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COMPETITION: Win our new manager’s shirt

giggs comp

CampoRetro are running a competition for one RoM reader to win a Ryan Giggs shirt.

The 1991 home shirt, the 1996 FA Cup final shirt and the 1999 white shirt are amongst those on offer. Have a look at their Manchester United range.

Simply RT this to win.

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  1. m09538061 says:

    They should move The ‘Giggs Tearing You Apart Since 1991′
    Banner from the East Stand and put it up where the
    ‘Chosen One’banner was in the Stretford End.
    Cant wait for saturdays game.
    I think all off us should be wearing a Ryan Giggs shirt.
    I know I will.

  2. I dont like Welbeck says:

    Take x=moyes and y=wenger,given that: 2x+3y=0 from the above equations prove that moyes=wenger
    2(moyes) + 3(wenger) = 0
    As other factors remain constant; moyes=0 and wenger=0 therefore from the above equation:
    2(0) + 3(0)=0
    conclusion: wenger should be SACKED too!!

  3. kevk24 says:

    I cant wait for Saturday’s match. I hope we put on a show for the remaining 4 games. Our league matches had turned to friendlies. Come on United.

  4. wayne barker says:

    Read an article yesterday day about Giggs going back to wingers and Mata will be dropped for Tom C,who knows though but he is talking about going back to the Utd way which has always been wingers

  5. Martin Thomas says:

    So Stretford End Flags want to donate their (their’s not our’s Real fans had no say about the bloody thing!) ‘Chosen One’ banner to the Urbis Football Museum in Manchester? These pricks get worse by the minute.

    The thing should never have been put up in the first place, and what should they do with it? The banner should be rolled up, set alight, and shoved up their smug, Glazer loving arses!

    Good Look, Giggsy! One of our own!

  6. I dont like Welbeck says:


  7. I dont like Welbeck says:


  8. Kunal J Mehta says:

    @KevK24, I doubt we’ll be able to put on show as the team confidence is really low and now since Giggs is in charge, the expectation will be really high. Definitely there will be nerves but I hope right team and formation is selected. I hope we play with quick tempo.

  9. wayne barker says:

    Just commenting on what I read put it this way if Giggs isn’t going to play Mata at 10 don’t want him in the team, every time he plays wide right his lack of pace gets exposed,same as Kagawa this lad just doesn’t like to track back and was one of the biggest problems against Everton leaving Utd’s left hand side fully exposed

  10. Kunal J Mehta says:

    I think Giggs already has his starting line up in mind. Hope he has balls to drop fellini and Rooney. Start with Chica.

  11. Sparkz says:

    Not sure if he will drop Mata tbh, but I agree he should only really play as a 10. The only time I don’t mind seeing Mata out wide is if we play a 4-3-3…….that way he’s a lot higher up the pitch and closer to the opposition goal. This is how he played at times when he was at Chelsea and it worked well.

    Whereas when he plays on the right of a 4 man midfield, he’s often picking up the ball pretty wide and just inside his own half – miles away from goal. Also in a 4-3-3 his lack of defensive ability won’t be as much of a problem against a lot of teams, as we’ll have an extra centre mid who can cover his backside.

  12. Gary Mitrovic says:

    If Giggs wants to play 4-4-2 then fine, we’ll wait and see if it’s true. As long as he’s got a vision and the players are happy again with their roles in their side and set to do a task it will be better then the shit we have seen all season becsuse quite frankly I didn’t have a fucking clue what Moyes was trying to do at United with the starting line up half the time, clearly neither did the players.

  13. edcunited1878 says:

    @ Wayne – You can’t say that Kagawa just doesn’t track back because he does. The left side was exposed because Everton invited pressure from United and you saw how many times Kagawa and Mata were sucked towards the middle and just out of position. Everton outclassed United big time. Carrick and Fletcher played higher, which left a gap behind them. Everton was able to go direct to Lukaku or find a quick outlet pass to the wing in space.

    Kagawa tracked back admirably and effectively against Arsenal in the 1-0 win and does so. Also Buttner was pegged back and couldn’t hold his line well enough, thus he kept Miralles onside for the second Everton goal.

    Under Giggs, the team’s tempo should be much higher and players buzzing around. I’ll be glad with whoever starts as long as Rooney is not captain, but I just cannot see how Rooney merits a start after four matches in under a month where he’s done fuck all.

