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‘Come back when you’ve won 18′ t-shirts


The RoM Manchester United shop is selling shirts with this design from as little as £8!

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Scott is the editor of Red Matters - 50 Years of Supporting Manchester United and an author of Play Like Fergie's Boys and Not Nineteen Forever. He writes for ESPN, The Metro and Bleacher Report. Follow @R_o_M on Twitter.

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  1. unitedgirl15 says:


  2. corea says:

    hehe, but :( anyway..

  3. luke says:

    any chance of havin the top in red instead of in white?

  4. Chris20legend says:

    would yah not cut the top off so sky sports 1 aint there?

  5. Kings says:

    On another note, I watched the highlights on BBC last night just to see the scouse bastards faces when we were presented with the trophy. Alan YSB Hansen quoted the following: ‘Liverpool can certainly match Manchester United for quality with their first 11, but it’s 12-20 that separates Manchester United from Liverpool’. Mmmm……..I don’t quite see where he is coming from. Let’s compare the following:

    VDS or Reina: No contest.
    Rafael/O’Shea or Arbeloa: No contest.
    Rio or Carragher: No contest
    Vidic or Skrtel: You must be fucking joking!
    Evra or Aurelio: Fuck off!
    Ronaldo or Kuyt: What the fuck??!
    Fletcher or Gerrard: Cunt Gerrard just edges it for strength, but Fletcher is fast becoming an important player in the centre of midfield for United.
    Carrick or Alonso: Alonso just shades it because of goals output, but Carrick definitely is just as good if he makes more forward runs into the box, or is willing to hit some long rangers, which he should as he can hit a ball just as sweetly as Alonso.
    Park/Giggs or Benayoun: No contest.
    Rooney or Torres: Wouldn’t swap Rooney for this transvestite.
    Berbatov or Babel: No contest.

    I think he is getting a bit too carried away because of the 4-1 win at Old Trafford. That was a freak result that I certainly hope we put right next season, when hopefully we will take them cunts to the cleaners in our league meetings.

    Just heard Alan Smith (Ex Arsenal) say that Benitez should learn to be a bit more gracious in defeat and accept that United are the best team in the country.

  6. corea says:

    i’m watching west brom – liverpool game.
    Carragher was on the verge of having a fight with Arbeloa. Who the fuck is Arbeloa ? Certainly tense scouser’s side. :)

  7. keanesmagichat says:


    top post, heard that yesterday myself.. the subtle bitterness is brilliant.. they are hurting.. on teamtalk there were liverpool fans admitting to crying after the game.. can you fathom that?

  8. chep says:

    Scott, I love it. going to shop on monday. we`ll make some order with the colleagues to make it one package to Slovakia. thanks a lot

  9. Pip says:

    Bit gammy lookin…..

  10. chep says:

    just a question. anyone with experience can advise the size of a t shirt from the shop when my height is 180 cm = 5′ 10.9″? M, L, XL? might be weird question, but from various shoppings from various countries it is not so obvious as it may seem. thanks

  11. cantona7 says:

    Kings spot on! When you list it that way, it’s really a laughable comparison. On paper, the difference is too big. For argument’s sake, canyou make another comparison with Chelsea? I think that would be closer, they have ballack, essien, tiny tears… I’ve said it many times to my friends, Liverpool is a long way from catching us and Chelsea up.

    Anyway, i wonder, the lads that made that banner, what are they doing now? Haha just imagine how f*cking bad they are feeling rite now

  12. jamos9 says:

    Chep: with regards to what size shirt I’d go for a medium as I’m about the same height, but you didn’t specify your weight?, you could be 20 stone and grossly obese for all i know? That would mean an XXXL then pal :)

  13. chep says:

    jamos9, 85kg, not slim one, but not obese at all :-) thanks for an advise, I will go for M though

  14. corea says:

    maybe XL ? it depends

    i bought a shirt from the official shop. i’m 181, 95 kilos. the shirt was XXL – it is slightly big ) i will take XL this year )

  15. chep says:

    corea, that`s 2 size difference to what jamos9 says…I am confused now

  16. corea says:

    XL comes after M, nope ?
    i’m not sure. 10 kilos in difference is enough ?
    XXL is big for me but i’ve worn it for a year. i know XL might be the right size for me but i don’t know how Scott’s t-shirts are manufactured.
    ps. you are lucky. unfortunately they don’t dispatch the shirts to russia. (

  17. chep says:

    there is L in between. M, L, XL. dilemma

  18. corea says:

    aaaah, sorry. )))
    i think at least L not M.

  19. peposhi says:
    Carragher “happy” with team mate Arbeloa, lads

  20. Stephen says:

    Team spirit, 18 and more to come………..

