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Club Confirms Continued Serbian Talks

David Gill has today confirmed that the deals for Serbian pair Zoran Tosic and Adem Ljajic are still being ironed out.

Whilst work permits and transfer fees have been organised, the personal terms are yet to be agreed, either suggesting the club are being tight bastards, or the Serbians are greedy. Knowing what we do about the club and modern footballers, neither would really surprise me.

“The representatives of Manchester presented their vision of the future, which, sadly, at that moment, didn’t convey with ours,” said Tosic in the week. “Anyway, the contact will remain and I believe that we will have a happy end. I haven’t started to think about another club, I firmly remain positive on the whole matter.”

With both United and the player keen to resolve the situation, it looks as though a move in January is still to be expected.

“We’re still in negotiations with both,” Gill said. “We’ve agreed club terms, now we’re working on the player terms. They may or may not happen. Apart from those, I don’t think there will be a lot of activity from us in January. Perhaps the odd loan signing going out if Alex decides he wants to give some of the younger players first team experience elsewhere. But I don’t expect there to be much else.”

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  1. daveob says:

    From everything I have read about this. We had only offered Tosic 150,000 euro per year….
    I can understand his reluctance to sign and he quoted that he would be earning less than reserve players….. I hope nobody tells him John O’Shea is on 45k a week!!
    Time for the club to get the finger out as those Scumbags Madrid are starting to sniff about….

  2. Eujen says:

    if he’s going into the first team, he should be on equal pay with some of them.

  3. DanS says:

    “The representatives of Manchester presented their vision of the future, which, sadly, at that moment, didn’t convey with ours”

    Don’t bother then!

  4. denton davey says:

    DanS – it’s called “negotiations 101″. Besides, there’s no particular rush to get these kids signed, sealed and delivered since they’re only haggling over the marginal rates of pay; the other elements of the transfer are sorted. Expect to learn that Xmas was very, very happy in the Tosic household.

  5. EastStandManc says:

    Ljajic has already told Tosic that he’s staying ’til the end of the season, so we can only really expect one of the pair in January.

    As I said to King Eric in another article, I reckon this will slowly go on in the background until the transfer window opens, by which time, if it’s not yet resolved, we’ll dedicate our efforts to it and get it done over, say, 72 hours.

  6. suhayl says:

    hope we do get it done…dont ant another aaron ramsay situation. And clubs are sniffing round llajic and tosic…big clubs an all. 135k a year is derisory to say the least. Surely we can offer better terms than that. Blimey

  7. Red-Manc says:

    I Really want this deal done and quickly, Llajic looks the best out of the both of them but id say both would be a very good addition to our squad. Ive said this before that Nani and Anderson need competition for their places (that applys more to nani) Giggsy isnt going to be around for much longer so it would only leave Nani on the left Tosic and Llajic would give us some options.

    I like Serbian players theres no pre-maddonna stuff with them, they just love football and if their anything like Vida they’ll fucking murder ya!


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