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COMPETITION: Wear Your Old Shirts For Liverpool Game

All summer RoM have been giving away old shirts in a bid to encourage fans not to go out and buy the latest strip. If you’re undecided or not sure, read the thinking behind this.

With the green and gold campaign proving to be hugely popular last season and generating a huge amount of media interest, it has been suggested that for our upcoming game against Liverpool, all fans should shun the latest shirt and instead wear an old one, which dates to pre-Glazer. If you don’t have any old shirts or are considerably taller/fatter than you were pre-2005, you can pick up old shirts on eBay easily enough.

RoM will continue giving away old shirts as prizes and today are launching the latest competition. When United play Liverpool, whether you’re going to the game, you’re watching it in the local or somewhere else with your mates, take a picture of you in your old shirts and send it to:

The most inventive/amusing/interesting picture will earn you a shirt. Not just any shirt, but a 1999 Treble winning season shirt. If we get lots of good pictures, then we will provide more shirts for 2nd and 3rd placed pictures.

So, get your thinking caps on!

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  1. wayne says:

    @parryheid sorry mate i love giggs but george best was the greatest player ever and willierednut’s point is it took years between that great team and sir alex coming and eventually turning the club around,you carn’t compare ruud to law,law left the club in 73,ruud didn’t come till the 2001 season same with giggs came years after best,to say utd replace players it must be in the present day context not 20-30 yrs apart

  2. parryheid says:


    My dad was in the army and we moved about a lot.One of the moves was to quarters in Edinburgh and my dad and his mates took me to watch a game Ive still got the programme Hibernian v Torino playing for Torino was an future England centre forward and a Scottish fair haired guy who stood with the ball a yard in front of him and just shook but nobody would come near him.The centre was called Joe Baker the inside man Denis Law.One year later a United player I know the time differences involved and abilities are in the eye of the beholder still does’nt take away these players were replaced by comparable quality and I’ve watched them all and there are guys on this site who can go much further back than I and it is a fact not next week maybe not for some time yet the same will happen and a clone of me will make a similar point and a clone of you will say he has seen nothing to compare with Giggs so you see my friend everything is relevent to the time in question.

  3. Wakey says:


    The amount spent IS NOT well below what they said. Perhaps if you listen to the Anti Glazer crowd who like to spin it is but they promised around £20-25mill a season would be available minimum.

    05/06 – 19.5mill
    06/07 – 18.6mill
    07/08 – 61.75mill
    08/09 – 35,75mill
    09/10 – 21mill
    10/11 – 23.7mill

    Add that up. Its 180.3mill

    Now whats 25 x 6? Its 150mill and infact it should really be 25 x 5.5 as we still have a transfer window to go so 137.5mill. And again they said 20-25mill. Take it at 20mill and its 120mill (or 110mill based on a window being left)

    So which is more the amount promised or the amount spent. I think you will find they have spent more than they promised.

    On the other revenue streams, we arent talking about match day revenues. We are talking the commercial activities, the activities which they believe will atleast be close to exceeding if not exceeding match day revenue in next years accounts. If a few fans decided to be sheep and follow MUST’s and others calls to boycot then its not going to impact it.

    And the Glazer Business plan at the start did mention the quarters. I won’t deny this but have you ever gone and borrowed money for a business. Even when they were throwing money around the banks weren’t stupid. If you go in with a business plan thats borderline they will laugh you out of the bank. The plan we know about will be not to service the debt but to keep the club running at a certain level rather than the absolute minimum. And again the plan was based on the state of the club at the time of the takeover and things have changed, its a more efficient business now.

    On the replacing of the older players the problem is exactly what SAF mentioned when asked about players. Sure the club can spend big money on a current ‘star’ and maybe plan for him to be a key part of United future but is that player better than the options currently at the club. Take Edwin for example, sure they could spend big on one of the names we are being linked with but what do you do with this player, its like the situation at City where you have the older keeper who is one of the best in the league but you have a future top name keeper who if he isn’t playing is going to go backwards the way Foster did for us. For keepers especially its bad, an outfield player cna be backup and get decent game time but a keeper is only really subbed when there is an injury. Also how many top players are going to accept sitting on a bench for a season at United, if they really don’t want to play most of them are either at or could join (and have) join the likes of Real or City on much more money. You pay bug money for a ‘star’ they have to play so simply have to justify being first choice to make them value. If you can’t find a top player who demands a starting position then you either go old as we did in Owen to get a solid player who will be happy with reduced playing time or you go young and pick up players for the future. The older player gives a stop gap until you need to or find that big player to bring in and the younger players give you options in the future when it comes to replacing an established player

  4. wayne says:

    @parryheid i understand your point but i thought the point was replacing players and maintain a top side not about it being the cycle of life we went yrs without a good side and thats what sir alex has been so great at maintaining a level of excellence i’m talking replacing right now to keep winning trophies we were talking 2 different things sorry i missed your point.i carn’t compare anyone to bestie not giggs

  5. wayne says:

    @sorry missed your point again with the reference to giggs bit dense some days

  6. parryheid says:

    Wayne the comparison I’m making is this lets say for example Obertan or someone still in the Academy turns out to be a winger supreme over the next Fifteen years a Youngster in infants class right now is taken by his dad to Old Trafford and for the next Fifteen years wows him he will compare that winger with footage of Giggs and will probably take the view they were like for like.and not even consider George best.That’s my point.

  7. MG says:

    Here is my point

    Be proud of what we have and be proud of what we are given

    Most of all be proud of the time Giggs and Scholes and Neville and everyone else gives United

    Be proud of whatever Giggs and Scholes have left for this club

    Be proud of the loyalty that they have – be proud of the wonderful memories they have given us and are yet to create

    Be proud of Manchester United

    This club will never die – time itself will bring balance and allay all fears that we may have

  8. wayne says:

    @parryheid yeah i know i acknowledged i was being dense

  9. RedScot says:

    @Wakey, debate over mate.You simply are putting your very own twist on this arguement.
    All you are listing is transfers in values.You make no mention of sales.Which will arrive at the net figure I tried to get you to understand.
    I note however finnally you glossed over my questions over our ageing Icons and there replacements.
    Mate this is Manchester United we are talking about, not some tuppynee bit team.
    This is the biggest and best football club in the World, and its being run like some Championship club.
    We simply should not be scrapping around the bargain basements looking for cast off’s.
    We should be entering the Champions league competition with a view to winning it, not fearing who we get in the group stages as an example.Mark my words as much as I hate to type it.
    This is down to your beloved owners, who are slowly but most surely strangling the life of out of a magnificent football institution.

  10. RedScot says:

    To Clarify if we are on facts. lol this is net spend.all in Millions.
    0/5 1.0
    0/6 4.1
    0/7 26.55
    0/8 33.75
    10 10.35
    The brackets Wakey mean minus for the uneducated. lol
    You do the correct sums Mate.
    Next time you catch me on this subject am sure it will happen tell the ROM the NET AVERAGE SPEND.
    The truth.

  11. King Eric says:

    RedScot – You say we shouldn’t be shopping around for cast offs mate but didn’t you want VDV? I ain’t a Glazer fan by any means but the club is run by Fergie, Gill, Ole and so on. The acadamy is the best around, the reserves double winners. Fergie is just keeping the conveyor belt going. Giggs and Scholes could easily play for another 2 or 3 years they are THAT good. Stop worrying mate. Our aquad is in superb shape with key players coming back. We BATTERED Munich at home. We should have won the league. How many people thought the dippers would win in Europe in 05? I like to think our squad is slightly better than that shower. It isn’t about Big names but team ethic, spirit etc which I am sure you are well aware. Relax.


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