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COMPETITION: Win A Mexico Shirt

RoM have a Mexico shirt to give away thanks to the lovely people at SoccerPro, chosen in appreciation for our new striker, Chicharito. With us continuing our boycott against the official United shirt, it looks as though you’ll have to make do with International shirts in our give aways, along with the old shirts.

Q: Which two countries did Chicharito score against in the World Cup this summer?

Send your answers, plus full name and shirt size, to:

The next shirts we have lined up for prizes are the Brazil shirt, as worn by Rafael, Fabio and Anderson, then the 98-00 away white shirt, as worn by Ryan Giggs before taking it off and twirling it around his head following that goal.

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Scott is the editor of Red Matters - 50 Years of Supporting Manchester United and an author of Play Like Fergie's Boys and Not Nineteen Forever. He writes for ESPN, The Metro and Bleacher Report. Follow @R_o_M on Twitter.

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  1. james21 says:

    You’ve broken my heart Wayne I feel Sick and Gutted.
    Wonder if they’ll give me a refund on my Rooney shirt.

  2. Wearing green and gold makes me look fat says:

    Ronaldo was truely professional in his approach to leaving us, he even gave Fergie and us the fans another season of his fantastic abilities and left with such grace. To me personally Ronaldo is a much greater player than Wayne, but what I love about Wayne is that he has always given his heart and inspires the team to do well and he even looked like he could of made a good future captain. But then again this side of his game has been missing since/before the world cup.

    Like I said earlier, I feel for Fergie and for those of you that slated him on Saturday against West Brom, and yes I was there myself you owe it to Fergie to get behind him now. Oh and maybe Fergie should of made us aware of this before the West Brom game but thats not his style, and obviously his hand has been forced with the leeks from Wayne’s agent to the press.

  3. Wearing green and gold makes me look fat says:

    To quote Dave Mack “I wouldn’t be surprised to see them pulling the Rooney shirts out of the Mega Store before tomorrows game in case some one tries to burn them.”

    I doubt anyone will burn the shirt with the badge, maybe the ones from the stalls outside the ground. Personally the recession is biting my arse and I wouldnt dare burn a shirt I just bought from the Megastore thats for sure.

    Anyway lets focus on tomorrow, lets hope Chicharito bags a hat-trick or Berbatov scores and unveils a shirt saying “Fuck of Rooney!”

  4. ancha says:

    i am crying like a baby….after a long long long time…..seeing sir alex in that state and watching the fans here posting their support to gaffer and THE GREATEST CLUB..MUFC

    MANUTD>Beckham>Rud>Ronaldo>>tevez>>>>the white fat shrek prick….end of it

    just bring in a creative influence in the centre of midfield ala scholesy….thats enough for me…oh and a back up winger(for giggsy!)…oh ya i forget a good Goalie…..that will make it to 3…
    yeap get me those 3 more signings ….sneider , alexis sanchez, goalie(there are a few to select)

  5. MG says:

    If there are religions so be it

    If there is a God so be it

    But there is only one Manchester United

    End of

  6. King Eric says:

    The funny thing is I am actually looking forward to a new look United. Giving youth a chance. Even if we don’t win owt for a couple of seasons it will be a journey. Cut out the fucking cancers. The thing with United is I wouldn’t even put it past us to go on and win the league now!! As for Hernandez the lad can score goals. Thats all we need. Whenever he plays for club and country he bags. Fuck that scouse cunt.

  7. suhayl says:

    There are religions ( there aint any ifs for muslims)

    There is a god ( implicitly neither ifs here for muslims )

    Did you say you were a muslim MG? Whats your real full name, if you dont mind me asking.

    There is Manchester utd too..agreed on that

  8. Rob(son) says:

    @willierednut spot on. We are the mugs. Many have seen the global financial mess and now question capitalism. When, like capitalism, will we start questioning the state of modern day football (at the so-called ‘top level’) where these players are, on the whole, on the make. We should not be surprised when stuff like this happens just glad there are still exceptions to the rule (but then still very very very wealthy exceptions!). WAIT, did I say LIKE capitalism…it IS capitalism!

  9. MG says:


    I do not get tied up in religion

    My way of thinking is squarely based on morality right and wrong and again a belief that there is a higher power

    Azad Ghani

    No religion can claim to be it – no ways can claim to be final – what has been written has been written but for a time for a purpose

    Now one can maybe use such words as mere guidance – the ever going thought process to fight what is right and wrong is and will be forever going and you don’t need religion for that

    It’s not an argument it’s what I believe – you may believe it you may not – we all here believe in Manchester United and for me that’s where I am and want to be

  10. suhayl says:

    im not questioning or disrespecting what you believe etc…

    I was a just a tad confused, cos i thought you said you were a muslim, but then were contradicting islam with some of your statements….which no muslim would ever state. As muslims do implicitly believe in 1 religion and 1 god…no debate or argument on that..or else a person cannot call themselves muslim.

    Anyway just was confused as to your debate with KingAbdullah.

    Totally respect others beliefs, values etc etc etc. And what you say is totally islam…just that some fuckers ruin it for the rest of us….

