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In December 1989, United fanatic Pete Molyneux raised a banner calling for Alex Ferguson’s head, sparking the most famous protest in Old Trafford’s 103 years. For manager and supporter alike it was their darkest hour. Pete never gave up on his team and, thank God, Fergie stayed. Ta Ra Fergie tells Pete’s story of his time following United at home and abroad since 1963, attending over 2,000 matches. This is the story of United from a fan’s perspective. It covers Busby’s European triumph, the despair of relegation and the tortuous false dawns of the 1980s to that elusive title win and Alex Ferguson’s twenty-six-year-reign. Watching United has brought countless thrills, but for Pete it has also had a darker side that led to heartache and tragedy.

To win a copy of Ta Ra Fergie post your favourite moment from Fergie’s reign in the comments section.

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About Scott

Scott is the editor of Red Matters - 50 Years of Supporting Manchester United and an author of Play Like Fergie's Boys and Not Nineteen Forever. He writes for ESPN, The Metro and Bleacher Report. Follow @R_o_M on Twitter.

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  1. robplested says:

    The treble win in 1999 i was only 8 at the time but i can still remember watching the champions league final what a last 10 minutes that was it is 1 of my earliest memories of supporting united

  2. bore16 says:

    Favourite moment: winning champions league in 2008

  3. Proverb says:

    Its toughy as there have been countless of them, so I’m gonna pick his 26 year reign as my fav. ;)

  4. ak47 says:

    His celebrations v Sheff Wed when we won the title.

  5. Chingar says:

    His post match interview after Barcelona ’99; “I can’t believe it! Football, bloody hell!”

  6. Rohan says:

    I think My Favourite Fergie Moment has to be Signing Eric Cantona from Leeds. Leeds and United have never been friends. The move was all the more remarkable considering the impact Cantona had made at Leeds following his instrumental role in leading Leeds to the First Division title in 1991/92.

    Yet when Fergie came knocking later that year Leeds allowed the enigmatic Frenchman to leave the club for a fee of £1.2m, just £300,000 more than Leeds paid for him before he inspired them to their first top division title in nearly 20 years. Cantona had an immediate impact, And the Rest as you know is History.

  7. Little Red Ant says:

    Bit obscure – when Mike Phelan burst the balloon at Chelsea. SAF swears at him but never really loses concentration of the game – rest around him are in hysterics

  8. pzred says:

    Champions league final in 2008 in moscow

  9. iDon says:

    autostart: off;


  10. GENTLEKEZ says:

    Is this there moment? Beckham! and ís sheriiiigaaaaam, solkjaeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeer has won it

  11. Prinz says:

    For me, winning the treble in ‘fergie time’ and the CALVARY CHARGE.
    “When you say things like that, like what he said about Stuart Pearce, i’ve kept real cool you tell him that we’ve not resorted to that, we’re still fighting for this league and he’s got to go to Middlesboro and get something, and i tell u what i’ll love it if we beat them love it”. Kevin Keagan

  12. Oramu enede says:

    My favourite moment is champions league 2oo8 against chelsea

  13. Prinz says:

    Guys remember this fergie quote on the eve of the derby.
    “if we got that number (20 penalties at home in just over 2 seasons) of penalty kicks there’d be an inquiry in the House of Commons, there’d be a protest”. Funny but true.

  14. javac says:

    Watching ITV when ole scored in 99. I had knelt down by tv. Drained! Within seconds, i’d jumped up ran around room screaming before calmly, very English of me too, I walked to kitchen to put the kettle on. Lost it then looked for a bit of normality on the kitchen. Popped back in for the replays to lose it again. I can still hear the commentary…


    Final note…. Fergie’s smile and happiness in Manchester in champions parade. he earned that smile!

  15. Mush says:

    The leaving speech left me with goosebumps!! “your job now us to support our new manager”

  16. ronny says:

    for me reading in the morning paper that Eric Cantona had been bought by United. I knew then we’d win the League Title

  17. swtc1987 says:

    has to be his dealings with the media, from kevin ‘i would love it if we beat them’ keegan, to rafa ‘fact’ benitez he really knew how to wind it up!!

    but for me his most memorable moment was the absolute blinder off a press conference he delivered following rooney’s first transfer request, and how two years later and in his last ever post game interview how he demonstrated that he shall never be crossed by announcing to the world rooney had asked for a transfer.

    Ferguson never forgets.

    And history will never forget Sir Alex Ferguson

    thanks for ALL the memories.

  18. slim says:

    “Football, Bloody hell”
    The look on his face. I’ll never forget

  19. kingrvp says:

    Would have to be that night in Barcelona. Winning in Fergie time was simply incredible!

  20. Lawman10 says:

    Fergie & kidds reaction to Steve Bruce late winning goal v Sheffield wed 1993
    Priceless & magical moment, will live with me forever.

  21. MDLatqp says:

    That extraordinary night in Barcelona 14 years ago….

  22. King Eric says:

    Lawman – Yes great call. Kiddo kissing pitch and Fergie jigging. Quality.

  23. wazzer says:

    Fav moment 1999

  24. Dela says:

    Can’t beat 1999. City won the league in Fergie time with two goals. United won the TREBLE in Fergie time with two goals. Can’t be topped, simply can’t be topped.

  25. Red Letter says:

    After years of watching Liverpool winning leagues, Europeans Cups and when they failed
    Nottingham and Villa won it and United had to be content with just the odd FA every so often.
    After the heartbreak of ’92 much to the delight of the Scousers the match against Blackburn
    in ’93 was just sheer bliss! Watching Fergie’s proud expression as Giggs scored that cracking equaliser I then realised here was a manager who would at last fill Sir Matt’s boots and at last
    bring to United the success we so craved………………………..and how!

  26. kaushikravi says:

    In 2004 when be banned BBC (so called giant) for talking shit about his son in a documentary. Only after 7 years and BBC’s director came to speak with SAF did he lift the ban. Amazing!

  27. Harty67 says:

    As it says on my fridge magnets;
    “City are a small club with a small mentality. All they ever talk about is United, they can’t get away from it”. Sir Alex Ferguson 2009.
    Not forgetting;
    ” My biggest challenge isn’t what’s happening now, my biggest challenge was knocking Liverpool right off their fucking perch. And you can print that!” Sir Alex Ferguson 2002.
    If ever a manager thought and spoke like the fans, SAF surely is that man.

  28. Karly1987 says:

    My favourite moment with Sir reign isn’t the wins, the trophies or even the winding up of other managers. It was in 2009, when he subbed Dimitar Berbatov and he sat on the bench sulking, Fergie is sat behind him, notices and starts taking the mick and pulling faces.

    Shows even when a player is being moody and disagrees with him, he still treated them all like a family member would

  29. MansionOfTheReds says:

    No doubt abt this. Fav moment would be winning the 19th title. Cos lets face it, that’s what he came here for. knocking the scouse of their ****ing perch

  30. margf says:

    The treble win in 1999


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