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COMPETITION: Wear Your Old Shirts With Pride

In a bid to encourage more people to dig out their old shirts rather than fund the Glazer’s latest United shirt, RoM will be giving away old shirts for you to wear in place of the new jersey. What better day to launch this than the day United’s new kit is revealed in Chicago!

The first shirt on offer is our home strip from 96-98. This was the shirt Eric Cantona wore when he scored his brilliant goal against Sunderland and this was the last shirt he wore as a Manchester United player.

Question: How many appearances did Eric make in his last season for us?

To get your hands on this shirt, simply e-mail your name, full address and shirt size to A condition of entering is you have to take a picture of yourself wearing the shirt and send it back to me to publish on the blog. Entries accepted from anywhere around the world.


See the thinking behind this competition

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Scott is the editor of Red Matters - 50 Years of Supporting Manchester United and an author of Play Like Fergie's Boys and Not Nineteen Forever. He writes for ESPN, The Metro and Bleacher Report. Follow @R_o_M on Twitter.

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  1. United Rant says:

    Great idea Scot

  2. doubletrouble says:

    I’m gonna enter but i never win anything but i will always try

  3. Costas says:

    Good idea Scott.

    I love the shirt from 06-08 even though it was a bit baggy.

  4. Kev Kev says:


    any chance you will be running this competition similarly for the treble winning home shirt? The one with the zipper? I lost my one in Barcelona that night in 99′, drunken madness it was tied round my waist in the fountain hopping. Regret being so careless with it to this day.

  5. Big-red says:

    So if we win we have to take a picture of ourselves?? Sounds fair enough.

  6. EastStandManc says:

    Haha, some good memories of that shirt. I was bought one as an early birthday present by some generous friends of the family (no way a single mum was going to be doling out the best part of forty quid for a shirt when she was putting one kid through Uni and the other (me) through grammar school).

    Long story short, I’d been an exceptionally naughty boy this one time while playing out, proudly wearing that shirt. Well, the nosy neighbours grassed on me (bastards!) and a bloody good hiding was waiting for me back home. I only made it as far as the front room before my Mum flew into a rage. “Luck this for a fark” I thought as I tried to make it to the front door. I vividly remember the sheer dread that flowed through my body from top to bottom as I felt myself being brought almost to a halt by my Mum’s grabbing a handful of shirt.

    Luckily for me I made it to the door and outside … without the shirt !

    The funny thing is, I can’t even remember what it was I’d done, now. The pain of losing that shirt made sure I’d forget, I s’pose.

  7. Devil310 says:

    Love the idea and incentive….

    But, is truly the KIT money going to the glazzers? I thought NIKE had already payed a licensee fee for this no matter how many units are sold?

  8. dv-ant says:

    “I will never forget anything about my time there and the way the fans treated me, and until the last minute of my life I will have this club in my heart”

    Eric Cantona

    This club will forever have Cantona in its heart
    Man UTD never die!!!!!

  9. dv-ant says:

    “I will never forget anything about my time there and the way the fans treated me, and until the last minute of my life I will have this club in my heart”

    Eric Cantona

    This club will forever have Cantona in its heart
    Man UTD never die!!!!!

  10. mufc4life says:

    collor equels trophies

  11. mo says:

    wheres a good place to buy retro shirts?

    preferably i would like the cantona 7 shirt from 96

  12. stepgen says:

    i got this strip for my 21st with my name on it and the number i always wore when i played. My little brother knicked it on a few years later and have no seen it since :(

  13. RedArmy says:

    Hope i win one of these shirts,
    Great idea, LUHG

  14. Kooper says:

    I am going to the Toronto game in my ’99 Beckham jersey. LUHG

  15. RedScot says:

    Just in fae a party lmao. pist ! pmsl I loved him he was cocky confident and a matchwinner.
    I speak French fuently a bit like Dell boy on Only fools and Horses ” sur le plon on Davion” lmao.
    Any one for some one to take a stance on racism in the game and strut around Old Trafford like this is my platform! Eric. Just arrived a rebel at every club he had been at until he he new ” I was on the the world ‘s best stage. He grasped it and embraced the challenge, Sir Alex new he was a wild child( on signing him from Leeds) but let him away with the non United thing.
    I believe he trained like crazy and stayed after the other lads had gone ,to work on his subtle skills and he delivered big time.
    Soz I can rattle on all night.
    On the Question, is it 10 times X i Love 50 cents my favourite band, yeah right, who would love that, I got my Springer Spanial to cuddle tonight, its a Dogs life.
    I cant put ma face on the net, I would get so many more boyfriends, pmsl