  21. Kings says:

    keanesmagichat – laughable mate. They have been mouthing off big style about winning the league since winning at Old Trafford, but it’s great to see them finally realising that they are not good enough to win it. Que sera sera, whatever will be will be, we’re going to Italy……..

    cantona7 – here you are mate:

    VDS or Cech: No contest in my opinion
    Rafael/O’Shea or Bosingwa: Rafael edges it for me. He shown this season just how comfortable he is on the ball, and his handling of Robinho at Wastelands was superb, had him in his back pocket.
    Rio or Terry: No contest
    Vidic or Alex: No brainer
    Evra or Cole: No brainer
    Ronaldo or Ballack: No brainer
    Carrick or Lampard: Carrick gives you creativity, Lampard gives you goals. I’d take Carrick on this one.
    Fletcher or Essien: As much as I love Fletcher for his energy and workrate, Essien is the complete package, missed out big time on this one in my opinion. Made a mug of Gerrard in the European Cup Quarter-Final at Anfield, a monster of a player, would sign him in an instant if he was available. Still more than happy with Fletch though, will be missed for the Final in Rome.
    Giggs/Park or Malouda: Giggs/Park for me, especially Park.
    Rooney or Drogba: No contest. If Drogba read this he would think it’s a ‘fucking disgrace’ for me to say that.
    Berbatov/Tevez or Anelka: No contest.

    Looking at that, there is definitely only one player I would take from Chelsea,and that is Essien. Saying that, we have Hargreaves to come back next season, so he will give us some extra strength in midfield, not to mention Anderson as well, so we are ok in the midfield department. I agree about you saying that Liverpool are a long way from catching up with United or Chelsea. And the way Chelsea have been playing recently, they would make mincemeat of Liverpool, as they showed in the first leg of that game at Anfield. All I can say is, I’m pleased we smashed them at Old Trafford this season, when they were in a mess under Scolari.

  22. chep says:

    Kings, I agree with Essien, but hopefully we will see Owen Hargreaves back with no more injuries

    watch this,23791,12602_5331435,00.html

    OMG, they showed character (once again) and spending again and again (bench quality). he is from different planet I think

  23. RJ says:

    Should be “Come back when you’ve won the Premier League” ;)

  24. corea says:

    I would take Hargo over Essien anyday. Because Hargo is our player, the rent boy is not. But i would take healthy Hargo. Get well soon.

    Oh Owen Hargreaves..

  25. Doherty says:

    Talkin about t-shirts. Anyone seen this:
    Supposed to be our new kit.

  26. jcolas says:

    @ kings
    Spot on assessment, chelski are much closer in my opinion to us than the dippers. Plus I agree about essien and assumming that stevie-me had never played for the scousers (in an alternate reality) I would take him.

  27. chep says:

    hopefully not. I do not like it very much

  28. jcolas says:

    Lol RJ- Send that idea to stretford end banners or something.

  29. chep says:

    to RJ – nice, same suggestion as jcolas

  30. Kings says:

    corea – I’m fully aware of those facts about Hargreaves and Essien. I was merely saying that in response to a question that was raised by cantona7 in terms of player quality between the sides. There are alot of United fans I know who would concur with my statement about Essien. And yes Hargreaves is a superb player who has been greatly missed this season, and I sincerely hope he stays injury free next season.

  31. costas says:

    Guys i am so gutted right now.Beneathus didn’t congratulate SAF.Why?What does that nobody SAF have to do to earn this great man’s respect?I tell you what.Now that Beneathus won’t congratulate Fergie,the title win is ruined for me.Absolutely gutted.

  32. wazza says:

    costas: don’t get upset mate.FSW is just a bitter cunt & showing his class.
    btw, did u hear anything bout suhayl ?

  33. jcolas says:

    Look at the brightside Chep, it looks better than chelsea’s new kit. WTF zipper? They look like football uniforms from 2025 or something.

  34. AlphaRS says:


  35. Red_Ruth says:

    OHH AHH CANTONA….somehow think that’ll do the trick

  36. Doherty says:

    uh ah cantona…

  37. Kings says:


    Just seen this from ‘All Things Red’ a dipper website

    Why People HATE Manchester United, and Why We Should Love Liverpool

    Posted by johnroache, on May 17th, 2009, in Sports – LFC
    “Firstly, let me congratulate Manchester United’s manager, players and fans on finally matching our record of 18 top flight league titles. If I didn’t do that then I might sound a little bitter throughout the rest of this article, because what I’d like to do secondly is establish why it is that people hate Man United as a club so much – and no, it isn’t ‘just because they win’, contrary to what you might think.”

    “Obviously, Liverpool fans hate United because they’re our biggest rivals and have been for many years; but the hatred levels shown towards Chelsea, Everton and Arsenal are nothing compared to the animosity we have for the Mancs. Absolutely nothing. There are so many reasons for this that to attempt an exhaustive list would be futile, but taking a few of the most recent and nauseating instances of United’s extreme arrogance and hypocrisy might allow us to explore the hatred just a little bit.”

    “A few weeks ago was the 20th anniversary of the Hillsborough tragedy, and say what you will about Liverpool fans, Heysel, and all of the other historically controversial moments which have shaped this club, there can be no denying that, for those few April days, respect and solidarity were owed to those who lost loved ones on that day. It was a beautiful week in many ways, with a moving ceremony and a lot of very kind, thoughtful words being said by people up and down the country, even those not normally involved in the footballing world.”