    Ala shrek now for our beloved utd.

    PS. I do tend to stay out of religion or politics debates on here…cos its raw, it touches nerves and you just want to respect everybody’s religion etc. And its very personal also.

    Not to mention this is a football and utd forum.

    Take it easy

  11. cherry says:

    Get well soon Scott..

  12. MG says:


    I am not contradicting anything

    For the time that four wives may have been given it was fine

    Times have now changed

    If you can say to me that yep it’s okay to do that I would argue otherwise

    Also it is only the very rich and the very wealthy and the Arabs who have a tendency to do such things

    Normal people hard working people people who just want to live and let live do not marry 4 wives

    One wife and a family is it

    That is no contradiction to Islam

    Again my view point is about what is real and what is not and I won’t fall for anything.

    If people want to do good great

    The jist of the 4 wives comment was to the Arabs and subsequently Rooney because he enjoys not being devoted to one woman

    I’m pretty clear with the way I’ve expressed myself

    If people don’t get that that’s not my problem and I’m not sorry for it

    I didn’t bring religion into it – it was directed to the city owners without doubt being in bed with Rooney and company and I wrote it as much

    My remarks stand I have nothing to say sorry for

    And you are wrong – with all due respect 4 wives in Islam does not constitute Islam

    There is a reason for that and it was based on compassion honour forgiveness protection

    You cannot justify no more marriages than one unless it fundamentally breaks down in todays world.

    I could do this forever trust me I am well versed but this is about United and religion is best kept at home and has no place anywhere else – that also does not mean that one cannot extend the correct virtues of decent behaviour outside the door if one is religious

    But religious value must be only formed as a guide not as a blueprint and in saying that I do believe that I am correct in my observation

  13. Oskar says:

    There is so much hurt and feelings of betrayal here. We also feel hurt for Sir Alex. Over the past few months Rooney has reverted to type.
    For those of you who can get to the matches the chants should be for Fergie to show who’s side you are on.
    Imagine how uncomfortable Rooney would be sitting there knowing who’s side you are on.
    I can hear the stadium shake to the sound of Fergie, Fergie……….

  14. suhayl says:

    Calm down….bloody ell…you have got some serious issues…..

    Whats with the churchillian speeches…..ive noticed that even your united posts constitute quite a bit of mr high horse, on the mount winston churchill speeches…..stick to the fuckin reality will ya

    Anything that happens….and its all shirt a symbol of defiance, we owe utd everything, they dont owe us anything, etc etc etc Fuck sake, its like you want a raise on here. Airy fairy philosophy…fuck sake you sound like a politician giving some political rhetoric. Is it because people respond well to you, or you feel wanted on ROM, or you feel part of the family and are loved on here…by spurning out the same. Noticed some of your posts since you came on here and its pretty much the same script whatever the topic. Its like a pre printed document

    Think you need a reality check. If you doubt god…YOU AINT A MUSLIM. If religion of islam is ‘ just confined to your home’ YOU AINT A MUSLIM. Islam is a blueprint to live your life…it aint a fuckin guide…this aint the fuckin ramblers association. Dont belittle the word of god and the greatest man to propagate it Prophet Muhammed pbuh.

    And dont start on islam on me…im half an aalim…..and i’ll back everything up with quranic texts.

    You sound like an atheist or an agnostic…..if you came out and just said that with your philsophical diatribe, then id agree and say i respect anybody elses views..whatever there denomination. But to spiel all that and say you’re a muslim…you having a laugh…..I aint no hardcore jihady…im very moderate…but ive never, meeting hundreds of thousands of muslims ever ever ever ever heard of what you have spouted ……then say you belong to that religion. You dont lad… belong to some other ideology

    Seriously…..ive not had dippers and bitters piss me off this much….well versed?????

    tuabah kar..tuabah

    I dont want to start with quranic texts on here..but you need a lesson on islam from some brothers….maybe pay you a visit.

    Like i said though…if you want to come out with you philosophy on life and mark islam as a guide to be kept at home…etc etc etc..then dont call yourself a muslim. That way everybody will get on.


    PS. i agree the 4 wives rule doesnt apply to us living in uk etc etc etc. But islam ALLOWS IT….it aint forbidden. You deny any word of ALLAH….then you aint a muslim.

    Talk about a plastic coconut

  15. suhayl says:

    And dont come with the mighty high horse with me…..your roundabout churchill speeches wont wash with with me. Well versed, people dont get it, could go on forever…..blah blah blah

    I’ll give you 50 brothers on here to define what islam really is.

    Are you insecure???? This is a football why do you feel compelled to talk about your life on here…….your airy fairy chitter chatter does my fuckin head in. Every post is the same safe same old….oh MG we agree with you..oh MG mr churchills left his speech a again..what a fan.

    No substance on any topic…just some pre typed document…….

    Guess it makes you feel wanted on here, doesnt it, when you get replies saying oh MG..oh MG.

    You know im right Ghani


    PS. Dont fuckin post on islam and muslims on here again


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