  16. BOYCOTTMERCH says:

    Ah yes, a classic shirt that one Scott! However, in today’s day and age we cannot afford to buy United strips! Do not give money to Glazer! Shirt sales is massive business for footbal clubs and yields massive profit! We need to spread the message worldwide, to all Manchester United fans, not to buy the kits released today or any official merchandise until Glazer leaves. We have proposed the idea of a chain message, which can be sent around the world, to the global Manchester United family. The purpose of the message is to raise awareness of the importance of a boycott of official merchandise, which accounts for a vast percentage of the revenue Manchester United PLC makes aside from the 40% generated on matchday’s, if we work together and make a co-ordinated effort we can get rid of the Glazers. I have created an e-mail/facebook(or indeed any means of online communication) template and, an SMS template, to be sent on to all supporters worldwide eventually. Come on United fans, join the campaign; SAVE UNITED! Do not let United become history, act now, and United is the future, for our children, their children and generations more to enjoy!

    Here is a link to the campaign’s facebook, you can find the e-mail and sms templates in the info section!!/profile.php?id=100001359667924&v=info

    Copy and paste the e-mail and send it to all your United mates! Take down the SMS, it will only take a second to type it into your phone, and then you can send it to all your mates, they will send it to their mates, and so on, and it will make a real difference in the end!

    Thanks for your time RoM bloggers!

  17. Paul says:

    Kooper…Going to the Toronto game in my 99 Giggs jersey. LUHG

  18. Walter Mitty says:

    Man, the new kit is bad, the goalkeeper kit is worse. It’s abysmal.

  19. United says:

    Great idea, but I’m about to buy my first ever United shirt (Now I’m working, its my own cash, not parents). Scholes on the back! I wanted him or Giggs and am still debating, going to get it over the weekend

  20. Jeet says:

    Hot (and rather gruesome) gossip: Brazilian goalkeeper Bruno Souza, supposed to be of interest to AC Milan is being questioned by the police in connection with the murder of Eliza Samudio, some porn actress, and also rumored to be “connected” to Papa Cristiano at some pt. in time. If the story is to be believed, Bruno may have been involved in getting her totured, killed, and her dead body fed to dogs, when she threatened to reveal the lineage of their love child.

    Question: Can we sign him up and then unleash him on the Glazers?

  21. wiuru says:

    Any chance of ROM coming up with a high end polo shirt with both the Rom and United badge on it ? some of the profit posibly going to MUST .

  22. rooney10 says:

    no no no !!

    it will be danger for united not for glazer !!

    glazer will never leave united !!

    never never !!!

    we must buy the new shirts to helping our united from going bust !!

  23. Costas says:

    The new kit:

    At least the socks look nice, lol.

  24. pibe says:

    i just sent my e-mail, i hope i get it so i dont have to buy the new one.. definately getting a replica though just so my money doesnt end up in those sleazebahs hands

  25. Paul H says:

    Surely I’ve seen it all now. “The Glazers’ latest shirt”, Scott? Designed by Avram, modelled by Bryan, worn by Gnomes the world over. Or are you confusing it with Manchester United’s new shirt, designed by Nike, modelled by Wazza, worn by millions of loyal supporters the world over?

    You were doing ever so well over the past few weeks, keeping a lid on the anti-Glazer rhetoric. I actually thought/hoped you might have moved on…but if the last few days is anything to go by, it’s building up again, like a slow hand clap, just in time to reach full pitch again for the Newcastle game.

    Right, when I get back from London, I’m off to the megastore to buy new strips for all the family, neighbours, friends and colleagues. I’ll be sure to ask the staff when the intriguing new “Glazer shirt” I’ve been reading about will be in stock and report back to let you know chap…..