    “At the same time, Alex Ferguson was preparing to launch a pre-meditated and public attack on Rafael Benitez’s moral standards. It concerned the infamous ‘gesture’ Rafa made to Xabi Alonso after the midfield playmaker apparently ignored his manager’s instructions to play a free kick short. Was Ferguson there in the dugout, was he even at Anfield? No. Did the incident concern him or his team at all? No. Did he have any evidence that Benitez meant the gesture as an arrogant ‘game over’ signal aimed at Allardyce and Blackburn? No. Did Allardyce say anything about the incident until Ferguson raised the matter? Did he mention it in his post-game drink with Sammy Lee? Did the TV cameras show Benitez to be targeting his opponents in any way?”

    “Did Sam Allardyce once bring a reserve keeper on to play up front in an FA Cup game that he judged his Bolton side to have already comfortably won? Yes, he did.”

    “Allardyce is a disgusting person but by far the worse of the two evils here is Ferguson. He said that Benitez had shown ‘contempt’ for his opponents with the gesture. Well, let’s talk about contempt Mr Ferguson.”

    “Do you think that nobody is watching when you run around like a drunken hooligan, waving your arms and swearing at the 4th official just because a decision didn’t go your way? What about your team’s nasty and well-known habit of surrounding the referee? What about your assistant’s accusation last year that the referee of your FA Cup game against Portsmouth was bent, just because he didn’t give you the decisions that you wanted? What about your deliberate lies to the media about your club’s level of spending compared to Liverpool’s? What about your childish refusal to speak to the BBC on account of the fact that they included your son in a documentary about dodgy agents? Not to be forgotten was your refusal to fulfil your media obligations to Sky Sports – the company responsible for the wealth of your club – because they dared to insist that one of your games be played at 12.45 instead of 3 o clock (this was in accordance with official police recommendations).”

    “And last week, after your side scored a late goal against Wigan, your player Patrice Evra made a gesture which – and this time it was certainly clear – was meant to mock Benitez and imply that the league was ‘all over’. By the way, the league wasn’t over at that point – the Mancs needed Saturday’s bland 0-0 home draw to Arsenal to confirm that. Contempt? Anyone?”

    “Ferguson has been anxious about Liverpool this year. He made remarks earlier this season which ruled us out as serious contenders, despite our strong start. Benitez stepped in soon after and gave his legendary Ferguson lecture, a moment which has wrongly been labelled a rant and which, actually, revealed an awful lot of truths concerning the ‘untouchable’ status that the United manager has deliberately built for himself over his many years in charge. We proceeded to push United to the 37th game of the season, beating them twice, scoring more goals and losing fewer games, leaving them to rely on some excellent defending and some dubious refereeing decisions to win the league.”

    “They won the league because they managed to nick goals in the home games which saw us drawing. They got more points over 9 months and they are therefore rightly champions. But when Benitez beats them to the title next year, it will be every bit as impressive an achievement as Ferguson’s first title win with United – if not more so. Ferguson has a centre back who cost more than our entire defensive squad put together; he has a £30 million striker in Berbatov, a £27 million striker in Rooney and the ability to spend £30 million combined on young lads like Anderson and Nani. Benitez meanwhile has built a team out of dependable players like Alonso, Agger, Skrtel, Reina, Kuyt and Riera without spending small fortunes on each one. His record signing, Torres, was only £20 million and has been much better value than Berbatov. Mascherano, at £18 million, is better than both Carrick (£15 million plus) and Hargreaves (£18 million plus).”

    “Nobody seems to give Rafa the credit he deserves for simply managing to build a title-challenging side at a time when Ferguson is cash-rich and well-established and Chelsea have Russian billions in the bank. Liverpool also manage to play quite nice football – something else that the commentators tend to ignore. We’re no Barcelona but we’re certainly better than Chelsea to look at.”

    “Football in general is not enough to make me angry; it’s the characters and forces involved in the game which get me livid. If Ferguson and United’s behaviour had been different, even for this one season, I’d have accepted them winning the title in a much more gracious fashion. But as it is, their lack of humility and respect for others just drives me on; along with a love of Liverpool FC, it’s what keeps me going, keeps me paying for my season ticket every year. We’ll get that title back from Man United next season, that’s what I believe; and when we do it, it will be as respectable, popular champions, and our manager will show anything but contempt in victory. But – and this is the key – even if we don’t win, all of the respect and honour will still be on our side.”

    “And that’s why I’m proud to be a long-suffering Liverpool fan”

    The third paragragph sums it all up for me. Fucking bastard. I said they were expecting respect to be shown for Hillsborough, even though they continue to disrespect the Munich Disaster.

  38. Pip says:

    fuck sake.
    U could have just posted the link.

  39. Kings says:

    Pip – I tried but it wouldn’t allow me for some reason, hence the paste job.

  40. costas says:

    Thanx for the trouble Kings.I think you are old enough to remember 2002 right?Weren’t they saying the same things?

  41. Park, Park, wherever you may be says:

    What utter bollocks!
    That scouse git needs to take the bias shades off and eat a humility pill! How dare he try and spin all that fergie vs FSWanker & £££ crap…
    FACE THE FACTS YOU CUNTS!!! We are going to Rome, you are trying to win the Golden Glove! blind-dumb cunts…

  42. TK99 says:



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