  14. wayne barker says:

    ed we’ll just disagree on that mate see Kagawa more of a floater he doesn’t have much in the way of defensive skills thought he was very poor and disinterested against Everton definite lack of effort imo

  15. edcunited1878 says:

    @wayne – cheers to that. What are your thoughts then on how to best use Mata, Kagawa and Januzaj in the same starting XII?

    I would think 433 can work, but two midfielders who arent really holding, but have the right balance like Vidal or Willian. William Carvalho would slot in easy.

  16. Gary Mitrovic says:

    Edcunited1878, I know it’s hard to accommodate Mata, Kagawa and Januzaj in the same team, but we certainly won’t get away with a starting XII to try and achieve it ;)

  17. Gary Mitrovic says:

    To be honest I think Moyes could have played a starting XII every match and we’d still be seventh!

  18. andysee76 says:

    butt interview is stark contrast to moyes….hope it will not be all hype & no results in the last 4 games. after 10 months with moyes…..i really have lost much confident in my expectation now. Give it back to me Sir Ryan!

  19. wayne barker says:

    ed Januzaj can play anywhere so he’s not a issue,what I’ve seen of Mata to get the best out of him has to be #10,ive always been on the fence with Kagawa because he’s just never shown any consistency either with Sir Alex or Moyes and both mangers seemed to have a problem with how to play him.I’m not as enthralled about Kagawa as some,even after 2 seasons just don’t know

  20. Anomander says:

    I think Kagawa, MAta and Januzaj can be accomodated if we had a stronger midfield…

    4-2-3-1 formation.

    Rafael, Jones, Evans, Evra
    strong DM, Fletcher
    Januzaj Mata Kagwa

    The problem is that Rooney doesnt belong in that line up. Welbeck can be accomodated behind the lone striker instead of Januzak or Kagawa.

    The key to this formation is 2 strong defensive midfielders who can read counterattacks well and cycle possession. Fletcher can do the job if he progresses at the rate he is currently doing.

    Don’t think Carrick can anymore. Fellaini, Cleverly dont have the discipline or the defensive sense to pull it off.

  21. OpikBidin says:

    wayne barker

    The problem at Everton game is the setup, with Kag coming inside, he need another player to defend the outside. look the Right side doesn’t have a problem because Nani, right footed mainly goes wide. so even Smalling is defence suspect, Baines problem was handled rather easily.

    Now at the left side, with Kag cutting inside, it should be Buttner tracking Coleman, even if it means he must stay high up the pitch. And then Mirallas tracked by Carr or fletch. You don’t need to worry about the middle of the pitch, as there is Mata and Kag, who will drop back and track if one of Barry, McCarthy or Barkley goes up


    Problem was our immobile midfielders and the usual coached into 442. so the LW is tasked to track the LB even if he can’t. You can see in the Bayern game how Rafinha was so free.

    in a 4231 when the inverted winger is mainly cutting inside and there’s a counter, the inverted winger cannot be expected to track the opposition fullback. It should be the job of the team’s fullback, while the CM/holding player tracks the winger.

  22. OpikBidin says:


    Width is important, one reason we were killed in the Man city home game because Mata was on the right while Welb was on the left, so both were cutting in. This put a huge burden on fullbacks to provide width while the middle was so clogged

    its better if we go

    Kagawa Mata Januzaj
    Mata Kagawa Januzaj

    as at the first one Kag and Janu are on their stronger foot side. so both can provide width when necessary. or at the 2nd, Mata cuts in whil Janu can still provide width.

  23. edcunited1878 says:

    My views are that Januzaj is best in space and not as #10. His change of pace is smooth and that dip of shoulder has worked many times this season. However, there are times where he would be too far from other players and too close to the touchline and he would lose possession. He needs the ball early to his feet or in space where defenders will get wrong footed.

    Kagawa is best in the middle with runners who can get in behind but he thrives in a high pressing, compact, counter system a la Dortmund.

    Mata must play centrally and closer to goal. But they cannot thrive unless two central midfielders can be found in the mold of Willian, Vidal, Carvalho. Brings energy, mobility and can pass effectively. I thought Michael Bradley could have done a job at United and he would have been cheap. Alex Song?