  26. pibe says:

    just seen this video
    i actually liked the new kit, obertan looks bad ass with his tucked out.. hope we get to see him wearing it in the first team a lot more this season, but mostly hope we can see CHICHARITO on action, im grinding my teeth i cant wait to see him.. definitely going to see him at guadalajara the 30th, its only 2 hours away on plane from where i live

  27. giggs11gerrard0 says:

    The shirt on show is also the same shirt Becks wore when he scored from the half way line at Wimbledon.

  28. giggs11gerrard0 says:


    I actually really like the new kit, I never buy kits but in terms of what the team wear I think it is the best we have had in years. I love the plain retro look. Liverpool and Chelsea kits by adidas are hurrendous, too bright and child like. This kit looks the part.

  29. Brio the Red says:

    Great idea Scott. United never die, whether them Americans cling 2 ownership 4ever or not.We’ll never die.

  30. Costas says:


    I will wait to watch it live to see how it looks. I like the collar. It’s the first time in 10 years that we have a collar on our shirt.

    The goalkeeper’s shirt isn’t as good from what I’ve seen.

  31. giggs11gerrard0 says:


    Yeah mate I just think it looks nice and sharp no gimmicks. check out you can see the kit in more detail.

  32. arijc says:

    I always wear the old jerseys with pride and I want the new one too.
    @ Paul H – well said. Looking forward to your update on the “Glazer shirt” ;)

  33. United says:

    With regard to the Glazers. The United fan movement has been admirable, but we are still going to need to rely on a or a group of wealthy investors to get rid of them. Any investor is still going to take money out of the club because they expect some return on their investment. The only thing that changes the equation is a billionaire United fan who buys the club just because he can

  34. vishnu1729 says:

    about the goal::::Not a chip, not a shot, just a Cantona.

  35. GoatinaUnitedShirt says:

    Just seen the kit on you tube and i like the design. I do however haave a problem with it. The Aon badge and no doubt upper arm designs are iron on and these no doubt will fall off in the wash before Christmas. I just wish the United shirsts would be quality. I bought last years kit for the boy, only 3 years old, and his kit was ruined after 2 months. What do you do with a kit with the sponsors logo half hanging off and bits missing. Of course i followed washing instructions but with a youngster you can guarantee you have to wash it more often than an adults shirt.
    Im not convinced it will last so i wont be buying, ill probably get som retro kit or training kit. Shame, it looks nice a bit retro 70′s. Brings you back to the days of McIlroy etc.

  36. pibe says:

    @ ghtt

    my nephew’s 5 could he marry your daughter?

  37. Gotta hate tiny tears says:


    I think shes marrying MGs Son ,

  38. mickey O says:

    Shame scott get over yourself!
    This is an amazing kit and I love it!
    If u think people are not gonna buy the kit u should think again!

  39. Kev Kev says:

    mickey O

    Id think again before nailing your colours to that mast.

    On Topic

    You can get replica jerseys like this in Asia. They are identical to the actual jersey itself and for alot less money. You may be wearing a “Fake” but at least the money wont be going to those fucks.


    Wasnt there a collar on that reversible gold and white jersey a few years back? Can anyone recall? I guess its the first home shirt to have a collar in a long time though. I wonder if Rooney will be flaunting his collar turned up just like the King used to ;)

  40. Costas says:

    @mickey O

    Yeah, support them and the enormous debt will magically go away.

  41. Costas says:

    @Kev Kev

    The third one from 01-02? I am trying to remember if it had a collar or not. You could be right. I’ll try to find it somewhere.

  42. Costas says:

    @Kev Kev

    You mean this one?

    You were right then. That was a brilliant shirt!

  43. King Eric says:

    Cannot beat the adidas kits circa 82-83.

  44. Knobby6Styling says:

    My Brother and I and our kids and the contigent from the Mad Hatter Pub will all be wearing our rertro utd shirts to the game in Toronto on Friday.
    Cannot wait to see the boys on the field!


  45. Mancunian says:

    I like the new home kit retro 1980-82 adidas shirt… Favorites are 82-84 home and away and also 84-86 home and away sharp electronics…..and 92-94 home first umbro shirt.

  46. rsmu says:

    I’m in. But because I’m living in ex USSR (Kazakhstan) I will never win(((
    But I’n competition))))


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