UTD will win the glorious 19th and the CL.

  2. Fred says:

    @King Eric & Fze123

    Yeah right. If a certain Bulgarian player did the same celebration, the Berbacocksuckers would be wanking themselves silly. Of course, goal celebrations generally follow goals, so we needn’t worry about Berbie dancing with delight any time soon.

  3. King Eric says:

    Fred – Not at all. Just hate the fat little cunt when he does that jig . Are you Berba’s ex lover or summat? Every post you put includes him. You seem very bitter toward him.

  4. Fred says:

    King Eric – it’s nothing like that, mate. I don’t mean to be so harsh on Berbatov, I just wanna see the team do well.

  5. tim says:

    Rooney has to be the new king, what he is doing at united is amazing. But to look at him with no disrepect to the guy, he does not look like a footballer but he sure is. I think in years to come he will be known as a true legend


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