  24. Trafford_Lord says:

    I think it’s another chicken and egg discussion (Kags, Mata)

    Why do our back need cover? We should get backs that don’t require cover…does Lahm require cover?
    I think the pursuit of players like Shaw will start to solve this.

    They need to cover why? Is it the formation that was employed? If you have 2 holding players in midfiled, why do the wingers have to cover…they can cover yes, but the question is why do they ‘have’ to cover.

  25. Trafford_Lord says:

    Just thinking further here…Could it be because Carrick is a lazy_______ (insert whatever word).

    Carrick is becoming the Berbatov of our midfield…Silky passing but only bothered to intercept balls at the center.

    When Messi, Ronaldo, Robben, Ribery are on the wing their holding midfilders have their back.

    Just saying.

    So all the Kagawa, Mata covering issue is irrelevant, they shouldn’t be at the wings in the first place.

  26. edcunited1878 says:

    The spacing around Carrick this years been horrific. Admittedly, I live in Chicago and I obviously have never seen United play in England or Europe in person….but every time I’ve seen United play in person Stateside the past few years, Carrick actually impresses me.

    But he succeeds when there are players who play with him and move around him. He keeps the ball moving all while players are moving around him trying to get space. He’s the metronome. But when you stretch him out and make him chase, that’s where it gets hairy. Arteta and Carrick are very similar players, but you see the players that are around Arteta now and they all are mobile, always moving, able to hold defensively, but move forward and get up the pitch.

    If the tempo is low, which it has been, Carrick will suffer and he has.

  27. Paschal Agwunobi says:

    I don’t want to see carrick or fletcher in that line up..they are too lazy and exposes that middle too much.

  28. SebaLaBrujita says:

    Carrick has been guilty of hiding so many times this season, if he put the effort in he could have been our Xavi but the guy point blank refuses to either move the ball or himself or both at anything quicker than walking pace. He had the ability but he seemed to want to take the easy route even though the stage was there for him to establish himself as a great player for us these last few seasons.

    A big reason for the majority of our lifeless performances have been as a result of Carrick, Fletcher and Fellaini being deployed as lame ducks in the heart of our side, allowances can be made for Fletcher as he is still to return to full fitness, but the other 2? No chance. Time and time again their limitations of passing and moving at the requisite tempo has resulted in the opposition both out manoeuvring and bypassing them with ease. Hopefully next season neither Carrick nor Fellaini will be at the club, with Fletcher being used as a back up player only.

    If we’re to stand any chance of getting back to where we were, then there can be absolutely no room for passengers or sentimentality from next season forward.

    If as expected Van Gaal will be leading the charge, he is the guy who will flush the lazy, under performing players down the pan. Starting with Rooney, Carrick, Fellaini, Young and Evra.

  29. edcunited1878 says:

    So you’re saying Michael Carrick has passing limitations now?! Same players, same club as last year…different tactics from a backwards and different manager/coaching staff.

    The entire team have been passengers, disillusioned by how they were set up to “make it difficult for the opposition”. And you have to play with what you have and Carrick is far more useful than Cleverley and Microphone. Anderson was shipped off to Italia. Phil Jones isn’t a midfielder.

    And for the record, Xavi isn’t Xavi without Iniesta, Messi or Busquests. You’re only as good as those around you and the system you play in.

  30. oohahhrom says:

    @wayne barker

    “what I’ve seen of Mata to get the best out of him has to be #10″

    Another sly post. Most were saying this on the blog. I remember most people questioning the signing of Mata because we already had Rooney and Kagawa as number 10s, but wayne barker slagged those posters off for not getting behind United or his best buddy Moyes.

    You were getting all excited when we signed him, now you’re on about dropping him! Everyone could see it was a bit of a desparate buy without any idea as to a long term plan – now you’ve joined the badwagon and passing it off as your own insight.

    “what i’ve seen of Mata”

    Sneaky. And much later than everyone else.

  31. wayne barker says:

    WTF are you rambling on about read what I said it was an article I read about Giggs going back to wingers and Mata would be dropped for Tom C.I don’t want to see Mata wide right,so keen to take a shot at me just making a cunt of yourself,i think Mata is World Class and the best number 10 at the club,so just fuck off you stupid troll.

  32. Tommy says:

    Compeition entered


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