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COMPETITION: Rooney Goal Machine

Wayne Rooney has brought out a DVD which shows every goal he has scored for United up until our 8-2 win over Arsenal this season.

To win a copy of “Rooney – Goal Machine” simply post a YouTube link to your favourite Rooney goal in the comments section below.

The DVD is now available from any good online retailer.

Congratulations to James Cole from Berkshire and Nital Patel from West Bromich won a copy of the Manchester United Greatest XI DVD.

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Scott is the editor of Red Matters - 50 Years of Supporting Manchester United and an author of Play Like Fergie's Boys and Not Nineteen Forever. He writes for ESPN, The Metro and Bleacher Report. Follow @R_o_M on Twitter.

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  1. WillieRedNut says:

    Cedars – No mate, he loves Roo! Ha ha

  2. Dylan Nolan says:

    Pure venom, still my fave Rooney goal.

  3. Jayesh says:

    Willie- Hahah don’t blame you for that, I’m 16 right now, and I wouldn’t have even been able to control the ball like he did, forget scoring the goal. :P

  4. CedarsDevil says:

    Had a chat with Willie about Scholes earlier, now imagine if this thread was about United’s best ever goal?


  5. Jayesh says:

    CedarsDevil- God, there are too many of them, aren’t they? If you go by the importance of the goal, I would go for his goal against Barca. But for sheer quality, I think the volley against Aston Villa beats all.

  6. ClaytonBlackmoresTan says:

    I can’t put it up because Dylan Nolan has bagged it already- props mate, good taste sunshine- but my favourite was the ‘ave this you barcode Geordie wasters’ against Newcastle.

    Watch this…watch this- BANG!

    It’ll always be my favourite because I took my old man with me, he’s the reason I support United- took me to my first game at the library against the Gooners- (we won 2-1, Strachan and McClair, blinding) he was 70 years old and had seen them play over 100 times- but never at Old Trafford- he always used to watch them in London and this was a game I took him to. I’ve offered him tickets since, but he lives in Spain now and getting over ain’t the simplest thing and he always says “Nah, you go son, take your mate, make sure you’re on your feet, but there’s no point an old duffer like me going, seeing that goal made me feel like I was watching Edwards in his prime, it’ll never get better than that”

    Making a 70 year old feel like a 7 year old? That’s why the volley versus the Geordies was the best ever for me.

  7. feerold says:
    The one that keep the noisy neighbour silent.I go with this one

  8. King Eric says:

    wayne – Hello mate. Nearly 160 goals in 330 games for United is pretty impressive!!

  9. Costas says:


    Lol, that’s Rooney’s head mate. Like wayne said, he gets in these sticky patches quite often. He’ll score a ton of goals in his career, but I don’t know if I’d ever call him a lethal scoring machine ala Van Nistelrooy.

  10. Zibbie says:

    LOL I do love Rooney!!! What a winner this lad is.
    GO ROONEY!!!!!

  11. Zibbie says:

    What I love more then Rooney is, Manchester United winning silverware!!!!! He seems to help with that.

  12. WillieRedNut says:

    Post your video Zibbie? Go for it mate! :)

  13. Zibbie says:

    My favorite Rooney video was the one where he said he fucked up about wanting to leave.

    The way he would yell at CR7 when they were young together.

    When he makes runs off the ball to create space for magic.

    When SAF calls him over during the game and has him play at LFB and he just does it.

    Rooney’s big old Shrek smile when they score and win.

  14. marsy the red says:

    In a game that I wish to forget, his goal was sensational and gave a great feeling of hope.

  15. NorseRed says:

    even though you only have to post a video to enter the competition, this really wasn’t easy

    I’d go with this Cantonaesque chip vs Portsmouth

  16. mafei1113 says:

    I really like the counter attack goal that Rooney scored against Arsenal. I enjoyed it more because Nani chose to pass instead of holding the ball up. Nice play.

  17. smartalex says:

    Clearly, the United supporter who most deserves to receive this prize is:
    ClaytonBlackmoresTan’s father.

    Please, get Rooney to sign it for him.

    ps: The strike against Newcastle was pure and true. As good as it gets.

  18. StretfordEndRising says:

    Looking at all these goals, I miss when he was our no. 8. For me, apart from the obvious, that chip in the cup against pompey will stand out. I was behind that goal, and I remember the awe everyone of us felt as it went in.

  19. rohitvarkey says:

    i love the chip agnst pompey….absolute genius!

  20. arnjns29 says:

    To go against the grain, I went with the Newcastle screamer, but I also loved the overhead kick against City (as any fan would).

  21. the cat says:

    Ending Arsenal’s unbeaten record before they could reach 50 – “50 games you’re ‘aving a laff!”

  22. the cat says:

    didn’t realise that (Arsenal down and out at 49) was his 1st ever premier league goal according to the commentator

  23. Buliwyf says:

    There’s no doubt!

  24. Buliwyf says:

    and here’s the link :-)

    of course the city screamer!!

  25. StefanAttard says:

    Head and shoulders above the others!

  26. Prodigy says:

    Overhead kick vs City. It’s such a hard move and takes a lot of skill to pull off but he did it like if it was nothing for him.

  27. Eski says:

    This amazing, difficult strike against Newcastle

  28. Fred says:

    Nital Patel wins AGAIN? :?

  29. Fred says:

    Oh, that was just further notification of Nital winning the last contest. :)

  30. cassiarmemekio says:

    This is the goal against Chelsea away at Stamford Bridge, one of my favorite Rooney goals and it’s a classic Rooney one where cuts inside and rockets near post. Even though we lost that game it wasn’t a legitimate loss and this should have been really important. The man city bicycle kick, his goal against milan in the 07 champions league, and the goal against barcelona in the final are others of his greatest.

  31. guruan01 says:

    One of my favorite counter-attack goals of all time. There have been lots of important goals scored by Rooney, but none have had me watch it over and over and over than the one he scored against Bolton during our Ronaldo days (2006/07 I think it was).

    Ronaldo and Rooney combine to create this beautiful piece of art of a goal:

  32. nathan.united says:

    One of the best goals ever that Rooney has scored is the outstanding volley against Newcastle at Old Trafford. The goal was pure genius and there’s no better goal than that from the skilled Man.U striker.


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